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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


Hey guys !! They called my references already ! Holy shit just got real!! This is the most incredible thing to ever happen for me !


Rest day


Enjoy have a coffee and a doughnut to celebrate.


Good luck! We are all pulling for ya!


Hi everyone!

ok workout yesterday

paused squats
95lbs x 5
135lbs x 5
155lbs x 3
165lbs x 1
175lbs x 1
185lbs x 3 sets of 1 ALL EASY , very confident with these ones, yay

military press
65lbs x 8
75lbs x 8
60lbs x 2 sets of 8

landmind press
10lbs x 10
20lbs x 8
95lbs x 6
10lbs x 12

t bar row
bar +
35lbs x i duno 12
60lbs x 10
65lbs x 10
40lbs x 12 or something wow, i really cannot even update a day without losing half of it

db lateral raises
7.5lbs x 20
12lbs x i dunno
15lbs x 10
5lbs x i dunno

hammer curls
17.5lbs x 10
15lbs x 2 x 8

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

back ext
BW x 30

K, really awesome.

I start on oct 15th
training in house for 4 months then i am at home
well, i have tons of pjs for once I am at home, but i literally just own gym pants and pjs LOL
i hate shopping for girly, pretty things
At least its bizznasss casual

I am going to be making like twice what ive made at any other jobs I have ever had.
There is also incentive shit that could add 10000 a year to pay, and its not based on sales, just doing good shit .
Also amazing benefits and pension shit
i will be able to retire at some point!



happy for ya spock!


Whoop! Whoop! Congratulations! We are sooooo happy for you! Yay!


WAY TO GO!!! :D!!!

I also wholeheartedly endorse anyone who works as hard as you NOT forcing lifts that drain their will to live. Enjoy your lifting! People like you do NOT need to be given the whole of “do what you hate” lecture. Screw that!


Yeah way to go Jenn. Congratulations.


I’m also sure you might have thought of this but if not, trap bar dead lifts and loaded carries ( db’s in your hand etc) are very straight forward and give so much bang for your buck checking off a lot of the dead-lift type strengths.

I don’t know about you, but for me I tend to get compulsive (magical thinking if you can relate in OCD terms) over lifts - its gotten a lot better over the years but of course it never goes away.

Once I get over that huge hurdle of actually trying new variations as compared to hitting the wall over and over on something I can’t get, it I tend to not have the same horrible/illogical self talk over being shitty at something since I’ve never done it and have nothing to compare it to. Its the one time logic can creep into some pretty illogical compulsive mind ruts i get into.

CARRIES can cover a lot of bases and are such a big bang for your buck!


Well that’s fucking awesome :slight_smile: well done.


Good shit Spock! Stoked for you


Great news girl. Nice!!!


Thanks so much everyone :smiley:

I went clothes shopping with my mom yesterday for the training period and i saw myself in this dress pant, fancy shirt shit and it was the first time in my entire life I felt/looked like a grown up woman. My mind exploded with security and confidence. Now my confidence is sitting at a negative 2, LOL.

To top it off, deadlifts went great today! Second session with my new form and I already beat what I was doing for conventional.

135lbs x 3
155lbs x 3
185lbs x 3
205lbs x 3
215lbs x 3
225lbs x 3

1hr non stop back-ing
20 min step mill

I know the last rep or so at 225 could have been a little tighter, but overall i think this all looks pretty awesome ! (?)
For a top set it seemed A-OK, non?


Looks fine. You corrected the exaggerated back arch well and you’re obviously locking your lats in too. I don’t know about you, but I find it easiest to squeeze my lats when I’m gripping the bar rather than before, but that’s just me.


The third rep of the first set was money.

The first two reps you slip the hips up or something to get into a tight position putting you in a weird position then on the third rep you are tight from the start to finish of the rep.

The first few reps of the 225 set were great then you started the slack in the hips. And honestly I got so distracted by your butt I didn’t see much else. Maybe a different angle will tell more. I choose from the back but you may want to do a set from the front to see the other angles.

I agree with marrko they are much better and the back angle is just right. You are a perfectionist


Jenn looks jacked!!


for at topset those reps looked really good Jenn.
The Hog mentions that your hip rises a bit, but I would say it’s so little it’s not worth addressing.
Back and everything looks good.
Great pulls.
And a picture of the office dressed Jenn please :slight_smile:


Strong, confident and successful. I like your style womane. Hope you enjoy the new job, way to get after it!


Thank you my friends!!

Great workout today

front squats
95lbs x 7
115lbs x 7
125lbs x 7
110lbs x 2 sets of 7

bench press
105lbs x 5
115lbs x 5
120lbs x 5
tempo bench press
110lbs x 2 sets of 3

barbell split squats
65lbs x 10
75lbs x 2 sets of 8

incline DB press w/pause at the bottom
32.5lbs x 10
30lbs x 8, x 12

ez bar cable tri ext.
32.5lbs x 2 x 15
drop sets
x 15
x 25 or something

step mill intervals x 20 minutes

leg squisher
115lbs x 10 w/slow neg

leg speader
55lbs x 25 + 50 partials

millions of facepulls throughout

Front squats all felt easy

If anyone is curious about my program let me explain it without it taking 3 essays LOL

Every lift has a rep range, and every month - 6 weeks the rep ranges expand
EX. back squats used to be either 7, 8, or 9’s
So i would start 145lbs x 8
then i would do the following week like 150lbs x 7
then i could do 145lbs x 9 and then that would build the confidence so the next week i would do 150lbs x 8
then i would do 155lbs x 7
then I would do 150lbs x 9
then 155lbs x 8
then 160lbs x 7
then 155lbs x 9
i think you get the idea
by this point i will feel as though i have made enough progress to do what i like to call the official REP RANGE EXPANSION
SO i could do 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10
It would be like ok, i could do 160lbs x 7, but i dont know if i am ready for 165 x 7, but i could now do 165 x 6 and then 155 x 10 and then the next workout tackle 165 x 7 and then 160 x 8
And its not pre planned until i get to the gym basically. Whatever i feel is most easily attainable .
SO my options today for front squats were either :
125 x 7
130 x 6
135 x 4
140 x 3
145 x 2
or 150 x 1
I hadn’t conquered any of those yet, but i just did 130 x 5 last week, so i wasnt ready for 6, and the week before that i did 135 x 3, I wanted a few more weeks to build strength until i did 135 x 4, which will probably be next session, but i havent fully decided yet.
Whatever to me feel least intimidating in that particular moment
I HAVE yet to miss a single lift in 4 months doing things this way
ALSO confidence builder because i know i never have to do anything i am not fully capable of doing , i know i have the patience to build until i believe i am at that point

A few weeks ago I figured I could get 115 x 6 for bench, but i decided to expand my rep range because i had ZERO doubt i could get 115 x 5. Then weeks went by, i got my 115 x 6, soon ill be doing 115 x 7, but i have to do 110 x 8 first and today i did 120 x 5 and eventually when i expand to add 4’s ill do 125 x 4 before i want to even try 125 x 5

The lifts that follow this range rule reppings are :
Rep squats
Pin Squats
Paused squats
Front squats
Rep bench
paused bench
tempo bench
military press
Tempo is to Pin squat what military press is to front squats

Doesnt this all make amazing sense and yes I am a genious gineiuous guenious guneious gene EEE uSss