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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


K deadlift “deload” recovery workout

Twas a grumpy one
prob withdrawl from workout high…



185lbs x 5
205lbs x 3 sets of 5

bent over row overhand grip SS ropey pull down

x 8/ x 12
x 8/ x 12
x 8/ x 12 + 1 drop 20lbs x 15

one arm DB row SS two arm DB row

x 6arm/ x 12
x 6
arm/ x 12
x 6*arm/ x 15

hammer strength iso lateral row (neutral grip) one arm at a time SS both arms…at a time

55lbs per side
x 12arm/ x 10
x 12
arm/ x 10
x 12*arm/ x 10

cable station lat pull down SS wide grip straight arm pull down

x 15/ x 15
x 15/ x 15
x 15 + 1 drop 20lbs x 15/ x 15 + 1 drop 25lbs x 15

D handle bi curl

x 8arm
x 8
x 12*arm

t bar row SS two D handle lat pull down

bar + 75lbs/70lbs
x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10 + 1 drop 55lbs x 10

incline DB curl SS hammer curl

x 10/ x 10arm
x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10*arm

So ya decided to do a bodybuilder esq Tons O diff exercises/angles workout, since deadlifts took me like 5 minutes and weren’t fun :confused:



k 2day was 50 shades of psycho, heh

low bar squats

145lbs x 6
165lbs x 3
175lbs x 3
185lbs x 3 <-- felt happy cause first time doing that without a belt
190 x’s the worst double in history cause one again my belt made me shittier
took belt off
185lbs x 4 sets of 3

high bar paused squats

135lbs x 3 sets of 10

ass machine

110lbs x 12ass
120lbs x 12
130lbs x 15 partials * ass

leg ext.
115lbs x 2 sets of 6
drop sets
85lbs x 6
70lbs x 6
55lbs x 8

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

back ext.
x 40

leg spreader
70lbs x 15
85lbs x 15
100lbs x 15

so I wanted to come home and cry after my 190lb shit fest, as per my norm, but then I sucked it up and did a bunch of beltless volume @ 185
then I filmed my last set and got really upset cause I thought there were high as fuck

then I watched it again after I calmed down a bit, now I think they aren’t too, too bad??!

Not really sure, TBH. I dunno
I don’t understand why everything always goes to hell when I add my belt. Makes me feel like I cant be a powerlifter cause I can’t wear the damn proper sh!t!!!

W/E I am choosing to once again blame my hormones…



Nay! You weren’t high at all.


You can never be a powerlifter without wearing a belt :wink:

This woman always blows me away.


*happy dance!!! :smiley:


That is awesome!! Do you know why she doesn’t wear a belt?


I have no idea. A few people just don’t. I see it more frequently in deadlifting that squatting though. Here’s a video of her squat


Not high.

You did just fine.


Hi Jenn. Squats up there looking to depth. No doubt.

Hey, I wanted to ask you a couple of questions about your back.

I remember you saying that you had some asymmetry when doing pull downs? I can’t recall, but were/are your traps visibly higher on one side when standing with your arms relaxed? Did your massage therapist or chiropractor ever figure out what was causing that? Did you figure out if there was an injury, or do you think it’s just an imbalance? Postural issue?

I think I pulled my left subscapularis a couple of weeks ago doing heavy push presses or jerks. The whole upper back was inflamed, up through my traps. Wicked painful. Does that sound familiar at all?


hey thanks puff!!

Sorry to hear about your injury. Nobody has ever really been able to give me a definitive answer about all of my crooked issues, but I have fully convinced myself it’s just from mixed grip deadlifting. I honestly don’t think it’s ever going to be fixed, but my chiro does help me a great deal. I seem to be extremely tight, especially my sub scaps, and I have limited mobility even though I stretch constantly. I move freely for about 48 hours after the chiro though :joy:. I stopped doing pull ups because they are too painful for me now and even stuff like lat pull down I only do on the cable stations where I can use two different handles.

Are you seeing someone a chiro or massage therapist to help with your problems?


Gotcha. Wow. Bummer about limitations on your the pull ups and pull down movements. That has to be so frustrating. I have heard of imbalances from mixed grip DLs. I’d think this should be fixable. Don’t give up.

For me, the pain and swelling have resolved now and I’m back on my game. I took 10 days off from any OH BB work. The day after it happened you could see that the left side was swollen, even when looking at me from the front. My coach put me through some ROM stuff and said the muscle was just inflamed, knotted up.

