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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


K was supposed to be a rest day but I woke up 10 minutes after my gym alarm time so I thought fuck it, let’s boogie and rest the rest of the week

Front squats
95lbs x 5
115lbs x 2
125lbs x 2
135lbs x 2
140lbs x 2 x 2
125lbs x 2 x 2

Bench press
100lbs x 3 sets of 10
Tempo bench
85lbs x 7

Incline db press w pause ss reverse grip d handle tri ext
32.5lbs / 10lbs
X 12 x 12
X 10 x 10
X 8 x 8
No rest

Step mill intervals x 10 min

Leg spreader
115lbs x 35

I always avoid the low rep front squats so instead of adding weight or reducing weight I will re do weights and reps I’ve already done until I build confidence. I dont feel the need to take weight off yet, but I’m not ready to add either. I’ll not do the high reps for a while until I feel I’ve progressed on the heavier end .
Also bench felt like an empty bar I think I could have done sets of 20 lol. I was on a bench I never use because it has the weight tree on it but I think its closer to the ground so I felt really tight .



Could it have been wider? Bench width makes a ton of difference. I can bench more on my own bench which is competition width than a commercial gym bench that is narrow. Wider benches allow you to stay tighter and keep your shoulders pinned back.


Yes actually, maybe ! Either way I’m going to want it all the time now which is quite possible because no one ever seems to want that one


k awesome solid week of lifting pour moi

135lbs x 6
155lbs x 6
165lbs x 6
175lbs x 2 sets of 6
felt really good
PIN squats
165lbs x 4
185lbs x 2 sets of 4

paused bench press
100lbs x 4 sets of 5
really good, respectable pauses and good bar path

barbell split squats
65lbs x 12
75lbs x 10
85lbs x 8

single leg ext
two sets of drop sets if that makes sense
50lbs x 6, 40lbs x 6, 30lbs x 6
40lbs x 8, 30lbs x 8, 20lbs x 8

leg spreader
120lbs x 12
140lbs x 10
170lbs x 10
105lbs x 12

landmine press
bar +
x 12, x 12
x 8

step mill intervals x 20 minutes

SO , i was really excited to weigh myself today because I felt pretty good about how my body looked in the mirror and wow, it was 130.2lbs
But the bigger question, why does it keep going up but I dont even know where it’s going because I dont hate anything yet, LOL!
SO here is it

I am not wigging out about weight gain and/or actually caring about it even though I promised myself i HAD to care about it and maintain it because it’s not going to horrible places that bother me.
On the blue pant side i am like 123-124, today I am over 130lbs so 6lbs up and I can honestly say I in NO WAY prefer the way I look on the blue side and I am totally okay with how I look on the black side. I dont really like that my thighs pull down my pants when I wear the blue ones now (LOL), but in THIS mOMENT the scale is not negatively impacting how I feel about my body .

That is to say why should I feel guilty when I am not doing anything that warrants guilt? I eat healthy, i walk every day on my lunch break , sun or snow, I work out 4 times a week , even if a 330am wake up time is overwhelming, i only have one , homemade cheat a week, I AM DOING FINE.
I also like my life right now and being 125 or 130 has ZERO affect on that.
All these rules and regulations I created for myself when I was depressed in order to achieve happiness no longer make sense to me, but that’s a very good thing


I agree, you look much healthier on the right
Vascular or what! Putting my forearms to shame :joy:


K another kick ass seeshh and I am on a roLLLLLLLllllllllll


135lbs x 5
185lbs x 5
205lbs x 5
220lbs x 2 sets of 5

bent over row
95lbs x 12
105lbs x 2 sets of 8

two D handle lat pull down SS foot on seat D handle lat pull to me
x 8/ x 8
x 8/ x 8
x 8 + 1 drop 55lbs x 8/ x 8 + 1 drop 40lbs x 8

wide D handle lat pull down
60lbs x 12 w/ slow neg
65lbs x 12 w/ slow neg
70lbs x 12 + 1 drop 55lbs x 12 partials

t bar row
bar +
50lbs x 6 w/ pause
60lbs x 6 w/ pause
65lbs x 2 x 6
1 drop
25lbs x 20

dual seated row
x 2 x 10 one arm at a time

front pull down machine
x 8 w/pause
x 10 w/ pause
x 12 w/pause
1 drop
x 5 w/pause + 5 partials + 5w/pause

ropey bi curl
10lbs x 12
15lbs x 12

barbell curl SS hammer curl SS DB curl
x 10/ x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10/ x 10
threw a set of DB row in there somewhere 30lbs x 10

seated leg curl
50lbs x 20 + 5 partials

seated row cable
70lbs x 10
55lbs x 10

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

uh so everything …
done in every which way

OH MY DREAM * swwoooon!!!

I had a dream I was a cheer leader! I was a PROFESSIONAL cheer leader and I was the greatest cheer leader there ever was !! I was so confident and I was doing all these flips and rolls off people, it was so fun.
I WAS the head cheer leader for the Detroit pistons and guess who was in the front row?! GUESS
he was in AWE of my amazing flips and just felt like he HAD to talk to me . I woke up so happy , such love in my heart, sigh…


K good shit

Paused squats
135lbs x 4
155lbs x 4
170lbs x 4
180lbs x 2 sets of 4
Felt really good

Military press
65lbs x 2 x 12
55lbs x 12
That was more tiring than squats lol

Seated db shoulder press ss db lateral raises ss pinkies up db lateral raises
32.5lbs / 5lbs / 5lbs
X 6 x 15 x 15
32.5lbs / 7.5lbs/ 7.5lbs
X 6 x 15 x 15
32.5lbs/ 10lbs / 10lbs
X 6 x 10 x 10

Bent over db rear delt fly
7.5lbs x 30

Leg spreader
190lbs x 12
130lbs x 12
100lbs x 12

Stepmill intervals x 10 min

Db row
45lbe x 12

Got anxiety on my second set of 180 but I think it’s always just a rushed thing , like could have easily volumed it forever if I had more time so it wasnt too heavy or anything…just wanted to be with it more, sigh



A bit late, but you look awesome right now Jenn.
I think you’re lifting some more weight, meaning you’ve put on some good muscles and the right places too.
Still amazed about the volume of your workout. Well done.


K felt sick with how tired I was last night , but still woke up at 3 so off to the gym it was !

Front squats
95lbs x 5
115lbs x 3
125lbs x 1
135lbs x 1
145lbs x 2 sets of 1
130lbs x 3 sets of 1
My plan to build confidence is working because I felt like 150 would have been doable BUT stick to da plan man

Bench press
100lbs x 5
110lbs x 5
115lbs x 3 sets of 5
Tempo bench
95lbs x 6

Step mill intervals x 10 min

Leg spreader
120lbs x 25 + 10 partials

Incline db press w pause
27.5lbs x 15
32.5lbs x 2 x 8

Ez bar cable tri ext
Drop sets
42.5lbs x 10
30lbs x 10
25lbs x 12
20lbs x 15

K done now please let me sleep past 4 sleep gods !!


K wow sleep this week was not happening.
Up at 3, 310, 2:58 like every day. This morning it was before 3 uhg. Because why?! I’m manic and my brain thinks sleep is stupid BUT I DISAGREE

Anyway workout today

135lbs x 6
155lbs x 4
165lbs x 4
175lbs x 4
185lbs x 2 sets of 4
Not easy but very manageable. Happy with how calm and confident these felt
Pin squats
175lbs x 2
190lbs x 2 x 2

Paused bench
95lbs x 5
105lbs x 3
115lbs x 3 sets of 1
Long pauses , great bar path great explosive reps. This is why less can be more !

Barbell split squats
55lbs x 15
75lbs x 2 x 10

Leg spreader
205lbs x 10
165lbs x 10
115lbs x tons just stopped counting

Landmine press
Bar plus
15lbs x 8
20lbs x 2 x 8

Leg ext
30lbs x 2 x 12
60lbs x 5
Drop sets
40lbs x 8
20lbs x 8

Step mill intervals x 20 mins

K good

Theres this dude who likes me or something and he literally waved to me while I had the squat bar on my back and was setting up to descend and he was trying to wave via mirror like wtf. Why would anyone do that ? It wasnt warm up weight it was 185 and I was very focused . How stupid .
And his creepy friend kept trying to make creepy eye / smile contact with me the whole workout and like blah
Ya ya get out there meet men …NO they were obnoxious and creepy and I did not want to develop friendships
Plus I’m bitter and hate (non t nation ) men still.
Also my psychologist thinks staying single is the healthiest thing for me .
People at work pressure me too , like most of no clue how long it takes to get out of and free from an emotionally abusive relationship. Its rewiring years of myself.
Anyway they were lame and I have to see them every morning. … sigh

Also, interesting. I knew I wasnt sleeping but I didnt know I was manic until yesterday because we had all day to work on a review at work and I was done by 11am while everyone was on question 4. They had no clue how I did it and I was like shit wow, my mania has never come in handy for work shit . Like completely flew through it and was just a buzzin all day. My jokes were fire too lmao
K anyway


Funny story about waving and bars on back. A couple of years ago I was using the safety squat bar to do split squats, so I was in a half rack. I saw a buddy leaving in the mirror so I turned to say bye, forgetting that I had the bar on me. It fell straight onto my ankle. Luckily that was on the bench or I swear it would have snapped in half. Hurt like fuck though and took around two months to get it back to normal.


Lmao, Jenn be like…

image http://www.clevver.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/nicki-minaj-hell-to-the-no.gif


This. Stay strong!


K amazing day today. Dare I say perfect

135lbs x 3
185lbs x 3
205lbs x 3
215lbs x 3
230lbs x 3 x 3

1 hour super fun back shit
20 min step mill intervals

Had a great massage today
I’m doing once a month cupping on my legs in hopes it will un gunk my junk.

So yesterday my sleep deprived night mareish self came out :
I’m very obsessive about my toe nail polish. My hands look like shit but I have to have two pedicures a month and if the color chips in anyway I lose my shit. Dont ask why I see them like 5 minutes a day, but as OCD as i am about the gym , double that and that’s how nuts I am about my toes lol.
Anyway it’s ironic because the pedicures themselves give me so much anxiety because I have to sit and you know how I feel about sitting.
I had my shrink yesterday and then got my pedicure after so it was double the sit and I was bubbling up.
I finally finished my pedicure and when I got home I could tell my sock felt stuck and low and behold my shit wasnt dry and it was totally messed up. Nonoonoonononoonno omg noononono
So I had to take off all the polish and repaint and I’m not very good at it so basically i spent all hour staring at my toes and then i had dreams about my feet. Like a nightmare I had warts lmao, wow …I really know how to live it up on a Saturday night .
But today was amazing so it made up for it, and tomorrow is holiday so I get to lift again and combine some stuff so my one work workout day will be really short and sweet .


k ahmazing today again

worked hard and went three for three with awesomness NOW REST

paused squats
135lbs x 5
155lbs x 2
175lbs x 2
185lbs x 2
190lbs x 3 sets of 2

bench press
100lbs x 7
110lbs x 3 sets of 7
tempo bench
100lbs x 2 sets of 4

leg spreader
190lbs x 2 sets of 10
160lbs x 10
100lbs x like 20 or something idk

incline DB press w/pause at bottom
25lbs x 15
35lbs x 8, x 10
20lbs x 12 or something * continious tension

reverse grip D handle tri ext.
10lbs x 2 x 8
5lbs x 12

step mill intervals x 20 min

bent over rear delt DB fly x 20 palms facing in/ x 20 palms facing each other
DB lateral raises 5lbs x 20 / x 20 pinkies up

DB row
40lbs x 15

bent over DB tri ext.
7.5lbs x no idea

facepulls x 10000000
now on wed or thurs whenever i do my last workout i only have to do front squats, military press and a few simple shoulder things and Ill be done and maybe slightly less rushed than my normal insanely rushed feeling self

paused squats take longer than front and bench takes longer than mil press that’s why I have one on one day and one on the other BUT my super smart self was like WOAH monday holiday lets do the long shit together and save the short shit for later.


Bencio del toro is the new sexiest man alive
I always thought he was sexy, but now hes like self pleasure sexy LMAO
k whtever


How sure are you that you’re not the main character in the Stephen King book “Insomnia”?


K great today

Front squats
95lbs x 5
115lbs x 5
125lbs x 5
135lbs x 5
120lbs x 2 x 5

Military press
65lbs x 5
75lbs x 5
85lbs x 5
70lbs x 3 x 5

Seated db press ss db lateral raises ss pinkies up db lateral raises
27.5lbs 7.5lbs
X 12 x 12 x 12
X 10 x 10 x 10
X 10 x 10 x 10

Bent over db rear delt fly
7.5lbs x 15
5lbsx 15

Step mill intervals x 10

Db split squats
17.5lbs x 15

Leg spreader
215lbs x 15

Face pulls

K done

I think I need to make military press lighter and volume now instead of top sets. Need to be preemptive because I’m bout to miss a rep any day now. Do not want !!

Rest till sat


k gooder

135lbs x 8
150lbs x 8
160lbs x 8
170lbs x 2 sets of 8

pin squats
165lbs x 5
175lbs x 5

paused bench press
105lbs x 4 sets of 4

barbell split squats
70lbs x 10
80lbs x 2 sets of 8
super setted that with EZ bar tri ext for two sets of drop sets

leg spreader
150lbs x 15, x 20
120lbs x 20

landmine press
bar +
x 2 sets of 10 without setting the bar down between arms
x 10

DB lateral raises
5lbs x 30 or something
7.5lbs x something maybe i forget

leg ext
75lbs x 2 x 8 w/pause
90lbs x 6 + 2 (extended)
1 drop
45lbs x 8

more db lateral riases
15lbs x 12
10lbs x 10
7.5lbs x 15

db rear delt fly
x’s a bunch of shit , geez i was not paying attention
i did all of these things but how much and what weight i have no idea

step mill intervals x 20 minutes

i added some of my weeks accessory to this day because today i can workout for 2 hrs and those days i can workout for like 55 minutes
I was super tired today though
My workout was okay, but my inner beast was being a whiny bitch

ANYWAY been a great week at work !
Out of the training room and upstairs with our mentors and i LOVE MY MENTOR . Our quirks mesh perfectly and he is so supportive.
Now I know why so many women have gay best friends LOL Hes being telling management I am amazing too, so thats always nice :slight_smile:



ok today

135lbs x 4
185lbs x 4
205lbs x 4
225lbs x 2 x 4

bent over row
95lbs x 15
95lbs x 2 x 12

t bar row
bar +
50lbs x 10 w/pause
60lbs x 10 w/pause
65lbs x 10
1 drop
25lbs x 20

cable station lat pull down SS dual pulley row
x 12/ x 12
x 12/ x 12

two D handle lat pull down
drop sets
85lbs x 6
70lbs x 8
55lbs x 10
foot on seate two d handle lat pull to me
drop sets
70lbs x 6
55lbs x 6
40lbs x 8

ropey bi curl
15lbs x 10
10lbs x 10

seated leg curl
55lbs x 10
40lbs x 10 + partials

DB row all done on one side without rest then the other side
25lbs x 15//35lbs x 10//25lbs x 15

front lat pull down
35lbs x 2 x 6
27.5lbs x 8

wide d handle lat pull down
60lbs x 15 w/slow neg
60lbs x 15

hammer curl
20lbs x 8
15lbs x 8
10lbs x 8
7.5lbs x 12

db curl
12.5lbs x 2 x 10
7/5lbs x 10

seated row cable
75lbs x 8
60lbs x 8

stepmill intervals x 20 min

k , tired
I wanted a more thourough updated yesterday but i ran out of time because I was freaking out about not being able to find benecio del toro movies and feeling like I was going through withdrawl and the same thing kinda happened today. Except i realized i own fear and loathing in las vegas which will tide me over until amazon ships my copy of traffic whICH I CANNOT FIND FOR THE LIFE OF ME WTFFFFF
like this is hardcore
stupid world
anyway, i guess ill go into more detail about the goodness in my world when i have more time .
OH but
i did find an acupuncutrist who specialized in girly things like post partum depression and PMS etc , and shes agreed to just do 30 minute sessions because I wig out about being inactive for an hour LOL, so I have seen her twice and i am already sleeping better and feeling like a more stable brand of insane . I have her booked twice in DEc too, so all around I guess I am just fixing all of my shit up nice and good
Shrink for my man issues
acupuncture for my pms
massage for my serrious anterior LOL
chiro for my hip shit


K good today

Taking a mini deload volume wise to coincide with my girl thing and accumulating fatigue

Paused squats
135lbs x 5
155lbs x 5
165lbs x 5
175lbs x 5
Not too hard really

Military press
70lbs x 11
60lbs x 11

Seated db press
30lbs x 10
X 2 x 8

Step mill intervals x 10 minutes

Leg spreader
220lbs x 10
160lbs x 10
115lbs x 10

Db row
45lbs x 12

Db lateral raises
17.5lbs x 15

Rear delt db fly
7.5lbs x 25

Face pulls throughout