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whatttta goooood day

k deadlifts

185lbs x 6
215lbs x 4
225lbs x 2
235lbs x 2
240lbs x 2
246lbs x 2
250lbs x 2 PR me thinks
wanted to have some single fun
255lbs x 1
260lbs x 1

prob. the smoothest 260lb pull I've had. Not a PR, but left knowing I coulda pulled more. Confidence PR

two- D handle lat pull down SS ropey cable pull down

x 8/ x 15
x 8/ x 15
x 8 + 1 drop 55lbs x 12/ x 15 + 1 drop 20lbs x 20

one arm DB row SS tw0-arm DB row

x 12*arm/ x 12
x 12*arm/ x 12
x 12*arm/ x 15

alternating hammer curl SS seated DB curl

x 8*arm/ x 8*arm
x 8*arm/ x 8*arm
x 8*arm/ x 12*arm

cable station lat pull down SS wide grip straight arm pull down

x 10/ x 12
x 10/ x 12
x 12/ x 15

D handle bi curl
drop sets

20lbs x 6*arm
15lbs x 8*arm
10lbs x 12*arm
5lbs x 20*arm

medium D handle seated row cable SS normal seated row cable

x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10
x 10/ x 10 + 1 drop 40lbs x 2 partials

K done..

Chiro and massage 2day pour moi
Do I know how to vacation or do I know how to vacation?!

Slept till 430
Maxed out on DL's
recovery like a bossssss
wearin' ugly sweat pants allll day
bite me



K today

high bar squats

145lbs x 10
155lbs x 6
165lbs x 6
175lbs x 6
180lbs x 6
181lbs x 6
185lbs x 7 cause my brain flooded with cortisol and I thought a rep didn't exist, heh. Video proved THAT was a lie...

banded continuous tension barbell hip thrusts SS straight leg cable ass kick back

x 10/ x 12*ass
x 10/ x 12*ass
x 10/ x 12*ass

ass machine

110lbs x 8 1&1/2 reps *ass
115lbs x 8 1&1/2 reps *ass

leg spreader drop set

145lbs x 8
115lbs x 8
85lbs x 10
55lbs x 20

leg squisher

115lbs x 2 sets of 10 *slow neg

single leg ext.

40lbs x 12*leg
45lbs x 10*leg
55lbs x 8*leg

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

back ext. w/epic glute squeeze
x 30

overall I still prefer the look of my high bar VS my low bar, IDUNno
I forgot low bar event existed before chalk squat boy reminded me of it back last march or w/e

despite being on vacation and sleeping amazingly I still feel pretty beat to shit. I guess lifting heavy crap is exhausting. I don't know why I keep expecting everything to feel wonderful when I push myself so hard, like, fucker, it's supposed to feel like death. This ain't no walk around the park, whatchu thinkin?!





k pretty good day today

bench press

120lbs x 8
121lbs x 8
122lbs x 2 sets of 8

sling shot bench

135lbs x 8
140lbs x 2 sets of 8

Arnold press SS seated DB press SS one arm DB lateral raise

x 10/ x 10/ x 10*arm
x 10/ x 10/ x 10*arm
x 10/ x 10/ x 10*arm

incline DB trap raises SS incline rear delt DB fly SS facepulls SS one arm cable rear delt fly

x 10/ x 10/ x 15/ x 10*arm
x 10/ x 10/ x 15/ x 10*arm
x 10/ x 10/ x 15/ x 10*arm


ropey tri ex SS DB tri kick back

x 12/ x 10*arm
x 12/ x 10*arm
x 12/ x 10*arm

seated DB lateral raise SS alternating DB front raise (palms facing inward)

x 12/ x 12*arm
x 12/ x 12*arm
x 12/ x 12*arm
x 12/ x 12*arm

that was all like one giant set without any rest

stepmill intervals x 20 mins

I didn't get upset for no reason today, so that was good...


gabe's taking a little course this weekend so he can start using the weight room with me :heart_eyes:



k today

deficit deadlifts

185lbs x 12
210lbs x 2 sets of 5
225lbs x 2 sets of 2

bent over row SS cable ropey pull down

x 12/ x 15
x 12/ x 20
x 12/ x 30

oh then I did this one arm DB row giant mushed up set thing so like
one arm was like this

35lbs x 15
50lbs x 10
35lbs x 15
no rest
then next arm
35lbs x 15
50lbs x 10
35lbs x 15

was gonna do that twice but once turned out to be plenty :cold_sweat:

sitting sideways lat pull down SS two D handle lat pull down

x 8*arm/ x 10
x 8*arm/ x 10
x 8*arm/ x 10

seated row cable w/the rope attachment

x 12
x 12

giant super set of bicep shit

ez bar curl 21's SS incline DB curl SS ez bar curls w/slow neg SS alternating hammer curl

x 21/ x 8/ x 10/ x 12*arm
x 21/ x 8/ x 10/ x 12*arm

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

and I am SPENT

Vacations are extremely exhausting for people who don't let themselves sit or who don't know how to relax :sleeping:

rest day 2morww
aint got enough to do..sigh..