No, I didn’t go to a massage therapist. Dumb. I did a bunch of stretching, and foam rolling, and hit the ibuprofen. That aggressive foam roller with the big knobs on it. OUCH!. A BBer friend close in age to me is an Orthopedic Surgeon, and there’s also a strength coach who is a massage therapist. They both looked it over. :slight_smile: People are so nice. I had no idea it was my subscapularis. It was inflamed and painful up through my rhomboids and trap, but could be felt, under the arm, like in this pic.

Take care, Jenn. Don’t give up on fixing your imbalances. If I can find the video I saw on fixing back issues from mixed grip DLs, I’ll let you know.


They looked fine to me!


Thx for the feedback, guys :slight_smile:

K today was pretty good, bench felt sorta weak so no PRS, but had a good workout anyway

paused bench

115lbs x 8
125lbs x 2 sets of 4
130lbs x 2 sets of 2

Incline DB press SS slight incline DB power fly SS incline DB pec fly

x 12/ x 8/ x 10
x 12/ x 8/ x 10
x 12/ x 8/ x 10

That was harder than I expected…

Incline DB trap raises SS incline rear delt DB fly SS standing bent over DB rear delt fly

x 10/ x 12/ x 15
x 10/ x 12/ x 15
x 10/ x 12/ x 15

hammer strength incline press machine

x 10 + 15 partials *arm + 10 both arm
x 10 + 15 partials *arm + 10 both arm

facepulls SS cbale rear delt fly

x 12/ x 12arm
x 15/ x 15
x 20/ x 20*arm

DB tri overhead ext SS reverse grip D handle tri ext.

x 15/ x 10arm
x 15/ x 10
x 15/ x 10*arm


only had like an hr 2 day so had to boogie

sometimes I think I need to change everything and hire a coach cause I can’t figure out why it takes me 10000 years to up my weights or like I’m spinning my wheels or something
but then I look back and if I think about it, well, since last march I’ve probably added 20 pounds to my squat and DL and I’m pretty content with where my bench is at, so meh, I must be doing something right. Maybe I’m just slow…
If I add another 20lbs to shit over the next year then I’d be squatting 205 for beltless triples and that sounds awesome



It really depends on your goals. So many people here are mostly self-taught. A good coach can speed the learning process along, but if you’re enjoying the journey then there’s something really nice about that, too.


k deadlift accessory day

tried to keep this one deloady also so I can come back and crush deads next week

deficit deadlifts

215lbs x 2 sets of 3
225lbs x 2
230lbs x 2 sets of 1
195lbs x 5

bent over row

105lbs x 10
110lbs x 10
115lbs x 10
1 drop
95lbs x 15

one arm DB row
x 20arm
x 20
x 12*arm

ropey pull down
drop sets

35lbs x 8
30lbs x 8
25lbs x 8
20lbs x 15 I think 12 maybe IDK

actually maybe I did that before DB rows ID ONT KNWO!!!

hammer curls
drop sets

25lbs x 8arm
20lbs x 10
15lbs x 12*arm

hammer strong front pull down machine

x 12 + 12 partials
x 12 + 12 partials

one arm lat pull down
35lbs x 8*arm paused
42.5lb x 8
arm paused
50lbs x 8

bi curl machine
x 8 slow neg
x 8
slow neg
drop sets
30lbs x 10
20lbs x 10 *slow neg

step mill intervals x 20 minutes

k pretty good

always feel weak when I do deload shit
maybe that means im doing it at the right time :joy:



k kicked my whiney asss today, folks

Yesterday was rest day

I have a really nice 3in leather deadlift belt from pioneer belts that I’ve never used because it’s not IPF approved… I says to myself, I says, Jenn, you ain’t got no aspirations to compete, in anything. You don’t want to compete in figure, or bodybuilding. You do not wish to compete in powerlifting. You can relax about this, about all of this. If some reps you don’t hit depth, who cares? If some reps of bench aren’t competition paused, who cares? If your belt can’t be used in a meet, WHO CARES.

