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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


It’s my t3s that are low, but because a lot of the same symptoms come from the calcium deficiency I have he wants to see if my extreme fatigue clears up from calcium supplements before he puts me on thyroid medication. He did put in my file I have subclinical hypothyroidism. But also had to throw in I have a mood disorder. Like fuck off lol
I dont need anti depressants, I just need to start school, not be in toxic work environments or emotionally abusive relationships.


At least that’s a start! Hopefully once you get that straightened out you will be back on the road to happiness!


Since you aren’t lifting for the sake of a competition, you don’t have to meet some random specifics of form or technique. Therefore, I say you should find the exact stance and foot width that make your body feel good and strong while deadlifting, then hoist, sistren, hoist.

ETA: sumo stance feels great for my traps and hip adductors but not so much for my knees. I finally realized I’m lifting to strengthen and “health-en” my body, and I can do as I see fit with my deadlifting stance, so I do a few sets of sumo, many sets of conventional, and even a sprinkling of Jefferson when the mood strikes. These days, deadlifts make me feel better, hence my advice to find what suits your current needs and preferences.


Sumo fucks my knees. There’s also no room for error in the first quarter. If you’re prepared to deal with fucked hips or knees and put a lot of time and effort into getting your setup and technique close to perfect it can help bring your deadlift numbers up a ton.

TBH unless you’re competing there’s no point in doing that. If you just want a change from conventional but still want to pull, there are gazillions of variations: rack pulls, block pulls, snatch grip, deficit, against bands, with reverse bands, Jefferson, zercher, semi sumo, combination of any of these…

You could even ditch deads for a while and do box squats instead.


Ok guys I played around way too long today and I feel pretty solid with what I ended with. I realized my first rep in every set looked good and the rest kept getting worse. It didnt matter the weight really . I worked up to 205 and the first rep was perfect the rest sucked. I did 155 and the first was great and the rest sucked lol. So I think I am going to do full reset singles because it seems to stay tighter that way. Let me know what you guys thing @MarkKO @mortdk @TriednTrue @The_Myth


Socks are super funny. Savor shoes are nice. I have a pair I love. Your ass is nice. Sorry I was supposed to be checking your form. :joy::rofl:.

The flat back is much better than the exaggerated arch. I like how you lock in the lats and upper back before each pull. Super nice form. You could play a bit with the foot position and toe angle some just to see how that affects the “feel” of the lift, but. The recent changes look very solid for you to keep and use. Well done!


For the best opinion, I’ll defer to @MarkKO’s feedback. To my intrained but experienced eye, I think your technique looks great. Your hips and knees lock at the same time, you keep your shoulders back, and your back is neutral, neither rounded nor excessively arched. The full reset takes more time, but as an author or poster or someone in the know here once said, it’s a dead-lift; a full reset makes sense, given what this exercise is meant to accomplish.

The final tests are 1) how did it feel while doing it and 2) how does your body respond one to three days later?

I’m interested to hear others opinions too.


thank you so much! that makes me feel very settled :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback!! It felt pretty good! My hip didn’t do that weird pop out, glute inactive thing that it did when I tried to do a realer sumo deadlift, and i found for whatever reason I was better able to engage my lats than when I lifted conventional.
The full reset might get kind of annoying, LOL, but it’s less annoying than feeling like my reps got sloppy. I think if i can keep my patience I should be able to get up to some of my old, messy rep, conventional numbers.


You’re welcome! That’s one of the biggest tells - your hip worked well. To me, that speaks volumes.

You’re right, the reset might become annoying with high reps. The solution is to intelligently work back to heavy weight so you actually benefit from a reset between each effort.


Hey Jenn, looking awesome.
Deadlifts looks good, nice clean fast pull in a straight line.
Should I point something out, it would be the lowering of the bar, you’re letting the tension go just after the bar passes the knees, resulting in a rounded low back.
If you kept the tension throughout, I think you would be in a great position to pull a second rep.
But overall great pull and if it doesn’t bother your hip it’s a double win.


That looked a ton a better.


k wow first good workout I’ve had in a month.

I have been beating myself up about something or other for every single workout since my birthday basically. Just feeling like I have zero potential because of crazy shit like , well, I really can’t wear belts without them making me worse, so potential drops down 10 points. I don’t know how to deadlift, how can I be a powerlifter? I can’t enjoy anything if I dont have a label. Maybe i should body build again because I am too upset about deadlifting. Oh, now I am upset about belts again, and form , and long femurs, and crooked hips, and the knot in my shoulder blade. I’ll never be anything. None of my strength dreams will ever come true. WAH WAH WAH
Every. fucking. DAY! SOmething just messing with my soul, like gah, would you shudddaup alreadyaaaaaaay.
I told myself today that I didn’t need a label to enjoy my pursuits. I can just be a girl who goes to the gym, who really wants to squat heavy and bench big . I could gain a pound or two and not die from inferiority. The fuck am I so wigged about anyway, i don’t mind meatier legs? Where is this insane terror even deriving from.

If you had told the 150lb me back in 2012 that I’d be beltless paused squat 180 x 3 at 125lbs body weight she would have blown a head gasket . If you had told the girl back in 2010 who failed a triple at 105 for bench that i just repped 100lbs for easy sets of 10 she would have been over the moon .
I just begged myself to unleash the best again today, but the good one. THe nice, fun one, not the monster one . And she did :slight_smile:

Front squats
95lbs x 5
115lbs x 5
130lbs x 5
back off sets
110lbs x 2 sets of 5

bench press
100lbs x 2 sets of 10
tempo bench
95lbs x 2 sets of 7

BB split squats
65lbs x 8
75lbs x 6
85lbs x 6
55lbs x 12

DB incline press
32.5lbs x 12
35lbs x 10
25lbs x 2 x 12

leg spreader
55lbs x 20
70lbs x 20
85lbs x 15
100lbs x 12
115lbs x no idea 10 or something

leg squisher
85lbs x 20 or something

reverse grip D handle tri ext
x 2 x 12
x 1 x 15

stepmill intervals x 20 min

Finally ALL GOOD
feel somewhat back to normal

had a great time at comic con

THe voice of sailor moon hugged me and it was one of the most amazing moments of my life.
I got her autograph
“To Jenn, in the name of the moon…”
I also saw Data from a distance and took a funny picture that I probably wasn’t allowed to take LOL
I am going to eat a cheat meal tonight because fuck it i want one . I am celebrating my return from planet everything sucks.


You have had a lot of good changes on your journey, Jenn. That’s a great picture of you and love the smile!


Good stuff Jenn, awesome workout. You really are the volume queen.


Love you some you!

Welcome back!


K great workout today

95lbs x 8
135lbs x 8
155lbs x 8
165lbs x 8
all perfect/easy
pin squats
165lbs x 6
170lbs x 6

paused bench
100lbs x 5
105lbs x 5
110lbs x 5
95lbs x 2 x 5

DB split squats SS seated DB press
x 8/ x 12
x 8/ x 10
x 8/ x 10

leg ext
30lbs x 10 w/pause
40lbs x 10
45lbs x 10

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

DB lateral raise
10lbs x 25

ALSO to be noted, i have decided to do facepulls throughout all of my workouts. It seems to be helping with all the things
its a great plan and a great idea!!
i have a job interview tomorrow that’s a REAL PERSON JOB.
its at the company my dad worked for until he retired
its also a work from home position
It’s a salaried work from home full time position with benefits and holidays and stat days and i can be in my pjs !!


How great is that!


Good luck Jenn :slight_smile:


That would be a dream job if I had the self-discipline to focus and do the work I’m supposed to do. I have a hard enough time with that in a work environment… Good luck, here’s hoping you kill it!