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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


OH YES And more to add !!

Rep squats are a ramping top set thing
Paused squats are volume at top set
Front squats are a back off sets after top set
paused bench is a back off after top set
tempo is the back off to rep bench
pin is the back off to rep squats
deadlift is a ramp to top set
military press is a back off to top set
because it all made sense and it , for whatever reason, dictated this to me and i obeyed .


This makes a huge amount of sense.


Very well thought Jenn.
Makes absolutely good sense…
As a matter of fact I’ve just put it on paper, and might in the future try it out.
Love the way you decide on the day which weight to choose.


Actually, further to my initial comment.

What you describe is, I’m fairly sure, how many elite strength athletes train. You’ve managed to develop your own system, which is impressive. It’s not just a ‘how I train for me’, it is actually a rational method that anyone can apply.

Seriously, it’s impressive.


Wow that means so much coming from you guys!! Thanks :blush: my heart is smiling now.


You may need to write a “Jenn-method” book.




Oh and lastly because I only want to train 4 days this is how I divided it

Front squats, rep bench, tempo bench, chest

Rep squats , pin squats, paused bench , legs

Deadlifts, back, bi

Paused squats, military press , shoulders



K good today

paused squats

135lbs x 4
155lbs x 4
165lbs x 4
175lbs x 3 sets of 4

military press
65lbs x 10
70lbs x 10
55lbs x 2 sets of 10

landmine press
x 8
x 8
x 2 sets of 6
1 drop set
10lbs x 12

DB row
30lbs x 12
40lbs x 10
50lbs x 8

lateral raises
10lbs x 15
15lbs x 12
20lbs x 8
12.5lbs x 8
7.5lbs x 8
5lbs x 20 or something i dunno

hammer curls
20lbs x 10
12.5lbs x 8, x 12

DB rear delt fly
7.5lbs x 25

seated DB press
20lbs x 20

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

back ext
BW x 25 or w/e

so yes I have gained weight/ I am typically sitting at around 127.5lbs

I have decided this weight is easier/healthier for me to maintain rather than trying to always stay under 125lbs

My goal is to keep remaining under 128. I feel this is more reasonable for me for a few reasons:

  1. Having cheat meals that is still just chicken and rice is lame. I WANT BURGERsS
  2. I build muscle more easily than a lot of women so when I am lifting heavy shit it’s hard not to gain muscle weight
  3. I feel my thyroid is happier with slightly more carbs IE: my brain fog hasn’t been as bad and i am not as dizzy / i hate existing less LOL
  4. Also my sex drive has shot up to terrifying levels (?) I am considering this a plus because even though there’s no where to put it i had ZERO sex drive from may-august and that’s kind of depressing
    An appetite for man part destruction LMAO
    I just feel like a wilted flower that is now being watered. It sucks that I can’t stay at the leanness that I kind of prefer to feel human but as long as I am sub 128 I think i can be fairly happy here. BUT YOU GUYS ARE WITNESS
    if i check in and it’s like 129.6 and i act like i dont care you all raise hell with me because i care!!
    This jenn cares <-----
    that jenn cares ---->
    The jenn in the middle cares ----> <------


Have you considered that you’ve build 2 pounds of muscles and are as lean as you where at 125?

If you hit 129,6 lb I’ll ask for a picture, before raising any hell.


Good call.


K today was exhausting…

135lbs x 10
145lbs x 10
155lbs x 10
PIN squats
145lbs x 7
155lbs x 7
all the reps, all the volume

paused bench press
100lbs x 3
110lbs x 3
115lbs x 3
105lbs x 2 sets of 3

DB split squats
x 12
x 2 x 10

land mine press
all without setting the barbell down
x 12, x 10, x 8

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

DB lateral raises
x 3 x 15

single leg ext. w/pause
35lbs x 10
45lbs x 2 x 6
1 drop
25lbs x i dunno


Remember how i was worried that JR high would make my kid a bit more distant from me and more independent and over time Id start to feel lonely ?
It literally happened in like a week, LOL.
We don’t have pre bed cuddles anymore because he plays online games with his friends, he is in drama club (awesome), so lots of times he stays late at school. He forgets to text me back…etcetc
The day is all fine and good and BAM 7:30 hits and i get a lonely induced panic attacks and i end up going to be because i dont want to feel sad.
So ya, I am on tinder, but it’s annoying because everyone is boring and obsessed with travelling for whatever reason. It’s literally all anybody on there talks about . TRAVEL THIS TRAVEL THAT MEXICO PICTURES WITH MONKEYS AND ELEPHANTS
like fuck off you’re all lame


Good grief, yes! And not just tinder, but ALL of the dating sites. It must be nice to have the financial and life-situation freedom to buy a ticket, hop on a plane, and jet off to a foreign country as freely as driving to the local grocery store.


I know , right ?! Like sometimes I think it’s a crock of shit. They all claim to do spur of the moment trips. Nottt my cup of tea !! But yes it does seem to be all dating apps . I need to design one for hermits and planners LOL


I think a lot of people on those dating sites feel pressure to be super interesting so they can stand out from the crowd, so they way overplay the Dos Eqis ‘most interesting man in the world’ thing. Helps you screen out the fake people, anyway…


Yep, I’ve also wondered how exaggerated people’s travel claims are.

Amusingly (in a dark humor sort of way) OK Cupid asks questions that gauge personality and personal values, then runs analytics on the 5 best and 5 worst states/provinces and countries to find love, based on compatibility with the people in their database. OK Cupid says I am in one of the 5 least compatible states to find love, and I’d even be better off in a different country! I guess that explains things. Lol.

YES! “Lovefinder for Practical People”.


Lmao !


They all fake LOL


Ok so sundays deadlifts sucked because I didn’t stop to think I might not feel as strong after a taxing workout vs a rest day like the week prior . Pulled a slow as fuck 235lb single and felt sad / did 1hr back stuff and cardio.

I’m trying to rearrange my days to be in the best order for when I start on the 15th , but I also think I’m going to add a few changes.
For one, after this week I will take 5-10lbs off my core lifts for a few reasons. One being my body will need to adapt to 5am training sessions again and two I dont want to feel rushed looking for a spot on bench. I want to see how timing is of things and just get in get out for the first few weeks of training before I have a better idea.
Second thing I am going to do is instead of deloading and trying to time it around periods that dont come I am simply going to alternate my normal, excessive volume with weeks of reduced volume. I’ll still aim for the weight and reps I want but fewer accessory and back off sets. One go hard week, one week slightly backed off , and so on and so forth.
I’m still trying to gauge it by my hormones and my typically depressed vs manic weeks , but it might not always work out perfectly that way.
Rested today
Front squats and bench tomorrow


Do you journal your moods feelings etc…