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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


Holy crap Jenn.
Those workouts you put up. I’m getting exhausted just by reading through them.
Great work ethic


Holla holla, sup~?

K today just 30 min fasted cardio on the stepmill . 2 mins level 5, 2 mins level 10 until 30 minutes comes. .

Leg slaughter tomorrow.



k today was phenom

135lbs x 2 sets of 6
155lbs x 6
165lbs x 6
170lbs x 2 sets of 6

front squats
95lbs x 2 sets of 8

courtesy lunge SS good mornings SS kneeling squat SS single leg hip thrust on bench
x 10/ x 10/ x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10/ x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10/ x 10/ x 10

leg spreader
55lbs x 20
70lbs x 20
85lbs x 20
100lbs x 20

cable glute kick back SS single leg DB RDL
x 12/ x 12
x 12/ x 12

single leg ext.
40lbs x 2 sets of 10
1 drop
20lbs x 10 w/long pause

lying leg curl
rest pause set
30lbs x 12, 10, 8

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes level 15 for 1 min level 5 for 2 until 20 min

that’s legit the lowest I have been in years!

this is my rah rah mantra
What do we want?!
To look like a figure athlete !!
When do we want it?
Like a year ago , but we were too depressed to do anything about it.
I literally say that to myself like 10 times a day LOL
k ya’


Quite the workout in here!!!
Good luck with your goals!


k warp speed girly ass ass day today

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

leg spreader
55lbs x 100 + 50 partials

cable ass kick back SS DB plie SQ
x 10 (straight leg)/ x 12
x 10 (bent) / x 12
x 10 (straight) / x 12

smith machine front foot eleveated split squats SS DB single leg RDL
x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 12

ropey cable pull through
x 2 x 20

back ext. SS banded clam shells
x 15/ x 15
x 15/ x 15
x 15/ x 15


was really in da zone today . I don’t think I could tell ya about a single person near me.
K upper body tomorrow


K great one today ya’ll

One arm landmine press
bar +
10lbs x 15
15lbs x 15
20lbs x 10
5lbs x 20

plate lateral raises w/pause at top SS seated DB lateral raises SS pinkies up DB lateral raises
x 10/ x 10/ x 12
x 10/ x 10/ x 12
x 10/ x 10/ x 12

kayak rows SS latpull down SS straight arm pull down
x 15/ x 12/ x 15
x 15/ x 12/ x 15
x 15/ x 12/ x 15

two D handle lat pull down SS foot on seat two D handle lat pull to me
x 8/ x 8
x 8/ x 8
x 8/ x 8

bent over row
65lbs x 12
85lbs x 10
95lbs x 10

reverse grip D handle tri ext.
3 x 12

incline DB chest press w/pause at bottom
x 3 x 10

military press
65lbs x 3
75lbs x 2 sets of 3

rest pause bent over DB try kick back ext shit
x 15, x 12, x 10, x 8

barbell curl partials SS hammer curls
x 10/ x 8
x 10/ x 8
x 10/ x 8

EZ bar tri ext.
35lbs x 10
42.5lbs x 10
25lbs x 20

incline treat mill 10.0 incline/3.0 pace x 10 min
and there we goooooOoooooo
So there self, I can do the same amount of shit at basically the same strength level with one less hour of sleep and 330 less calories .
I’m on my way from misery to rippedness todayyy
k hardcore leg shit tomz



You are a bloody beast girl! Well done.


Jesus Girl you’re awesome.
Well done Jenn


You also seem to be in a much improved emotional place. Which means you quit worrying about the douche bag…or he is still a part of things and all is well for now


Thanks! I do feel emotionally stronger, that’s for sure.
I wont lie, however, this past month we were having pleasant conversations back and fourth almost every day .
But none of them gave me anxiety . Usually before when he was in my life if he messaged or didn’t message me I always had a sinking feeling in my stomach like I was waiting for extreme emotional pain because if he wasn’t answering me I thought horrible things, and if he did send me a message I thought it was going to break my heart. This time around I wasn’t pretending to be nonchalant, I actually just did not care at all. I didn’t care if he didn’t say hello and I didn’t care if he did.
I also never once allowed him to come over. It wasn’t any kind of self-restraint on my part, I just honestly did not want to see him. I didn’t want to see his face and I certainly didn’t want to sleep with him.
Opportunities would come up where Gabe would be at his dad’s and he would be texting me and even if I didn’t have to get up early the next day I would just say I was too tired or lie and say Gabe was around. The thought of actually sleeping with him made me feel sick to be honest.

I finally asked so what’s the deal here, you all of a sudden don’t hate the way my OCD mind works and like me again or…?
Then he wigged out fearing I was questioning a possible commitment and said he always liked me , but thought it was more of a physical thing. Then he said he didn’t want to hurt me anymore and that I was too good of a woman and he likes the single life etc etc…
Basically, a million excuses all rolled into one . I thought wtf you don’t want to hurt me, but you wanted to come over and bang me and leave like that wouldn’t hurt? I just deleted everything and we haven’t talked since. No tears, no stress, just reminded me I was fucking done as of Jan. 2 2018 just like I promised myself that day.

I also realized it’s not the single life he prefers, it’s the alcoholic life he cant live without. I’m too good of a woman because I don’t drink. Committing to me would mean he might not be able to get drunk as often or might have to spend time sober with me instead of drunk friends . He’s on unemployment right now being in the gas industry which means his alcoholism is at it’s worst. He gets black out drunk where he literally wakes up and has no idea where he is, he’s drunk every night. Comes home after a night out with the boys to drink more alone, etc etc…

So I believe the outcome of all of this made me have more faith in my ability to resist him . It gave me confidence that I wouldn’t sleep with him under poor , unacceptable conditions . It gave me piece of mind, is what it boils down to.

I am almost glad it all happened to be honest. I was worried what would happen if he ever came back. Now he did and I am still disgusted by him. No more wondering.

That’s way too long of a response to your question, lol.


Exactly what I was asking for girl!

So glad to hear you got some closure on that! Congrats. Now you’re on the way to being strong inside as well as a beast on the iron!


I think I’ve said something to this effect before, but I think it may bear repeating.

You can’t be in a successful relationship unless you love yourself. People self medicate because they don’t like themselves, it gives them relief from their discomfort. People that use are looking for others to make themselves feel better.

This is a double edged sword, of course. If you aren’t comfortable with yourself, you won’t enforce your boundaries. If he isn’t comfortable with himself, he will continuously try to compromise your boundaries.

In this instance, you are clearly growing.

He is not.

Dat be my woowoo shit for the day.


Yes !! Another reason why I’m glad it happened. Proof that I’ve made significant progress this year with regards to my self respect and my growth as a person.
And the year sure ain’t over yet :blush:


Hey Jenn you’ve grown to a big girl now.
Very nice write up, and the part about him being almost alcoholic, is the part that indeed should turn on all warning signs.
I’ve seen to many relationships go down the drain due to that, and not only in the line of duty.


Your workouts look truly exhausting!
Congrats on the “growing up”, sounds like things are going really well for you!


K first “bad” (off) workout in a while, was bound to happen sooner or later. Didn’t think it would be on my day off though :confused:
I was looking forward to sleeping in and eating a bit more before my longer leg workout, but I couldn’t fall asleep because I was too thirsty of all things, and I woke up earlier than a work day. I felt like shiiit.
And so did squats
But here’s what I did and my reflection will follow LOL

135lbs x 15
145lbs x 12
155lbs x 10
165lbs x 5
170lbs x 3
175lbs x 2
150lbs x 8
135lbs x 10

Ok yes so that was insane hahah
I wasn’t very focused and my hips were weird and sometimes my stance seemed really off so I would rack things and re start the set etc…etc… Basically I could not get satisfied and when I can’t get satisfied I do way too much and tax myself out.

Bulgarian split squats SS courtesy lunge SS good morning SS goblet squat
x 8/ x 10/ x 12/ x 12
x 8/ x 10/ x 12/ x 12
x 8/ x 10/ x 12/ x12
look at me, I did Bulgarian split squats and some of the reps weren’t even dumb LOL .

oh norest

leg spreader
100lbs x 12
85lbs x 15
70lbs x 20
55lbs x 30

seated leg curl w/pause SS lying leg curl partials
x 8/ x 10
x 8/ x 10

smith machine super close stance squats (continuous tension )
x 3 sets of 12

cable ass kick back
5lbs x 15//10lbs x 10//5lbs x 15

leg press machine dro psets
210lbs x 8
150lbs x 8
110lbs x 10
70lbs x 12

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

k ya.//…I hated all of that.

I do not enjoy cutting and trying to maintain squat strength at the same time. It upsets me and fucks with my head. I also don’t think it’s needed for my goals. There are a zillion ways to build a body and heavy squats don’t have to be in every single one of them. I would be better off doing like different types of light squats IE bands, 1&1/4 rep/super set/circuit type of things that I can actually feel evenly in both asses than what I am doing now , so that’s what I am going to do.
Could save me a trip to the chiro each month to boot.
I was okay with them when my wrists hated them, my elbows, my hips, but not when my mind hates them too.
It needs to be less important. Like my military press. I throw military press in whenever during upper body days so if one day I get 75lbs x 6 and one day I get like 70 x 3 it doesn’t even phase me . That’s how squats should be too.

Anyway, ramble ramble.
BUT to end on a positive note
WT. 129.2lbs!!


I think you’d like Tabata squats.

Start with just the bar.

Squat 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, repeat for 8 total sets (3:50 of fun). I used to add weight if I hit 15 reps on the final set.



Wheeeewww what a busy week !! Everyday is like 4am to 5pm non stop . It feels good though . I seem to have pretty constant energy . Until 5 that is lol. 5 is die time .
Had some great workouts all week :
Did lots of circuits for legs which is a great change
Upper on Monday
Tuesday did some banded squats with other shit trap bar deads with Bulgarian split squats reverse lunges with courtesy lunges in the Smith machine hurts so fun. I love that one
Rest wed
Thurs great upper day again
Friday lower did banded squats with courtesy lunges with good mornings with goblet squats in a big super set . Bunch of other stuff after
Saturday heavier upper day Land mine press 25lbs x 8 military press 75 x 3 bent over row 95 x’s 6 t bar row 65 x 8 or something and bunch of other shit
Today heavier leg day .
I think weekends I’ll eat more before and try for heavier shit and during the week I’ll do light circuits.
But by heavier I still mean really light because I’m tried of having to go to the chiro all the time and I’m hoping the unilateral stuff will help with that also .

129lbs yesterday
Edit: 128.4lbs today !!!*****

Officially 14lbs down since I started . Few of those have just been in the past 2 weeks since I started making an effort😅 funny how that works…
Anyway went to a bird show yesterday as my kid is obsessed . Bird people are so fucking weird .
Avengers today. Marvel people are much more my cup of tea :slight_smile:
Have a great week every one


Really happy to hear everything is going your way Jenn.
Impressive cut btw. Looking good.