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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


You aren’t but

This is very true.


High school can be brutal. The irony is the people who toented you most are probably so far from your life, they wouldn’t even recognize you, or you them, if you passed on the street. It does sound like getting off the accutane early was a blessing in disguise.



I tell my students all the time that if somebody says it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.

So, this is how I read this.

I got cash bitches.

I’m Jacque Pepin on steriods.

I’m a fucking pornstar!

See, it’s all about inferencing.


well today was horrible
My hips were like they were a year ago. Same shifting, same direction, to the same degree.
It was the worst looking thing ever. #mortified
I dont know if it was the belt or just me. I kinda felt like it was coming. My left leg was getting that shooty pain down the front i used to have.
Also belts always fuck me up and i dont understand why i can’t have a paper thin, tiny belt and have it still be too awkward for me to use.

I hate everything and everything sucks right now.
I nagged my kid for 25 minutes to come upstairs so we could have our good night bonding time and when he finally came up his friend popped up online for fortnite about 10 seconds later and then he kicked me out. CALLED IT !! DID I NOT FUCKING CALL IT?
So i went to bed at like 730 just feeling alone and miserable.
Then my squats were pure shit after my deadlifts were pure shit and all my workouts have been shit for two weeks
I didnt get that no hour job at the school to put in my package
I cant even get student loans because it’s an online program and it doesnt qualify
Oh well its online sure I have 4000 to spare for it then! Like fuck you
i just wanted to learn
i just wanted to learn 7 years ago when the Deaf community told me my skills werent good enough to be in the diploma program

SO to recapp
im alone and miserable, havent been laid since mid may
my kid has no time for me
my hips are horrible lop sided monsters again
i cant pay for the school i got accepted into
ive applied for 25 minimum wage jobs and gotten zero phone calls
and im selling my complete set of sailor moon DVDs because im broke
yes, that is actually like selling a body part. An important one, too.


Sending positive vibes your way, hang in there!


Look up gorrilazen fitness on youtube he has some cideos about the lateral hip shifting and stuff it has helped me abit. Also if i win the lottery i send you a care package


Hey Jenn
Sorry to hear about all that shit coming your way.
You really have a rollercoaster life.
Hope you’ll sort things out quickly, sending positive thoughts your way.


Thanks for listening to me bitch guys. I think I’m just really pissed about the fact that I lost my happy when things were going so well. Life can change so quickly.

I’ve honestly never felt this overwhelmed by fatigue in my whole life. I’m a very high stung, non stop moving type person and I just feel like sleeping all day .
I really want to feel like myself again, and it’s frustrating. The doc called with my lab reports and needs me to come in again so hopefully tomorrow I’ll know more about my t3s and t4s.


Hugs back.

If you need to, sleep.


Sending you positive thoughts, Jenn!


We all go through shit times, real friends stick with you through the good and the bad and I’m seeing you have some good ppl backing you up here. I know you’re tough, don’t give up on being happy, I want to see you succeed. Life isn’t fair, it’s good to vent sometimes, even healthy.

Regarding your kid, I can almost guarantee he is unaware of how special your time with him is and if he realized it, he wouldn’t kick you out. Kids just aren’t old enough to see the importance of sentimental moments with family yet.


I have full confidence that you will wake up rejuvenated, snap back to yourself, step out and take your life by the balls! Maybe not tomorrow morning, sometimes we need some recalibration time.

As far as teenagers go, my stepson can be the sweetest thing, and then turn around and be a complete selfish asshole. It’s part of the teen thing, selfishness is part of their becoming a more independent person. It sucks being the parent when that shit happens, though. Just know that they come around and turn into the person your raised them to be (mostly).


Well at least your doctor had enough sense to check your t3 and t4. Mine does not! He is just throwing darts in the dark.
Hang in there!


That’s awful, have you brought it up? I am not a huge fan of my doctor, but at least he’s taking me seriously now.


You guys are all awesome! I love knowing I can always come here and dump out my shit and that I can always rely on supportive people :slight_smile:

So today i did something scary, i attempted to sumo deadlift. Well “block” sumo. Instead of double paused squats I am doing block sumo on this day, and instead of conventional deadlifts on back day I am going to do sumo.
A few things

  1. I know i do them wrong, lol.
  2. All i want is for them to be “ok”, i dont think i will ever get them perfect, or even near it. But maybe in like 5 years they will be like, nice-ish.
  3. Everyone my whole life has told me they were wrong , but my heart always thought they were so badass and I am honestly just sick to death of conventional. Anyway, i filmed them , so I am open to feedback as long as it wont break my heart, LOL.

K paused squats
135lbs x 3
155lbs x 3
165lbs x 3
170lbs x 3
175lbs x 3
180lbs x 3

military press
65lbs x 6
75lbs x 6
80lbs x 6

sumo block pulls (blocks are very low cause my gym has like nothing good to block pull from)
155lbs x 3
175lbs x 3
185lbs x 3

one arm landmine press
all non stop
bar + 10lbs
x 10
x 10
x 8
x 6

t bar row
bar +
x 10
x 2 sets of 10

3 x 15

db lateral raises
4 x 12

rear delt fly x 20 0r something

stepmill intervals x 20

wt. 125.2
so here’s my shit

I know with my sumo DL my hips rise first which is a flaw, but i think it will be really, really hard for me to control that, not that i wont stop trying. But as far as everything else goes, is this at least a good starting point? As in, is it at least not awful /100 percent all wrong?

I really think my hips/groin are quite weak and it will be good if i continue to work on this movement , but if its repulsive i might not want to, lol


Well, specifically asked for the tests and he said no. How did your tests turn out?


Your sumo looks OK. Probably would benefit from not arching your back so much, but that’s about it.


Yeah, your squat looks awesome. Your DL same.

You one strong person


Your DL looks good to me, but I am not very good at spotting the small things.
I saw the hip rise too. Your starting position is to low, it’s a block pull, meaning the hips has to start higher, because you have to mimic the position you’re in when you’re DL from the floor.
Meaning that if you had pulled from the floor your body (hips) would at that point, when the bar hit that spot.
It’s the best and strongest position your body can be in.
It was explained by a coach on a video I can’t remember, your body will find the position were it has most power, that’s why the hips rise, and stabilises when you’re strongest.
Next time start with the hips higher or start from the floor.


Do you think I would be better off trying the sumo conventional hybrid version? I really have no idea how people have any strength with the full sumo , lol, and my left hip seemed to not like that much outward rotation. I feel like the hybrid would set my hips in a way they prefer