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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


LOL thanks :laughing:


Yes, thanks!! I’ll try not to dwell too much. I think it only bugs me because bench was really the only thing I was “good” at and now it’s just as mediocre as all my other lifts LOL.


k fun one today

paused squats
135lbs x 8
155lbs x 2 sets of 4
165lbs x 3 sets of 2
170lbs x 2
Notes: Just as i suspected, I am actually weaker on saturday morning with a few hundred calories in my system VS wednesday after 8hrs of being on my feet all day and 1200 calories, whoda thunk?! But its good to leave paused squats on this day because they are the accessory to the importantness that is “for reps” squat day.

Double paused squats
135lbs x 2 sets of 3
135lbs x 4
notes : I love these and i always forget that

bench press

95lbs x 3
105lbs x 3
110lbs x 3
115lbs x 2 sets of 3

close grip bench blockz
85lbs x 6
90lbs x 2 x 6

front foot elevated DB split squats
17.5lbs x 8
22.5lbs x 2 x 8
bulgarian SS
BW x 12

one arm DB flat bench press
22.5lbs x 12
x 2 x 10

single leg ext.
40lbs x 2 x 8 w/pause
50lbs x 8

db lateral raises
10lbs x 20
x 15, x 15

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes



Blockz? What does that mean? Like a floor press with blocks holding the bar up under the plates?


It’s a thing you can put on the bar so you can board press without having friends to hold a board for you Lol


Oh kewl, learn something new everyday. I never thought of doing split squats with a front foot elevated either, I think I might try those, I want to build some nice teardrop quads, not so worried about the hamstrings. Would kind of be like a bulgarian split squat but easier.


I actually MacGyvered that, I built some bench boards and screwed a boating clip onto the top. Lined with some plastic it fits perfectly on the bar.


K felt really strong today :hugs:

135lbs x 3, x 5
155lbs x 2
185lbs x 2
205lbs x 1
215lbs x 1
225lbs x 1
230lbs x 1

Notes : I thought I was back on higher reps today but when I checked my calendar it was singles, yay fun. Everything was really fast and smooth .

1hrs back stuff
Felt strong on my accessory stuff too!! Great day.
Just got back from the zoo !!
Front squats tomorrow !!


Yes give them a try!! I find them more effective as I’m really short and doing them this way actually gives some range of motion LOL!


You strong like bull!


K another good one

Front squats
95 x 2
105 x 2
115 x 2
125 x 2
130 x 2
135 x 2 x 2

Pin squats
135 x 2 x 4
145 x 6
155 x 2 x 2

Paused bench
95 x 3
105 x 3 x 3

Million other things /
Rest tomorrow whoop


Hey guys
Had my first shitty workout in a while. Pity party, my squat will always suck was the theme .
I felt I was squatting out of a good range ie: too close to my current, weak(er) max and took weight down for what turned out to basically be a deload workout. Well low and behold even squatting 115-145 I can’t ensure perfect reps. I’m as crooked as I am squatting up to 170. Like for the life of me I can’t keep the bar on the right to stop from sinking down. And my left hip was elevated. I don’t want to get adjustments for the rest of my life !!!
Anyway I dunno. My lat on the right feels like it’s pulling my side down and making the left appear higher . But I’ve gotten this worked on for a year so it’s kinda like wtf is the point anymore. I couldn’t squat or press straight with an empty bar.
So ya just kinda bummed for the whole thing. Coulda been the heat and being drained from the weekend etc…

Also , this might sound nuts so please tell me if it’s far out there :
As I’ve mentioned off and on my right hamstring hasn’t felt normal in two years . Like I avoid direct hamstring work because when I do anything with weight it wither hurts or sends pain to my hip. Or just all around has no mind muscle connection.
Does anyone think my SBD knee sleeves are affecting my hamstrings. And here’s why I thibk that. They aren’t hard to put on or off they are wise M , but they are the tighest sleeves I’ve ever had and I am very short which means they cover a large part of my leg thus covering a fair amount of my hamstring . My legs are also thick and maybe they are just too heavy duty for me ???
What does everyone think??


I wouldn’t think it’s the sleeves. Quite a few people get bum hips from squats and it’s usually fixed by tweaking technique or bringing up a weakness.

With the crookedness, have you checked out anything Chris Duffin and Andrew Lock have put out? Off the top of my head they’re two guys who know their shit when it comes to fixes, activation and stuff which might be what you need rather than adjustments. What I mean is, maybe some muscles on one side simply aren’t switching on as well and the adjustments you get switch them on temporarily.


I have not yet checked them out , but I definitely will now, thanks for the tip !
I know some things don’t fire properly for sure, and I got some needling done at physio 6 months ago that helped for a while , but I don’t understand why random muscles keep deactivating . Is that an over use thing or is it like pinched nerve neurological?


TBH I don’t think it’s either. I think it’s just your body and brain not knowing quite how to do what you’re telling them. I had the same with my glutes squatting and my rotator cuff benching. I didn’t do anything other than get cues for my glutes and hammer them for about a year; and for some activation exercises for my cuff. After a while it just clicks.

IMO the needling, adjustments, etc are bandaid fixes. They wake up the muscles for a bit from an external stimulus, so the muscles do their thing for a bit and then shut off again after a while because your brain hasn’t learned how to tell them what to do. When you hammer the cues and activation, over time your brain and body start understanding what they need to do because the stimulus is internal, not external.

Once it clicks, your warmup just ends up including some basic activation as a cue for your body to go, ok, cool, that’s what I’m going to be doing today.


I would think along the same lines as Mark like a muscular imbalance or something, maybe is there possibly something you do in everyday life repeatedly that would make you stronger on one side or the other?

Also, as a personal experience with having to use a lower weight than I want to, not because I’m not strong enough to but to get a better mind/muscle connection- I often use a lighter weight than I could be using with lateral raises because it’s like my traps just take over and I stop feeling it in the delts if I go too heavy. See I use my traps a lot with my line of work with using a wheel barrel and carrying heavy things so I’m wondering if maybe this is similar to what is going on with you?

If this doesn’t make any sense just ignore my post, lol. I wouldn’t think you are experiencing a pinched nerve unless your muscle is actually going numb or falling asleep.


Hey Jenn
I had/have a similar thing going on. For me it’s the SI joint that’s locking up. I do some drills for it and it helps a bit.
When I bent over to reach my toes my whole torso twists in an odd manner. My PT almost laughed when she saw it the first time :slight_smile:
Some manipulation helped a fair bit.
Check that out, have someone look at you from front and back when bending over.



I know, but didn’t really know how else to say it :innocent:


LMAO :laughing:

Thanks for all the suggestions guys. When my chiro assess me he gets me to bend over and my right hip always seems to be jammed up. And my glute will.be excessively tight .
Except it’s my left glute that stops firing mid set so I don’t know why the right, wonky one works better .
I also have a very tight left pec which hurts mostly for my squat warm up and then backs off a bit.
It’s never hurt during bench or anything else. Just low bar squats .
Anyway , I could just be over analyzing myself to death which I KNOW I do, but I also feel pretty off and twisted up.
Oh and my right wrist is the biggest asshole ever to add to the list of annoyances .
I’m getting an assessment today by someone who actually takes x rays and everything so we can rule stuff out that way at least .
I’m also going to find some better activation stuff because I think i half ass that sometimes . I mean I do it, but maybe not the right way .

I think another thing i should try is a more narrow stance squat. It’s not super wide right now, but I notice when I warm up with my hip circle if I’m more narrow I look less crooked .
We will get this figured out some day i swear it!! 8 years of squatting and I haven’t given up yet !!