Well, yesterday's off/rest day went swimmingly !

I slept till 5, had a couple breakfasts, stretched, massage, walk, meal prep, then in the afternoon I went to Wal-Mart and got a bunch of stuff to give myself an at home "spa day" . Did girly shit, had a bath, watched narco's, etc etc..

Today's workout

Paused squats

135lbs x 8
155lbs x 2 sets of 5
165lbs x 3
180lbs x 2 sets of 1

banded full reset barbell hip thrusts SS ropey cable pull through

x 5/ x 20
x 5/ x 25
x 5/ x 30
x 5/ x 35
1 drop continuous tension 135lbs x 15///


seated leg curl SS lying leg curl

100lbs x 8/ x 40lbs x 8 *slow neg
100lbs x 8/ x 45lbs x 8 *slow neg
100lbs x 8/ x 50lbs x 12 w/heels touching

leg spreader SS leg squisher
85lbs x 15/ 85lbs x 15
100lbs x 20/ 100lbs x 20

one leg on bench cable ass back

10lbs x 12 1&1/2 reps *ass
15lbs x 10 1&1/2 reps*ass
20lbs x 8 1&1/2 reps*ass
25lbs x 8*ass

singe leg curl

30lbs x 10*leg

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

done like dinner

I actually used some old heeled shoes for my squats today and it felt really good. Better than I remember
My hips didn't make me feel like an 80yr old today :relieved:

Gonna keep tryin' em out NEWay

But ya..

So this girl I've known since grade 2 said that I inspired her to start powerlifting.

Probably the greatest feeling in the world when she told me that. The greatest gift I could give someone is the gift of powerlifting

So she's been doing it a few months and what not...

She's already stronger than me
And of course I express my pride and my love
but inside I feel sad
and then I feel like a shitty person for feeling sad
Like wow, I use all my time, energy, resources, and spend years and years trying not to suck at this, and am finally at a somewhat mediocre level of strength. She waltzes in and in a couple of months can out lift me.

Hurts broz



You're competitive is all. Nothing to worry about @Spock81

Three questions I would ask here:

  1. Is she bigger or more muscular than you are when she started those couple of months ago?

If she is, no wonder she's stronger. Nothing to worry about, you can catch up with muscularity over time and chances are you'll catch up to her strength.

  1. Does she have any background in sports at all?

I am pretty convinced this is a major factor. If you were active in sports in your teens, IMO you have already a good head start in strength, even if you were pretty sedentary for a while. You just need to reactivate things.

  1. How is she training and recovering compared to you?

If one and two don't apply, but she is training better than you are, she'll get stronger than you and keep doing so. It isn't a matter of whether one method is better than another, but whether you are using the method that is best for you. You could be using a great program and nutritional strategy and doing everything right to recover, but if it doesn't suit your individual traits and needs you won't see particularly great progress.

If she's using training and nutrition strategies to which she responds well and you're using training and nutrition strategies to which you respond mediocrely or badly, guess who gets stronger?

I swing by your log fairly regularly, I just don't say much, but two things stand out to me that may be causing you to receive less than satisfactory returns on your investment of time, energy and resources:

  • you're very, very strict with your diet, possibly to the extent of not eating quite enough. This is possible, but given your rather decent physique, not highly probable. Still worth considering, even if only to get a handle on what tweaks might keep you jacked but help with strength.

  • you train a lot. Like, a lot. I really, really think you may do much better to back off the volume on your main lifts. You won't be overtraining, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were under recovering. You may also do well to target your accessory work to hit your weaknesses better. Sometimes less is more in that respect too.

Just in relation to the last point: you can get much stronger without pushing the limits so often or doing so much. One top set per session to which you give your all, followed by some back off sets and assistance will probably do very well. Every few weeks, deload to make sure you never really need to. I'm paraphrasing Wendler here, really.


Well she is a big girl, but doesn't have much muscle to speak of, nor did she play any sports that I know of.
I know she is working with a trainer, but I am not sure what her programming is like...

But it's funny of you to mention about my recovery. Last night before bed I was just thinking like wow, Jenn, you do realize you take like every set you do to failure right? That doesn't seem very rational...
I just figured with all of my massages and cutting back slowly like I have been (IE most rest days, less cardio, etc etc.. ) that it would get better, but I feel pretty beat up.
Especially this past week, I kinda wore myself out trying to make myself feel accomplished on my vacation :confused:
and I started thinking maybe what's best for my mind isn't what's best for my body or my strength . I feel more comfortable mentally doing my intervals, and I can relax more at the end of the day, but from a recovery standpoint they seem to wreak havoc .

I think I am going to cut back to 3 20 minute interval sessions a week and have 3 higher carb days instead of just two to see how things go.

I just see people on instagram preaching about work ethic and all that it takes to be the best so I thought in order to accomplish my goals I didn't to think and train like that.
I don't understand how they can destroy themselves every workout and get ripped and strong and I just get worn the hell out :rage:

Either way, just got some thinking and tinkering to do


K I had a great bench day today

Paused bench

120lbs x 2 sets of 5
125lbs x 3
130lbs x 2 sets of 2

paused sling shot bench

140lbs x 5
145lbs x 2 sets of 3
150lbs x 2 sets of 2

incline DB press SS slight incline DB power fly

x 10/ x 12
x 10/ x 12
x 10/ x 12

incline DB trap raises SS incline Db rear delt fly SS bent over rear delt DB fly

x 10/ x 12/ x 12
x 10/ x 12/ x 12
x 10/ x 12/ x 12

rear delt cable fly SS face pulls

x 12*arm/ x 12
x 12*arm/ x 12
x 12*arm/ x 12
Diff pin heights each time


reverse grip D handle tri ext. SS DB tri overhead ext

x 8*arm/ x 10
x 8*arm/ x 10
x 8*arm/ x 10

hammer strength incline press machine

x 12*arm
x 12*arm
x 15 partials *arm

Ya that's all

I got a new spot boy for my bench today and it was kinda nice

he said stuff like "Up!" in the middle of my reps that made me push faster, Lol. I liked it...

back to work 2momrwomrwo

thank G



Wisest thing I've seen you post.

More wisdom

Do you see them doing the actual work? Or the rest of their lives? They preach about work ethic. Do they have kids, a job, bills which take priority and still go in gunning for progress every day? I doubt it. They're just insecure and seeking validation

The true top lifters/competitors have been doing this for ages, have built the support systems they need, know their training and recovery needs inside out and in a fair few cases are chemically enhanced (no issue to me, but has a huge effect).

The truly elite either are alone and accept that as the price of success or make the effort to balance things out, but feel no need to preach about how hard they work. They're more often than not singing the praises of the people in their lives or others they've helped succeed.


"Comparison is the thief of joy."

Jenn, last week I got a 1.5xBW squat (175 lbs at BW 113). Just Thrilled!!! You can appreciate what a milestone that is since you know I have been afraid to squat heavy since my ab surgery. But I can see your amazing squats over here and just... sigh... It could suck the happy right out of that, right?

And there's a young woman at my gym who's been training for about a year and she already has lat width, a tiny waist, full glutes, capped delts, quad sweep, just the prettiest muscular figure. No homo. LOL! But Dammit!! It's one of the challenges of the human experience to notice the talents and beauties of others and not feel diminished by them. I think everybody can relate, especially when it's something that you've had to work REALLY hard at, and then it seems to come very naturally to someone else.


Puff: What a lovely, lovely post! And your expression "comparison is the thief of joy" is so very apt.

With that being said, congratulations on that squat! Getting a 1.5x bodyweight raw squat is still a dream of mine. And maybe won't ever be realized as I'm in my 50s.

Spock: You have such great talent and drive. But I have been in your shoes. I can't even count how many lifters I have aided in this sport via training, meet handling, gear loaning, and helping connect them with resources who have quickly surpassed my abilities. To that end, it's a common human emotion to experience some jealousy. But I have learned to garner great joy in participating in the success of others.

Keep up the good work!


You guys are so awesome, I hope you all know how much I heart you :heart_eyes:

So I decided last week that lots of times I find my belt gets in the way and messes with my set up when I deadlift. Typically my beltless deficit pulls feel better then my normal ones

I so ordered a tapered belt from inzer, but it wont be here for quite some time so I am thinking about going beltless for a while..



185lbs x 6
205lbs x 6
215lbs x 6
220lbs x 6

pretty good, last 6 day I did 225 with a belt so I dunno..

ropey pull down SS wide seated row cable

x 12/ x 12
x 12/ x 12
x 12/ x 12

one arm DB row SS 2 arm DB row

x 12*arm/ x 12
x 12*arm/ x 12
x 12*arm/ x 15


oh ya

one arm lat pull down SS front pull down

x 6*arm/ x 10
x 6*arm + 1 drop 35lbs x 8*arm paused/ x 10 + 1 drop 20lbs x 12

alternating DB curl ss close grip BB curl

x 8*arm/ x 8
x 8*arm/ x 8
x 8*arm/ x 8

wide D handle lat pull down

x 8*slow neg
x 8*slow neg

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes




You can face that challenge head-on. Or, you can do what I do, and just tell yourself that anyone with a better build than me is juicing. That works too. :wink:

And so far as ‘beauty’ is concerned, I tell myself (and my wife) that any man better-looking than me is gay.

(As I’ve noted before, my wife says the number of gay juiceheads seems to be increasing every year.)


k today was more batshit crazy that my normal extreme batshit crazy.........

So I decided to undecide about my high bar squats cause I want to be the strongest low bar squatter ever...

Well, the strongest no torso, long femur, 130lb low bar squatter ever.....

I also decided that a lot of my reps aren't deep enough and that I needed to squat deeper and faster

So it started out pretty good like

135lbs x 8
155lbs x 4
165lbs x 4
175lbs x 4
185lbs x 2 sets of 4
then 185lbs x 3 cause I chickened out on the 4th for some strange reason

Usually when that happens I get really upset, fight back tears, contemplate going home, and then destroy myself with accessory work.

But today what happened instead was I got really upset, I couldn't fight back tears, and I came home and bawled my eyes out

Like wtf I dunno ....

It's hopeless, I thought in the car coming home. I am incapable of squatting properly or strongly and I cant decide about stance or shoes or form or blah blah

Frig, I flipped my shit and cried in the door and cried in the shower

Crazy girl shit

Its either hormones or the fact that I woke up at 2 am and couldn't fall back asleep
Or a combination of both

I know something's been really weird with me lately hormone wise cause my boobs (TMI) have been really painful for a couple weeks. Like to the point where I can't even touch them or I have to hold onto them for dear life when I walk down the stairs so they don't bounce in the slightest
TMI x'2.

Plus my period was supposed to come on the 10th and it didn't, which is common for me, but it's still freaking me out mixed with the weird boob shit TMI x's 10000000


Today's going to be a long day I suppose


OMG! Are you pregnant?


Noooo, very unlikely.
Just think things are kinda outta whack right now and my body doesn't know wtf is going on :worried:

It's hard when nothing ever comes when it's supposed to, I can't keep track of my breakdowns if they ain't runnin' on a proper schedule dammit!


Unlikely, but not impossible. Might not hurt to find out. When I got pregant with my lil dude, I wasn't expecting it either. :wink:


Best advice I can give you with your squat is to pick one style and hammer it for three months or more. Don't touch any other variation. You'll come out either squatting much more and better, or learn if that variation isn't good for you.



Wendler says to stick with something for at least 3 cycles/months before changing a program.


wow lots on my mind

K so what I decided was

One squat day low bar for reps with high bar paused as quad accessory
other squat day low bar paused with barbell hip thrusts as accessory for ass
but low bar is my main focus

also for deadlifts not going all out until my 2's and 1's day
Everything else is sub max
trying as hard as you can on 6's even if its far from max weight is just as taxing as a heavy single, if not worse. Save it for that one session a month

K so today went really well. A couple form adjustments from advice from Amit helped a lot :slight_smile:

Low bar squats

135lbs x 10
145lbs x 10
155lbs x 10
160lbs x 10

high bar paused squats

155lbs x 5
165lbs x 2 sets of 3
175lbs x 2

ass machine
150lbs x 6*ass
155lbs x 6*ass
160lbs x 6*ass

leg ext.
x 12
x 12
x 12

leg spreader SS leg squisher

x 15/ x 6
x 15/ x 6
x 20/ x 6

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

back ext w/poke/squeeze
x 30


Squats felt real good. Depth was better and for the first time in the history of the world I actually felt my glutes working :open_mouth:
Only issue I see right now is my wrists giving out for high rep sets, but that's only a problem really for my 10's and 8's days...

Oh another thing I thought about:

If I get that upset about a workout I'm allowed to go home
No sense having an hour long panic attack at the gym feeling all worked up.
I can come home, eat, and find a solution to what's bugging me and go back another day and work again.

I was thinking about this friend of mine before I fell asleep last night. Right now she's in the hospital being treated for anorexia. It's pretty serious and she's been suffering from it on and off for 14 or so years.

I thought, wow, I am so lucky to be cursed with this gift. I have to deal with caring to much about something and being too passionate and emotional.
We all have issues, we all suffer. And if I was forced to pick my ailment I'd pick what I already have :blush: