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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


When the answer is Strongman but you haven’t figured out the question yet…


But also I don’t have any of the same issues with fronts as backs .
For example : there’s never any hip shift . Not even almost , and the bar stays perfectly straight without me even needing to try.
Maybe my crooked traps are more the problem than my hips are.


Sorry, you’re right, I misread!

I think this is interesting, but don’t know where to talk about it. It seems like a bigger topic, because it touches on dating and job issues and conflict and pretty much all the high pressure situations. I don’t think the highs and lows need to be lessened, actually. You could maybe do better than that, if to manage things you have to flatten yourself.

It’s a good topic.


Hey Jenn
Was away for the most of last week.
Just read your posts about you going mental with the manager.

That took some guts girl :slight_smile:
Glad you did it.

Life’s treating you pretty good lately :slight_smile:


Front squats are where its AT! :wink: Don’t ever look back!


Hey Jenn

Happy T nation day, just saw your post in Marks log :slight_smile:


Friends ! Hello!

I’ve been having some amazing workouts , and you know why? Well no you don’t, but let me tell you…

Does everyone remember when I consistently followed my own powerlifting program that I created for myself for like 2 years without program hopping or self-doubt? When I went from squatting 135 to 225, deadlifting not at all to pulling 280 , and benching like 85lbs to 145? When I trusted my own form and didn’t miss reps and knew my own capabilities ?
WELL I decided to bring that person back , because she was awesome and she got really strong. Obviously she gained more weight than she wanted, but she did it very, very slowly, and nothing ever really got out of hand.

I am doing things kind of like the way I did them before, but I have more rest days and am combining things like squat and bench to allow for said rest days, also cutting out extra body builder fluff (aside from shoulders because I love it ) and focusing only on things that matter.

I love rest days now , I also have an amazing chiropractor and massage therapist who are helping me tremendously, and I think I have even more potential than I had before even though I am going to monitor my weight more closely than I did before. On the weekend I was still 124.4. I want to stay below 130. I think that’s my healthy weight. Obviously once I got below that too quickly I started having period/hormone problems and I don’t really feel it’s necessary for me to be that light.

Anyway my routine is like
Sat: squats for reps (start higher and each week lower the reps and increase weight) same with bench on this day.
Sun : deadlifts /back
Monday: front squats and military press
Tues/wed rest
Thurs paused squats and paused bench w/some accessory
Fri: rest
sat repeat

Last Saturday I squatted 145lbs for 4 sets of 8
bench worked up to 100lbs x 8
sunday deadlifted 185 for a few sets of 5
Monday worked up to sets of 115 x 6 for front squats , and 70lbs x 8 for military

Everything is feeling really good . I am also only doing cardio on the weekends as there’s nothing I hate more than working for 8 hrs and doing a super hard workout and then still having to do cardio, like blah. im on my feet all day at work what’s the point.

So ya, I hope things are fairly consistent and smooth for a while. This is the most settled I’ve felt with my routine and program in a really long time. I am legit finally remembering what it feels like to be thrilled to go to the gym again. :slight_smile:



This is amazing. Catching up with your log. Congrats on your summer cut, Jenn. I saw the pic in the teal tights with the cute stripes. Looking beautiful. I hope you’re having a good summer.

This seems very wise. I want that to be predictable.


Jenn, have you seen this? I don’t think Ed’s music is your thing, but she has your body type. Petite but with these beautiful rounded muscle bellies through her hips and thighs. I saw her and thought of you.


Oh wow that’s very flattering, thanks @Powerpuff :hugs::sparkling_heart:


Her name is Brittany Cherry, and she’s 5’1".


Congrats on the new goals and newfound excitement for them!!!


Adadis powerlift 3.1 mens size 6.5 = 50000000 stars !!

k yesterdays
Paused squats
95lbs x 5
135lbs x 5
145lbs x 5
155lbs x 5
160lbs x 2
165lbs x 2
170lbs x 2 x 2

EFFORTLESS b/c of shoes !!

paused bench

95lbs x 5
100lbs x 3 x 3
coulda done way more but didn’t want to search for spot
in search of spot

DB row
25lbs x 12
30lbs x 12
42.5lbs x 2 x 8

Bulgarian split squat
x 3 x 10
front foot elevated DB split squat
15lbs x 6
17.5lbs x 6

lat pull down
x’s some stuff

Db lateral raises
7.5lbs x 25
10lbs x 20
12.5lbs x 20
5lbs x 20

hammer curls
15lbs x 2 x 10
20lbs x 10

reverse grip tri ext.
x’s whatever

leg spreader
x 2 x whatever

oh some rear delt fly too
Almost weekend!!

