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What Can Be Achived in a Year?

Im fairly new to BB and am intrested to know/see what exactly can be achived in a year in terms of muscle gains if you eat and train right? I notice on a lot of sites not just this one that guys post pics of their progress and in most instances even after a number of years those guys look pretty p**s poor! ok they may have dropped 50-70Lbs of fat and or put on some muscle but generally they dont look like they have achived much for 2-3 or even in some cases 5 years.Im not being nasty to those people as long as thier happy with there transformations then more power to them. But I’d like to see what can be achieved with a years worth of firm discipline reasonable genetics and a good diet.

So guys please post and or inform


This April I started seriously lifting weights and I have gained significant Lean Body Mass using German Volume training. I think GVT + a 4000 Calories diet + Plenty of sleep got me from 145 pounds to a pretty lean 165 pounds in two months.

This summer I started using a modified Westside routine and , I am now 185 pounds.

This is not rocket science, just EAT EAT EAT and lift heavy weights. I have ultra fast metabolism so I keep eating huge amount of food. If you are very skinny and never lifted seriously before, eating like a man + lifting heavy weights will enable you to gain 20-30 pound of bodyweight (2/3 of which will be muscle) in 4 or 5 months.

Exactly the amount you are willing to work for. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

[quote]!vic wrote:
Exactly the amount you are willing to work for. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.[/quote]

the only probverb that you cant deny the truth of

A lot can be acheived in a year, especially if you are new to the iron game. I speak for myself on this issue, because in two 1-year periods I have made signifigant changes.

Year 1 - Dropped from 205 to 155, looked like shit, but hey… I WAS FINALLY THIN AND LOOKING GOOD! so I thought at least.

Year 2 - Decided I wanted to get bigger, but not be fat like I used to be, so I started lifting and bulking. I now stand at my original weight of 205, but look drastically different.

So there you have it, 2 years, 100 pounds of change. It can happen if you make it work.

God, I think a total newbie could well put 40lbs of muscle on in a year if they really do it right

One thing you have to remember is that some people don’t train like BB’s some train like PL’s I am fairly new to the game and I have seen great gains from eating 1.5 grams protein per pound of bodyweight and keep adding weight to the bar set modest goals.


hell, like 2-3 weeks into working out i gained about 20lbs of muscle…130 to 150. good visual difference now too.