Ne way things went well today…

Low bar paused squats

155lbs x 8
165lbs x 4
170lbs x 4
new belt
180lbs x 2 sets of 4
185lbs x 2
190lbs x 2
AMRAP paused tester set since I forgot how much I loved these…
175lbs x 6 <–this was awesome cause I wanted 5 and after I finished I realized I probably coulda gotten at least 8…

banded continuous tension barbell hip thrusts SS ropey cable pull through SS bent leg cable ass kick back

x 15/ x 15/ x 15ass
x 15/ x 15/ x 15
x 15/ x 15/ x 15*ass

seated leg curl SS lying leg curl

x 10/ x 8
x 10/ x 8
x 10/ x 10

leg spreader SS leg squisher

x 25/ x 8
x 25 + 1 drop 70lbs x 35 partials/ x 8 + 1 drop 100lbs x 12

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

SoOOoO yeah…

Honestly had zero expectations for todays workout, I didn’t even really want to go, not like me at all…

I woke up feeling like all I wanted to do was lay in bed all day and eat donuts :confused:
Also very low sex drive, which sucks because it means I make up ways to avoid it or I fake it, and both make me feel like shit…

I KNOW I have some bi-polarish tendencies, so I was talking to my mom and there’s actually some like ultra rapid cycling bi polar shit where you’re like :smiley::triumph::sob::smiley::sob::smiley::sob:

allll day
I’m like that often///
Especially during my vacation where I had too much time to focus on my emotions and not enough human contact distractions

so I did some reading and there’s also something where you’re manic in the morning and depressed at night, which describes me to a T. I realized that could be the reason as to why I’m incapable of going out in the evening
After supper I feel very sad and I don’t like not being in my bed.
If its like 7:01 im like OMG I NEED MY BED I HATE LIFE GO AWAY WORLD wahhh
then I wake up like WHEEEEEEEEEE I am queen of the world!!!

It makes me upset that I don’t have better control over this because as many of you know, I have wanted to have something real with marshall for the better part of 3 years, and now that it’s finally here I can’t cope with actually going out with him. Hey baby, I’ll get a sitter, let’s go out. Or like hey baby, let me take you to an all you can eat steak house. What you doing tonight? What you doing? Let’s do something …
I’m like, well, you go out and i’ll just go to sleep and you can come over when you’re done…

It makes me feel like I’m going to lose something I’ve wanted for forever cause I’m scared to death to be out of my house after 6! And who the fuck is going to put up with rejection for that long?!

Even before I got the RHCP tickets I convinced myself I didn’t even like them and I had no desire to go ! JENN WTF?1 They’ve only been your favourite band for at least 10yrs

Just some thinkings I guess. Random Jenn frustrations.

Also, I got some versa grips so I can double overhand DL and maybe it will help me stop being so stupid crooked wonky :D:D



fun day today!

deload military press day

Military press (strict)
x 5
x 5
x 5

sorta paused most of the time close grip bench press

105lbs x 6
115lbs x 2
115lbs x 2 sets of 3
120lbs x 2 sets of 1
tester AMRAP set (not paused)
95lbs x 12

DB lateral raise SS DB lateral raise w/pause at top

x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10

seated bent over rear delt DB fly SS seated bent over rear delt DB fly w/feeble attempt at pause+slow neg

x 12/ x 12
x 12/ x 12
x 12/ x 12

incline DB front raise SS plate front raise

x 15/ x 15
x 15/ x 15

lean away DB lateral raise SS cable rear delt fly
x 20arm/ x 20arm
x 20arm/ x 20arm
x 30arm/ x 20arm

ropey tri ext SS cable tri ext.

x 12/ x 15arm
x 12/ x 15
x 12/ x 15*arm


drop sets

35lbs x 10
25lbs x 12
20lbs x 20

standing bent over DB tri ext.

17.5lbs x 12
15lbs x 12

k didn’t waste a single second

go go go go g
go go gadget manic

frig I have a pimple on my lip/ a nightmare of the grandest kind
worse place
worst kind
it hurts and I have to be aware of it all day cause it moves when I talk and I talk all day…



k maybe my deloading helped cause my deadlifts felt great today


185lbs x 6
205lbs x 6
new belt
215lbs x 6
225lbs x 6
230lbs x 6
tester AMRAP set
220lbs x 8

bent over row (overhand grip) SS ropey pull down

x 8/ x 20
x 8/ x 20
x 8/ x 25

one arm DB row

x 10arm
x 10
x 15*arm


t bar row SS cable station lat pull down

bar + 75lbs/25lbs
x 12/ x 15
x 12/ x 15
x 12 + drop sets 50lbs x 10, 25lbs x 15/ x 15 + 1 drop 15lbs x 30 partials

seated DB curl SS ropey curl

x 8arm/ x 10
x 8
arm/ x 10
x 8*arm/ x 10

think that’s all…

worst day for a pimple yesterday had to meet the new manager :tired_face:



Did he just sit there and stare at it?


well …he coulda been, but I was too busy being awkward and avoiding eye contact :stuck_out_tongue: