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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


K today was nutso

it went from good, to bad, to awesome, to terrible, to great, Lol. All throughout squats too…

Low bar squats

135lbs x 6
155lbs x 4
175lbs x 2
new belt
185lbs x 2
190lbs x 2 sets of 2
195lbs x 2 <-- so proud of myself for doing this cause my doubles @ 190 scared me, but this actually felt easier

AMRAP tester set

175lbs x 8 <–this disappointed me cause A. I wanted more and B. my hips felt off and it made some of my reps wonky

beltless high bar paused squats

155lbs x 2 sets of 6
175lbs x 3
180lbs x 1
185lbs x 1

decided to try my AMRAP tester set again cause I figured I’d either suck and be upset with myself, not try it at all and be upset with myself, or do better and be happy with myself

175lbs x 10 :slight_smile:

Reps didn’t feel fucked this time, but it was weird cause my body pretty much went numb and I have no idea how I pushed myself through this cause everything shut off after rep # 2, loL. Sheer willpower was all. Body was like no, brain was like yes. Usually it’s the other way around…

ass machine

160lbs x 8ass
160lbs x 8
120lbs x 25 partials *ass

single leg ext.

30lbs x 15leg
35lbs x 2 sets of 12

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

back ext.
x 25
x 25

one leg on bench cable ass kick backs

10lbs x 12ass (paused)
15lbs x 12
ass (paused)
1 drop (not paused )
5lbs x 12*ass

leg spreader drop sets

170lbs x 6
130lbs x 8
85lbs x 10
55lbs x oh god I dunno 20

NE WAY can’t really feel mad at myself about today’s imperfections . I thought I knew what it felt like to work hard, was mistaken. NOW I know what hard work feels like.

Annoyed with my hips though, I’m NOT 80 dammit!! My chiro says every time I see her one of my hips is out and it makes one leg shorter than the other. WTF am I doing that makes that happen?



K benching was awesome today
like always
tis the only thing that I’m good at…

Bench press

115lbs x 6
125lbs x 4
130lbs x 2
132lbs x 2
135lbs x 2 sets of 2

sling shot bench

150lbs x 2
155lbs x 3
160lbs x 2
tester AMRAP sling shot set
145lbs x 10

seated DB press SS DB lateral raises w/pause at the top

x 8/ x 12
x 8/ x 12
x 7 SO MAD drop sets to make up for it 25lbs x 8, 20lbs x 10/ x 12 + 12 not paused at top

incline DB trap raises SS incline DB rear delt fly SS facepulls
x 15/ x 15/ x 15
x 15/ x 15/ x 15
x 20/ x 20/ x 20

alternating DB front raise SS seated DB lateral raise
x 10arm/ x 10
x 10
arm/ x 10
x 10*arm/ x 15

ropey tri ext/ SS reverse grip D handle tri ext.

x 10/ x 10arm
x 10/ x 10
x 10 + 1 drop 20lbs x I forget/ x 10arm + 1 drop 5 lbs x 10arm I think

rear delt cable fly

x 20arm
x 25

Guess that’s all

NE couldn’t sleep last night cause I kept thinking about my G damn squats
Really frustrates me to no end how I either stay the same or get weaker…
looking back 10yrs ago 185 felt heavy and 185 still feels heavy…
Realistically I have spent almost half my life trying to be good at something that I suck at which is pretty depressing .

I dunno if its worse in my head or if other people have the same hip shift issues and you just cant see from the angle of their videos or what. Just wish I could see some improvement is all



What’s going on over here? Everything okay or are you on holiday?


Hey!! Thanks for checking up on me!!

I’ve been very unmotivated and having some really shitty, all-over-the-place workouts lately and just not really in the mood to post them.

Very conflicted with the direction I want my training to take knowing that continuing to mix grip deadlift will keep injuring me and how to powerlift without deadlifting makes me feel not so ambitious as of late.

Just a rut is all!!


HOOK GRIP!!! I had some lower back issues caused from the uneveness of mixed grip regardless of switching it every set or even rep but when I switched to hook grip they all went away.

It is a little painful at first but you build tolerance and callouses.

Also on reps you get to use straps.

Train it as slowly as needed. I found out the hard way a couple of times that over doing it causes thumb skin to rip off and then you have to start allll over.

It is true larger hands have an easier time learning hook grip but any hand size can learn it.

Oh and bandage tape or athletic tape can be used to protect the thumb.


I second @BOTSLAYER on hook grip. I switched about 5 years ago when I was getting a lot of windmilling on my supinated side. It felt odd at first and it took a while to trust my grip. However, once I did, my deadlift got better. I can pull more with a hook because it allows me to roll my shoulders forward and lengthen my grip by an inch or so. You know when people say shoulders back and retracted? Nah, down and forward.

Like him, I also train reps with straps. I pull singles with a hook but volume work with straps to save my hands. I also don’t have big manly hands.

When I started, I did everything with a hook to get used to it.

My new profile picture is from a meet a few weeks ago pulling my third at 147.5 with a hook. It was a grinder but my grip did not budge.


Uhg hook grip… my thumbs are bleeding with anticipation :stuck_out_tongue:

@ouroboro_s can I ask what straps you use ? I did some double overhand work the other day and felt much weaker when I added the straps
I felt like 155lbs was going to drop out of my hands, I don’t know maybe my straps are too thick or something? I even cut them a little bit so they weren’t so crazy long, but they are for women so I don’t know why they are so stupid and not helping me…


I’m kind of a spazz with straps and never really got the knack of it. When I say straps I actually mean these hooks. they velcro around your wrists and the bar rests on the hooks. I would spend too much time at the bar trying to wind the straps and it never worked well for me. These do the trick.

I might feel a bit lame using them if I didn’t already know I have a killer grip :slight_smile:


Oh awesome I saw those online and wondered if they actually worked!! So they don’t make you feel like you’re going to drop the weight at all??


They felt a bit odd at first and they aren’t great for heavy weight. When the weight gets heavy (like 275), the velcroed wrist part starts to slide a bit. It’s likely not a problem if you have big, man hands but it you have smaller hands it’s more of an issue. I find them useful for light to moderate weight; up to 250.

I do a fair amount of snatch grip deads with light weight and they’re awesome for that.



Enter: The women’s bar ! :smiley:

I realized last night riiiight before falling asleep, holy shit, they have a women’s bar LOL.
I can double overhand without worrying about straps or bleeding thumbs :sweat_smile: Gonna keep things sub maximal obvs, but that’s probably a good thing
ALSO, using my old favourite belt again. The Spud 2ply women’s deadlift belt that I used back in the day before I made myself worry about IPF approved things for no reason. G’damn I love that thing .

FInally feelin’ like myself again

here’s today

deadlifts (ALL doubleoverhand)

190lbs x 10
190lbs x 10
190lbs x 16

paused deficit deadlifts (beltless)

170lbs x 4 sets of 2
170lbs x 4

K did a lot of squeezy/slow neg. back shit today, felt awesome

bent over row
x 12(paused)
x 12(paused)
x 18 (normal)

two D handle lat pull down SS sitting sideways lat pull down
(ALL reps paused w/slow neg)

x 10/ x 10arm
x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10*arm

t bar row SS ropey cable pull down
bar + 50lbs/20lbs
x 15(paused) x 15
x 15(paused) x 15
x 22 (normal x 25

seated DB curl SS hammer curl

x 8arm/ x 8arm
x 8arm/ x 8arm
x 8arm/ x 8arm

one arm db row
x 12*arm paused
x 20
arm *normal

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

K good
Man I love the burny mind muscle connection shit when u really get in da zone
da zone, brah’s.

I have never so badly wanted to just go in and fuck shit up without any kinda plan. I feel so fed up with having my entire life dictated by a color coordinated piece of paper on my fridge
Jenn you have to squat doubles
well what if im tired and I want a rest day
jenn its a rest day
well what if I slept awesome and want to deadlift till I collapse ?
like, leave me alone
I just love lifting heavy and super setting pump work . Just want to enjoy it for a change instead of worrying about everything

ANd now that marshall and I are like in a real relationship I want to have freedom from a lot of things. If he invites me out for dinner I want to be able to accept without worrying about my bed time and the next day’s lifting
Or to indulge without it being because I have to set a PR on the bench

A man keeps a toothbrush at my house and tells me he loves me, do you have any idea how long I’ve been wanting something like this? Uhh like 15yrs or so… Some balance could be a lovely thing for me right now :slight_smile:



wait wasnt this the guy who fucked with your head the first go round?


LOL I am comparing those reps to my power rows wondering if I could double over hand all that. Awesome.



indeed it is the same guy

But he’s be really great for months now. If there’s even a hint of anxiety in one of my texts he stops whatever he’s doing to call me and reassure me

Feelin’ positive is all…

K my no-plan plan went well again today

Low bar squats

145lbs x 5
155lbs x 5
165lbs x 3
175lbs x 5
new old belt
185lbs x 2
190lbs x 2
190lbs x 3 sets of 3

low bar paused squats ~beltless

165lbs x 3 sets of 3
145lbs x 6

banded continuous tension barbell hip thrusts SS ropey cable pull through w/epic glute squeeze

x 20/ x 12
x 20/ x 15
x 20/ x 15 + 1 drop 30lbs x 20


oh ya

bent leg cable ass kick back w/pause SS straight leg no pause

x 8ass/ x 10ass
x 8ass/ x 10ass
x 8ass/ x 10ass + 1 drop 5lbs x 20 partials *ass

seated leg curl

x 6
x 6
drop sets
x 8
x 10
x 10 w/slow neg + 10 normal

lying leg curl
x 8slow neg
x 8
slow neg
x 12 normal

oh um I dunno what this is call, its like cable leg version of leg spreader machine like hip abduction or adduction I dunno which is which
cable ass leg spreader SS plié squat

x 10ass/ x 10
x 10
ass/ x 10
x 10*ass/ x 10

leg spreader SS leg squisher

x 15/ x 15
x 20/ x 20
x 15 w/ long pause each rep/ x 15

and coulda stayed for another few hrs LOL

Now it’s time to eat some carbs and watch my ass grow :smiley:

I actually felt my glutes working for almost all of my squat reps, this is something I really struggle with so it’s a really good sign
I do hip circle squats between all my sets now and I think it’s going to be a game changer for me



k great-ness 2day

paused bench

115lbs x 3 (warm up)
120lbs x 3 (warm up)

then I added my lil spud belt to see how it went and things felt super solid/awesome

125lbs x 4 sets of 4

Really happy with the length of the pauses on the first 3 sets, but kinda rushed the 4th

sling shot bench (not paused)

145lbs x 3 sets of 5

paused military press

x 2 sets of 2
x 4

Seated DB press SS DB lateral raise (kinda like palms facing inwards though and felt it in my laterals bettah) SS seated DB lateral raise

x 15/ x 15/ x 15
x 15/ x 15/ x 15
x 15/ x 15/ x 15

incline rear delt DB fly SS standing bent over rear delt DB fly

x 10/ x 15
x 10/ x 15
x 10/ x 15

oh ya rear delt burn set

cable rear delt fly medium pin height SS highest pin setting SS facepulls

x 10arm/ x 15arm/ x 12
x 10arm/ x 15arm/ x 12
x 10arm/ x 15arm/ x 15 + 1 drop 20lbs x 15


skull crushes SS DB tri kick back

25lbs/12.5lbs I think maybe 15lbs I forget

x 15/ x 12arm
x 15/ x 12
x 15/ x 12*arm

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

K fun

oh ya

Starting to feel pretty happy with my muscle gainz regardless of the fat gainz

So current plan is to bodybuild without the intention of dieting and powerlift without obsessing/programming

basically i’ll just be chaos

plan is to be crazy till I feel like having a plan

k cool


You look awesome–strong and feminine. Keep up the great work!


thx :blush::blush:

k good back day

good deadlift day…

good…day day

deadlifts (double overhand)

190lbs x 4
200lbs x 4
210lbs x 4
220lbs x 4

belt/hook grip

230lbs x 3 sets of 2
220lbs x 4

bent over row (overhand grip/strict) SS ropey pull down w/pause and slow neg

x 8/ x 15
x 8/ x 15
x 8/ x 15

DB row

50lbs x 10arm
60lbs x 10
70lbs x 8*arm

FINALLY DB row’d the 70lbers
only been wanting to do that for like 2 yrs LOL

Hammer strength iso row (neutral grip/sqeezy/pause)

70lbs per side
x 12arm
x 12


one arm lat pull down w/pause SS one arm lat pull down without pause…

x 8arm/ x 12arm
x 8arm/ x 12arm
x 8arm/ x 12arm

EZ bar curl SS incline DB curl

x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10

behind the neck pull down SS lat pull down

x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10

don’t know if I am un crooked enough yet to do that perfectly, but getting closer

seated row cable
drop sets

85lb s x8
70lbs x 8
55lbs x 12


couple vids
this was today’s DL

and a couple days ago I squatted 150lbs x 20 for fun, heh


just tryin’ To BE a better ME



k really didn’t feel like going today, but ended up having an awesome workout

low bar squats

160lbs x 8
160lbs x 8
old new belt
160lbs x 15

high bar paused squats *beltless

145lbs x 2 sets of 4
170lbs x 4
180lbs x 2

single leg ext. (all reps paused)

x 10leg
x 10
x 10*leg

ass machine
x 12ass
x 12

one leg on bench cable ass kick back

x 15ass w/pause and slow neg
x 15
ass w/ pause and slow neg
x 15*ass

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

back ext.
x 20
x 20
x 20

leg squisher w/slow neg

115lbs x 8
115lbs x 8

leg spreader

70lbs x 20
85lbs x 15
100lbs x 10
115lbs x 8


rest 2omorrow feelin’ beat ta shit



K rest day magic strikes again

great workout

Bench press

110lbs x 10
110lbs x 10
110lbs x 16

Paused sling shot bench

145lbs x 3
145lbs x 4
150lbs x 2
150lbs x 3
no spotter so confidence PR

Incline DB press SS one arm flat bench DB press

x 15/ x 8arm
x 12/ x 8
x 12/ x 8*arm

no rest

hammer strength chest press
x 10arm + 10 both arm
x 10
arm + 10 both arm
x 12 partials

DB incline trap raises SS DB incline rear delt fly SS cable rear delt fly SS facepulls

x 10/ x 12/ x 12arm/ x 12
x 10/ x 12/ x 12
arm/ x 12
x 12/ x 15/ x 15*arm/ x 20


reverse grip D handle tri ext SS cable tri ext.

x 10arm/ x 15arm
x 10arm/ x 15arm

bent over DB tri ext.

15lbs x 8
10lbs x no idea

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

K been fighting this decision and going back and fourth for a while now, but I think I just wanna focus on bodybuilding right now

I keep getting so lost in the mind muscle connection and the fun I’m having with my super sets and pump work
I am enjoying it 100000 times more than the main shit. ITS BACKWARDS from what it used to be

that means it is time my friends, for the official Spock81 PASSION SHIFT

Not saying I am cutting, yet. Having too much fun with my big ass

But excited about things N EWAY



k pretty good one today

Ive decided to squat three times a week since I want to…

one rep day one paused day one heavy day

K low bar squats

135lbs x 5
170lbs x 2 sets of 3
175lbs x 3
new old belt
185lbs x 2
190lbs x 2
195lbs x 4 sets of 2

banded full reset paused barbell hip thrusts SS plié squat

x 4/ x 12
x 4/ x 12
x 4/ x 12
x 4/ x 15

straight leg cable ass kick back SS ropey cable pull through

x 10ass pause/ x 10 paused
x 10
ass pause/ x 10 paused
x 10*ass/ x 15

ass machine

x 6ass
x 6

k ya