My weeks are so easy because its like hard workout Monday
resting Tuesday Wednesday and then by the time im done Thursdays workout its almost Friday which is almost weekend!!
I also have a short week next week because I booked off Friday for the first day of summer holidays and im off early Thursday so I can surprise my son at his graduation (grade 6, LOL) . he doesn’t know I can go yet but someone was willing to work a few hours so I could leave so I’m going to just show up .

I’ve also been saving since march to get him a Nintendo switch for his "you did so amazing in elementary " gift , but I was too excited about it so I gave it to him a few weeks ago, LOL, but now I feel like I need to get him another game and some candy as another gift or something I dunno.
He’s just such a nice friggen kid I can’t even believe it , he worked so hard . We will see. I know I want to get a banner that says congratulations at least.
and im getting my hair done after work
and my shoes
7 hrs till weekend freedom

OH YA LOL!!! GUESS WHO I SAW come into my gym while I was working. BALD GUY LMAO
blast from the past for the few of you who even remember that fiasco . It went bald guy, marshall, chalk squat boy, marshall, marshall, marshall , no one.
marshall, marshall, marshall, freedom .
it wasn’t even awkward which is weird for me im always awkward. he has kids and shit now because I creeped his profile.
All I thought was hmm, I am so glad I don’t have a 3 and a 1 yr old , and a husband right now , LO


Please tell us the story about bald guy.


LOL it’s a very boring story.

I was infatuated with this guy from the gym and because I didn’t know his name I just called him bald guy. BG for short, as chalk squat boy was CSB.
Anyway, I worshiped him from afar for a year and started talking to his friends so that I could intertwine in his social circle. I finally started talking to him and found out his name and told them it was my birthday weekend etc etc. I forget exactly what I said something like “you probably have like twenty wives or something but maybe possibly I could give you my phone number” we exchanged numbers and I invited him to my birthday.
He couldn’t come but suggested the night after we meet up for drinks. It was hands down the BEST date/night of my entire life. Like laughter non stop, face hurty from too much smile etc etc. he dropped me home and texted me right after and told me he thought I was really cute and that he had a great time.
That was the last time we ever went out and he stopped texting me.
End of story
I then hooked up with Marshall to get over bald guy and then Marshall ruined my life for years.


Oh man…and now uou see bgat the gym again? Ever get an explanation why he never called???


Not really, his friend I talked to said he was going through a divorce at the time of our date and maybe he just wasn’t ready , but like just tell me wtf?
Left me unsettled for a while , that’s for sure.


K hi awesome workout pour moi

95lbs x 6
135lbs x 6
145lbs x 6
150lbs x 6 sets of 6

Bench press
100lbs x 3 sets of 6
105lbs x 2 sets of 6

close grip one board press with my bench blokz
65lbs x 10
75lbs x 2 sets of 8

BB split squats SS bulgiarin split squats
x 8/ x 10
x 8/ x 10
x 8/ x 10

single leg ext
40lbs x 8
50lbs x 6
60lbs x 6
30lbs x 10

DB lateral raises
10lbs x 15 + 10 pinkes up x repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 sets

DB plie squats
40lb x 12
50lbs x 12

x 10
x 15

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

WT: 123.8 !!! WDAF

i added calories , i cut back cardio and a workout session and i still lost half a pound this week.
It’s weird though, i really do not want to lose anymore weight but adding more food makes me feel out of control and bingeyy . I’ve added enough so that i don’t feel as lethargic and hungry as before so i’ll just wait a few weeks and see what happens IDK.
I feel awesome!!!

I had a massage today and my lady went for an hour and 40 minutes and still just charged me for an hour just cause we were talking , like talk about an amazing human. She has a pure heart crystal



k greatness


135lbs x 4
175lbs x 4
185lbs x 2 sets of 4
190lbs x 2 sets of 4
195lbs x 4

bent over row

95lbs x 10
105lbs x 2 sets of 6

wide D handle lat pull down
55lbs x 12
60lbs x 12
65lbs x 12

t bar row
bar +
50lbs x 8
60lbs x 2 sets of 8

two D handle lat pull down SS straight arm pull down with thingies i cant describe SS foot on seat latpull to me LMAO
x 8/ x 12/ x 10
x 8/ x 12/ x 10
x 8/ x 12/ x 10

ropey bi curl
rest pause set
x 12, 10, 8

BB curl
x 3 sets of 12

front pull down machine
30lbs x 10
40lbs x 2 sets of 8

stepmill intervals x 20 min

front squats and MP tomorrow my fave combination !!!


I love these