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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


K today was amazing. Sundays are fun

135lbs x 6
185lbs x 6
205lbs x 6
215lbs x 2 x 6

2hrs fun back shit
Step mill intervals x 20





Love it thought it was a unusually short workout for you Jenn then this

Haha you are genius

And to go you are looking awesome and have an even more awesome Deadlift


Yeah , I can never update back day because I do like 20 different things with different grips and handles and intensity techniques, its exhausting trying to remember it all lol.

Today was great
Paused squats
135lbs x 5
155lbs x 3
175lbs x 1
185lbs x 1
190lbs x 1
195lbs x 2 x 1

Military press
75lbs x 4 x 4

Seated db press
25lbs x 15
30lbs x 2 x 8

Stepmill intervals x 10 min

Lateral raises
20lbs x 10
10lbs x 12
5lbs x 15

Rear delt db fly
5lbs x 30

Db row
50lbs x 8
25lbs x 12

Done .
I love paused squats. I always get upset on this day because I want to do more sets and enjoy it, but I don’t have time. Thankfully, I have some days off around xmas to get a few longer sessions in, but I could have happily done ten sets of 1 at 195 lol. Just fun, easy and explosive. Gonna be over 200 again in no time.
Maybe I’ll stop doing my hair on gym days …


BTW, watched No Country for Old Men night before last.


Hell yes !!

The coin ain’t have no say

Just call it
I need to know what I stand to win
Everything… you stand to win everything


Today wasn’t the best

Front squats
95lbs x 6
115lbs x 6
125lbs x 6
135lbs x 6
120lbs x 6
Did 135 x 5 first , but I was taking so long in between reps my upper back started to fatigue so much my 5th rep wasnt solid enough for me to go for 6. I rested, got angry, got the bar placed better and went faster to get my set of 6. However, it wasnt a quality set. 2 or 3 off reps on a second go of something that wasnt supposed to be that hard. I don’t like sloppy reps . I dont like angry sets. There is no point to that shit. I’m not 20, calm and quality are my intentions.

Bench press
95lbs x 4
105lbs x 4
115lbs x 4
120lbs x 2 x 4
110lbs x 3

Stepmill intervals x 10

Leg spreader
130lbs x 30

Incline db press w pause at bottom
30lbs x 2 x 12
1 x 10 no pause

Rear delt, face pull tri ext shit etc…

Anyway , my insomnia is getting to me. I’m not manic, but I’m still waking up at 230 so I feel like crying all day. I keep trying to have good pre bed rituals with stretching and nature sounds and my diffuser , but no matter what I do I cannot ever sleep past 3 . My work day workouts are anxious , mad rush, no focus sessions and I need to find a way to keep them calmer. Work is more important right now.
I might volume my front squats and take weight off , I feel I’ve kind of maxed it.
For paused squat day I wont straighten my hair, that extra 15 min will go a long way there.

Basically 8 more front squat and 8 more paused squat workouts until I’m at home. If I pre plan all of those to very patient, attainable numbers it will help me out a fair bit . Maybe that will also lower my cortisol and help me sleep too, this is absolutely brutal for me, especially with my ocd/anxiety issues. It really flares up without sleep.


Don’t know if it helps but ZMA it’s a supplement with Zink and magnesium helps me. Take it ½ an hour before bedtime. For me it works after a couple of days.


Yep been taking that for years now. The world just doesn’t want me to sleep I guess…


Just started reading this log a week ago and finally got caught up lol. You’ve made some great progress!

Insomnia sucks. I’m waiting to see if this blog takes a fight club kind of twist lol. Hope you can start sleeping better.


Lol I always worry about that when it’s been a rough go at sleeping !! I’m like oh shit am I going to go all Tyler durden on everyone :laughing:


Just be careful. About a year ago I had a rough time adjusting to night shift. I couldn’t sleep, I never ate, anxiety went through the roof. I literally lived a month off of Mt. Dew and coffee and the odd thing I’d eat once in a while. I ended up in the hospital. Lack of sleep can really mess with your head.


This was killing me. Finally figured out reading books on my phone while falling asleep was the culprit (blue light inhibits melatonin production). I stopped any electronics an hour before bed and started taking 2mg of melatonin with ZMA an hour before I want to fall asleep and it has helped. If you’re already using melatonin, I read that you should cycle off it for a few days every month.

Great novel - Palahniuk is from my hometown, Portland, OR.


Ok so of course I had to think about my front squat plan all night until I made a decision I was satisfied with :
I’m not going to take tons of weight off because of a shitty, sleep deprived session. There’s nothing i hate more than seeing my front squat numbers going back to being toe to toe with my bench press , blah.
I think I should have simply done a few other weights before doing the 135 x 6, because I happily did 140 x 3 the week prior. 145 x 2 150 x 1 130 x 7 140 x 4 and then maybe 135 x 6. So just going to keep re doing some stuff I’ve already done and keep working on confidence with these numbers. I hate that my upper back is the only weak point here , my legs could front squat 135 x 12, but whatever.
And this goes for all my lifts, if its volume I dont check it off until I’ve done at least 3 sets powerfully . If it’s a top set lift , I dont check it off until it was done without too much struggle. Just a way to slow it down without regressing . I’m really in no rush, I’m happy with my numbers , and if it takes me 3 months to front squat 150 x 1 so be it.



Oh and by check off I mean on these nerdy little papers I make for myself LOL


It’s definitely beneficial to treat the weights as a marathon rather than a sprint. That’s why I love 531. It forces me to take things slow and progress. Other wise I would be trying to add 20 lbs per session and end up plateauing or getting hurt.


Lol lifting reminds me of fight club. The only time I feel alive is the time between when fight club begins and fight club ends. Also, the way he talks about how everything is muted after fighting and drama and the bs just doesn’t matter any more. It’s like setting at work, I work in a factory with a bunch of homophobic guys lol, looking at lifting videos or reading articles. It’s like, yes, I’m looking at oiled up guys in bikinis posing, yes I’m watching giant men lift big weights, no this doesn’t bother me.

Edit: had to add this one. It’s my fav. Yes…I know this is my third meal since I’ve been here. No…it doesnt bother me to eat like this…


Perfect day today, wow, and I really needed it

135lbs x 5
155lbs x 5
165lbs x 3
175lbs x 3
180lbs x 3
185lbs x 3
190lbs x 3
Felt great
Pin squats
180lbs x 2
195lb x 2

Paused bench
95lbs x 5
105lbs x 3
115lbs x 1
120lbs x 4 sets of 1

Barbell split squats
75lbs x 12
85lbs x 8
95lbs x 6

Landmine press
Bar plus
10lbs x 2 x 10 without setting it down
15lbs x 10

Leg spreader
160lbs x 15
175lbs x 12
190lbs x 10
115lbs x 10
85lbs x 10+10 partials

Leg ext
50lbs x 8
40lbs x 2 x 8
20lbs x 10

Step mill intervals x 20

Lateral raises
Rear delt db fly
Tri ext .



Glad you had a great workout. I wondered where you have been lol. Hope all is well.



Knowing where one comes from is critical and may help understand your topics even better. Also, knowing where a friend comes from cements the friendship bond and this is good for all of us. However, you have a right to choose to disclose it or not.