What Calf Training Has Worked for You?

I currently do standing calf raises and seated calf raises. Standing calf raises seem to be working for me. However, seated calf raises I am kind of skeptical about since they gave me leg cramps and didn’t seem to do anything else. How high does the seating have to be? My seating for them is below parallel, is this why I am getting cramps?

Why not just try different heights and see which one feels better for you?



More information! If you’re just doing 3 sets of seated and standing calf raises at the end of your leg day, then it shouldn’t be hard to determine where your problem lies.

Standing Calf Raises, DC Style.

DC-style calves indeed works SSC.

Also, try pushing the prowler. I know I know, not traditional bodybuilding, the pros don’t do it, etc, but that shit works son.

Donkey Calf Raises. Read up on Akuma’s thread about calves to cows and you will learn about the “double pop” method. Also DC style calves are effective. Whenever I train calves, I go to where it is extremely painful then do a few more.