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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


k , such a perfect weekend this time 'round. Every minute was joyous

135lbs x 5
185lbs x 3
205lbs x 1
225lbs x 1
235lbs x 1
245lbs x 2 sets of 1

bent over row
105lbs x 8
110lbs x 6, x 8

foot on seat two D handle lat pull to me SS two D handle lat pull down
x 6/ x 6
x 8/ x 8
x 10/ x 10
40lbs x 12 x 12
inbetween some of that i did

leg spreader
60lbs x 100 with various amounts of partials thrown in

leg curl
55lbs x 15 + 10 partials

t bar row
bar +
x 2 x 8 w/pause
x 12

lat pull down
27.5lbs x 12
32.5lbs x something
35lbs x 8
20lbs x 20

dual pully row soething
20lbs x 12. x 15 (SS w/lat pull down )

seated row cable
70lbs x 8
40lbs x 15 or some shit

front lat pull down machine
reps while the other iso holds
x 12

wide D handle lat pull down
60lbs x something

ropey bi curl
10lbs x 15, x 12

bb curl SS DB curl SS hammer curl
x 6/ x 8/ x 8
x 6/ x 6/ x 8
x 6/ x 6 / x 8

DB row
35lbs x 12
25lbs x 10

stepmill intervals x 20

maybe thats all, maybe a million other things iDK
I actually said to myself “playground mode engaged”

because I kinda feel like after deadlifts back days get to be like my old, crazy time, do everything pump shit, LOL. MUST ROW , PAUSE, PULL EVERYTHING wheeee

I also have my cheat meal saturday nights so that could be part of it.

But ya really enjoyed my time, felt a lot less rushed
Great massage, some great walks with my mom, got my hair colored various shades of brown now instead of just one LOL, took her xmas shopping, planned sorted, obsessed in a happy, fun way. Watched traffic and fear and loathing for some benecio overload .
ALSO t minus- two weeks until xmas break, that’s only 4 early am, pre work workouts to survive without getting upset about shit. LET"S DO THIS



K good

Paused squats
135lbs x 6
150lbs x 6
160lbs x 6
170lbs x 6

Military press
65lbs x 4
75lbs x 2
85lbs x 4 sets of 2

Seated db press
27.5lbs x 2 x 12

Leg spreader
270lbs x 7
150lbs x 10
90lbs x 25 partials

Step mill intervals x 10

Db lateral raises
20lbs x 8
10lbs x 12

Db row
45lbs x 10



K great

Front squats
95lbs x 5
115lbs x 3
125lbs x 1
135lbs x 1
140lbs x 1
145lbs x 3 x 1

Bench press
100lbs x 8
110lbs x 3 x 8
Tempo 100lbs x 4

Step mill intervals x 10

Leg spreader
70lbs x 50 + 10 partials

Incline db press
32.5lbs xn10 w pause
35lbs x 2 x 8

D handle tri ext
5lbs x 20



Fantastic front squats, I have such a hard time doing those with these long ass arms of mine. I need to be like one of them T-rex manlet lookin mofos so I can front squat and bench more weight! Later Spox


Have you tried zercher squats?


I have but not properly, could have killed myself, lol. I really need a gym membership, I workout at home and don’t have a squat rack. They are just as uncomfortable IMO, would rather do front squats even though they are hard on the wrists. Good suggestion though.


Frankenstein squats. Problem solved. Or CT’s strap trick.


k today was blah-ish

135lbs x 7
155lbs x 7
165lbs x 7
175lbs x 7
pin squats
180lbs x 5

paused bench
105lbs x 4 sets of 5

barbell split squats
65lbs x 12
70lbs x 12

ropey tri ext
15lbs x 2 x 20

landmine press
bar +
12.5lbs x 12
20lbs x 8

leg spreader
180lbs x 15
150lbs x 15
120lbs x 15
75lbs x 15 partials

leg ext
115lbs x 6
60lbs x 2 x 10

db lateral raises
7.5lbs x 30

db rear delt fly
7.5lbs x 30

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

k so with my girly thing coming i decided that i was going to do my version of a deload.
i would pick a rep range that wasn’t too high or wasn’t too heavy , and i wouldn’t add too much volume. I would cut back on accessory and even do easier intervals on the step mill.

All sounds perfect and it was timed perfectly because I am so f-ing tired due to my hormones i dont even really feel like existing . WELL my set of 175lbs x 7 was just way too hard . I paused squatted 175 x 5 on tuesday and it was easy . This was like a panic attack
A few reps were solid, most were like, holy shit, i dont know if i can do this. Then when i did it i was like, holy shit, i did that imperfectly.
I keep having one of my shoulders rotate forward during higher rep things. It doesnt really seem to affect much, but i can see it and then i lose focus.
ANyway, i got upset
Everything else was fine.
I felt like death, had like 3 bad reps, and hated myself the whole workout , despite pushing myself through everything . CLASSIC JENN
i know it’s not important and i have nothing to be mad at myself for, but i just keep having this problem where my longest most important workout day (saturday) isn’t very enjoyable because i NEVER sleep friday night , the week wears me out, and i have trouble focusing . I Cant really change much though because I would never have time for this day on a work day .

I am going to look at it like this :

Near the beginning of me starting my jenn program I did 145lbs x 2 sets of 7
Today 165lbs x 7 felt amazing and 175lbs was accomplished, as difficult as it was.
That’s good progress for 6 months with not very much fat gain.
ALso my rep squats are the only lift that haven’t had to take weight off and have just progressed nicely with very little fuss. Maybe time to make them volumized and not top setted . 160lbs x 3 sets of 7 would have been less upsetting for me , and I am noticing the things i have to choose from right now seem a little bit daunting. Better listen to myself and adjust before i almost miss a rep.

Anyway, re watching the departed. G damn what a good, stressful movie. I knew i loved it, but i cant even remember how it ends so im on the edge of my seat all over again.
Also jack Nicolson is so fucking awesome
and i love mark whalburgs character in this , i wish he was in it more



Main thing is you accomplished something today. You felt horrible and still finished your training. Most people would.just take the day off but you persevered and made it through. You should be proud of yourself :smiley:! Now you can wrap yourself in a nice warm soft blanket and enjoy your evening. Hope you feel better soon.



So I was thinking about my workout last night and my priorities.
I’ve never had work days this long in my life before. I’ve never been learning such a complicated and IMPORTANT job before. Yet I’m still trying to accomplish the same things in the gym that I accomplished when I was unemployed or working part - time , shit jobs.
I’m busy . I’m trying to set prs, keep my house perfectly clean, meal prep and plan everything down to what pair of socks I’m going to wear. Be a good mom, book dozens of massage, acupuncture, chiro , dentist, hair appointments. Have percent nails. Go to bed between 730 and 750 every single night . For the love of god, the AMOUNT of weight I’m lifting is literally the least important thing in my life right now .
Learning my job, spending time with my son, and maintaining my mental health are my priorities.

I love going to the gym, dont get me wrong, but is maintaining my strength, and doing things that are maybe a little too light for my true capabilities really the worst thing in the world ?

God no.

I’m not weak, I’m exhausted.

So some adjustments. I’m taking out pin squats and tempo bench.
I’m lightening up my bench and descending slower. I feel more powerful on tempo bench because my bar path is better. Same with squats. I feel more confident paused squatting because my hips dont shift and I have more control.
My chiro helps a lot, but I still have a tendency to be crooked .
I’m taking weight off rep squats and slowing down the movement.
Not sure about deads and paused squats because those still feel quite strong to me , but its important that I dont overwhelm myself at the gym, its not worth it.
I’ve spend the better part of the past 7 years destroying myself in every workout, and making sure I push my limits and work very hard.
I just dont want to do that right now. I just want to enjoy feeling the movements .

Anyway, just thoughts…



You do what makes you feel right. Nothing else matters in the slightest.


Ok yesterday’s

135lbs x 3
185lbs x 3
205lbs x 3
225lbs x 3
235lbs x 3

Military press
65lbs x 3 x 8 did this so I’d be less rushed on pause squat day

Bent over row
85lbs x 3 x 15

Last pull down
T bar row
Seated row
Front lat pull down
Leg curl
Leg spreader
Bicep shit
Million other things
20 min step mill intervals



Paused squats
135lbs x 4
150lbs x 4
160lbs x 4
170lbs x 4
180lbs x 3 sets of 4

Step mill intervals x 10

Leg spreader
205lbs x 10
145lbs x 10
100lbs x 10

Seated db press
30lbs x 10
X 2 x 8

Db row
30lbs x 12

Tri 3xt
Db lateral raises
Rear delt fly

Rest tom .

5 more days until x mas break
1 more early am workout
I can doooo this




So no more pull downs for you eh?


So I’ve been pretty OCD about my past few workouts and things just feeling off etc… giving myself lots of anxiety as per my norm. Called my mom at lunch to complain like why are weird issues coming back with my squat that went away, wahwah. She told me that before girl time a hormone releases that actually loosens up your ligaments , especially the hips. I thought that cant be real, it must be in my head. But I started thinking about other physical symptoms that cant be in my head like night sweats , cramps etc TMI. I googled it today and its def real. Women are more prone to injury before girl thing because of loose ligaments. Ok so I’ve cut myself some slack . I cant get as tight , I’m fatigued, and cant be as strong. A real deload was needed ,.not my non deload deload . Lesson learned.

Today was better
Front squats
95lbs x 5
115lbs x 5
130lbs x 3 sets of 5

Bench press
95lbs x 7
105lbs x 2 sets of 7
Decided to add back in my favorite thing. Bench press tester sets.
105lbs x 13
Much better bar path today. I’ve been stalling on bench , which I think is a lack of time to get spot issue more than anything. I used to bench for an hour and chat with my spotter the whole time for my whole workout. They could help with each set. I cut out tempo bench so I had time to get a spot for my amrap. I love these. Always a staple in my previous benching routines

Step mill intervals x 8 min

Leg spreader 70lbs x 50

Incline db press w pause
27.5lbs x 15
30lbs x 12

Rest until long weekend. I realize over the course of the next 17 days I only have to get up early once with the timing of holidays and rest days, yay.
I mean I’m still going to get up around 430 but that’s like sleeping in for me lol


Sometimes you have to take time away from the gym. I haven’t been able to get to the gym for 3 days because I’ve been extremely sick. So Im taking it as a deload, that I didn’t need, and hope I go back stronger.


Yes, I think I have a tendency to think feeling drained or off is all in my head. Like I’m being dramatic or lazy wanting to dial it back.
I need to remind myself that I love lifting and working hard, so if my brain is telling me we need a rest, it’s probably true because i don’t really enjoy resting as such.


Have you ever had a period tacker app? I started one and its quite cool! You can track the stuff your hormones can influence- digestion, skin, mood, productivity, how social you feel, its wild! And it gives you a pms warning timer.

Also knowing when your fertile window comes is creepily informative and helpful from making bad decisions. It suddenly makes sense why I notice the big ol butts loolin REAL good out of the blue when in the window–its crazy!


A bit late to the party Jenn, but this is the important stuff in life.

Can’t really help with the girly thing. I seem to remember you’re not very regular, so it could be hard to plan deload after it. But that would be the smart thing to do or?

Nice change of pace btw, taking out a bit of stuff when you’re doing tons of other things.


Yes!! I’ve been using one for a year now and I love it. Only problem is when I get even a little bit stressed I’m late by like 1-2 weeks and none of my normal symptoms seem to follow schedule during that time . Kind of drives me batty, but I’m hoping more acupuncture will help.


Good news everyone’s!

I have a crush on someone at work !
At first I thought it wasnt real and it was just because he was the only straight, single guy in the department (LOL) , but now I know it’s legit because he was wearing his coat and I had an overwhelming urge to give him a ten minute long hug . Men in coats , idk.
He’s the first person I’ve liked in my entire life that doesn’t seem like a fuck boy asshole .
I have no idea if he has any interest in me ,.but he did wait around my cubicle while I was on a call just to wish me a merry christmas and to say goodbye before he left .

At least he talks to me, lol .
Anyway , I act ridiculously stupid around him , so I’m right on track I guess for this to never go anywhere .

I’m just so happy to feel this way instead of scorned …

I’m also just so happy at work in general. I got 92 percent in my final review and the instructor was very impressed. We’re almost done with our mentors and should be sent home in just over a month. I think if I’m doing well in the future I will volunteer to go in and be a mentor myself so I dont lose touch with all the wonderful people I’ve met there. It’s like night and day from when I worked at the gym. High school esq gossip bitches (management included ) to just wonderful, kind hearted , caring people (managment included) . I legit tell myself how lucky I am to be going where I’m going every commute and I was almost sad to leave on Friday thinking I wont see everyone until Thursday when we’re back. Happy heart :sparkling_heart: