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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


This made me laugh hard. I remember all my online dating experiences and it was pre-tinder. There used to be (and probably still is) ubiquitous statements like “I look equally good in jeans or a tux.” I got so tired of reading that nugget that I added to mine “I look equally good in hip waders or a hazmat suit.” No one else thought it was funny or they just don’t read profiles.

My daughter is on tinder and I have fun giving advice on what she should say. It’s usually stupid advice.


This would have gotten my attention when I was in the dating market!


Yes I do on here through my crazy ramblings , LOL.
I am pretty sure if a shrink were reading my log they would diagnose me as bi polar…


LOL! I love this!

I was excited to match with someone yesterday, but they turned out to be so dumb they used the word “are” when they meant to be saying “our”. I had to read over their shit like 5 times before i realized what was going on, then i no longer really felt like replying…


Ok today went very well. I planned this as a go hard week because i had a suspicion i would be feeling like I was semi-peaking as last week i felt i was a semi-weakling.

Front squats
95lbs x 4
115lbs x 4
125lbs x 4
135lbs x 4
120lbs x 2 sets of 4

bench press
100lbs x 8
105lbs x 8
110lbs x 8
eeasssay money (terminator) (2) (Judgement day)

tempo bench press
105lbs x 2 sets of 5

barbell split squats
65lbs x 2 x 12
x 1 x 10

leg ext.
did ISO hold on one leg while the other repped
so 30lbs x 2 x 10

land mine press
bar +
x 2 x 15
x 1 x 10

leg spreader
105lbs x 12
120lbs x 12
90lbs x 12

step mill intervals x 20 minutes

WT 126.8
K GOOD , not a scary number HA

I feel as though the couple pounds I have gained so far have turned out to be mostly delt glob .

Let’s keep it ass and delts world~!!! No where else!!


Ok friends!! I cant make decions as per my norm !!
Too many lifts are priorities to me and Sunday is my most peaceful lifting day so I want rep squats then !!
Do people think if I front squat Saturday and have a cheat meal that night my Sunday back squats will suck ?!

I dont know where to put stuff because I dont want anything to suck ahhhh


Is it a cheat meal or refeed?


It’s a cheat meal, but I eat half a zucchini loaf usually lmao.


Uhg no, it’s a bad idea . I’ll just do all my important shit on Saturday with all the annoying Saturday people, sigh


Okay , just as i suspected i am manic and i’m peaking because noOoOOthing feels heavy.

Today’s shit then ramblings organizings to follow

Paused squats
135lbs x 4
155lbs x 2
175lbs x 2
185lbs x 3 sets of 2

military press
65lbs x 4
75lbs x 4
85lbs x 4
back off sets
80lbs x 4 (this was a misload, i meant to just do 70 x 2 x 4)
70lbs x 2 sets of 4

landmind press
bar +
12.5lbs x 10
20lbs x 2 x 8
10lbs x 12

seated DB press
30lbs x 10
32.5lbs x 8
35lbs x 6

DB lateral raises
7.5lbs x 3 sets of 20

DB rear delt fly
7.5lbs x 20
5lbs x 25

5 million pulls to the face
20 min step mill intervals
oh leg spreader 130lbs x 20 or something idk, i do this because i like how sore my ass feels the next day
k SO

i was obsessing and pacing and white-outing and i re wrote my routine and it ended up being in the same sequence as I was already doing while I was working at the gym LOL. IT JUST WORKED , so it will keep on working, but i took out a few things to feel less rushed/overwhelmed

Saturday : (leg focus)
Rep squats , Pin squats, split squats, leg extension/spreader and paused bench
Sunday : (back focus)
Deadlifts , bent over row, t-bar row, a thousand other things super setted, and biceps
Monday : rest
Tuesday : (chest focus)
Front squats, rep bench, tempo bench, incline DB fly, tri shit
wednesday : rest
Thursday : (shoulder focus)
Paused squats, miliary press, DB press, lateral raises, landmine press, rear delt fly
friday : rest

and to add to my official plannings with regards to all the things I know about Jenn …
I know I get manic and I know I get depressed. I know i get these things far more extreme than a mentally stable individual , but I don’t know for a fact that I have bi polar. That is so say I have never been diagnosed, but I think when I was a kid getting treatment for anxiety/ocd I didn’t have it then. It presents itself later in life, or it could be strictly a menstrual glitch , fuck up thing.
But I digress
when my cycle is on time all of my weeks are as follows
Period time = stable/rational/normal
two days after for about 7-10 days = uncomfortably , unhealthy, over-the-top, manic. Not a happy place. An out of control place . Bad decisions about men and money and binge eating lie here.
ovulation time = extremely depressed , suicidal thoughts, extreme hopelessness, obsessing over every little imperfection about my workouts and believing my minor injuries and imbalances hinder my potential and nothing i do has a purpose because ill never get to where i want to be strength and body wise
that passes then there’s another brief moment of clarity
Then i get another bout of mania , but this time it’s more controlled and focused. It’s not about sex drive or spending money, it’s about creativity and physical strength . I can move mountains during this time, and do a lot of writing on my blog/write poems, have non-stop brain chatter and i also need a few less hours of sleep a night during this time
then i PMS and I am extremely depressed again either the same , better, or worse than the time before.

OK so knowing these things and having witnessed these things without fail for a number of years I am going to try to tailor my rep ranges and volume around this . Instead of just doing one week high vol one week lower i am going to do it like
Peak week (now) High volume, heavy weight, lowest rep ranges that are in my official rep range plannings
next week : lightest rep ranges, lowest volume (period week)
following week (horrible mania) low-medium weights, moderate volume. not a time to crush it again because i need to keep my cortisol from being worse than it already is during this time
next week ( depressed) medium weights, low volume
So yes, it’s perfect, and now nothing will ever go bad or wrong ever again LOL.
But honestly, I think if i can keep this in check and not let my irrational tendencies take over I should be able to lessen the extremes of my extremes.



Sounds amazing and exactly why I asked if you tracked your episodes to see if they were cyclic or not. Sounds like it is tied to your hormones…if you keep food logs also check and see what foods you eat during those times …


K good today

135lbs x 7
155lbs x 5
170lbs x 5
180lbs x 5
Pin squats
175lbs x 2
185lbs x 2
190lbs x 2

Paused bench
95lbs x 3
105lbs x 1
115lbs x 1
120lbs x 2 sets of 1
125lbs x 1
115lbs x 2 sets of 1

Barbell split squats
65lbs x 6
75lbs x 2 x 6
85lbs x 6

Single leg ext
30lbs x 12
50lbs x 2 x 6

Leg spreader
110lbs x 10
140lbs x 10
95lbs x 10

Step mill intervals x 20 min

Landmine press
Bar plus
10lbs x 10
15lbs x 10


Also , sometimes my elbow touches my side ass / thigh when I squat. Wtf is that shit ? I’ve never noticed that until a couple weeks ago ? Does that mean my thigh ass is thicc and my arms are long ,lol


Well duh. :slight_smile:


Or could just be how close you grip.


Probably this. Have you brought your grip in recently? Given your attention to detail you’d likely have noticed if it were happening before.


I have always gripped the closet grip ever. Going out at all makes it feel weird. Should I try to widen my grip anyway?


I have my grip in super tight too. My hands are right on the edge of the knurling. If I go wider, it feels like my back isn’t tight enough. Now, though, it’s playing hell on my elbows.

Maybe your elbows touching your legs is a result of pushing them forward at the bottom of the lift. Is that a recent change? Maybe you started doing it and don’t realize it. fwiw, that’s not a bad thing to do. I do it and it forces my chest up and out of the hole.


Yes I have started doing that actually. I’m not even sure why. I always knew it was important, but since my chiro I’ve had better mobility and stuff. The only thing I find is that it distracts me, but maybe I’ll get over that. At least it’s not a wrong thing haha


If it feels right, make it a more cue’ish thing, when you touch you know you do it right.


great idea!