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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


My niece used coffeeandbagels for online dating.

She’s currently dating a Yale grad, resident doctor dude. Haven’t met him yet; he may very well be an asshole (hope not!), but definitely not sleazy lol. Every time I mention it to someone who’s heard of it, they say good things about the coffee and bagels thing.


Try eHarmony. That’s how Mrs KO and I met.


Go back to your hometown and marry the person you should have married 20 years ago! What, that doesn’t work for everyone? :stuck_out_tongue:


You werent rejected. It was self-selection. You dated for a minute and your current desired lifestyles are too different. No reason to get hung up on it. Lots of professional single guys who don’t go out every weekend.


Well he literally said I had been questioned and judged and there were no second changes so it sorta feels like rejection, lol


K today

Paused squats
135lbs x 5
155lbs x 3
175lbs x 1
185lbs x 1
195lb x 1
200lbs x 1
205lbs x 1 boom
Felt like an empty bar. 20lbs to two plates !!

Military press
80lbs x 4 sets of 3

Db ss
30lbs x 2 x 8

Db row
30lbs x 20

Goblet squats
35lbs x 25

Db lateral raises
Pinkies up
X’s a bunch with different weights idk

Hammer curls x’s a couple sets

Great workout

Now rest



Have you tried Match? I know a number of people who have had success with it. Sites like that and Eharmony just seem a bit more serious and focused than tinder. My daughter uses tinder but she’s 19. I find it super entertaining but only because I hear all the stories. If I were looking seriously I don’t think that’s the route I’d go.


Like a ladyboss! I’m always nice tho :grin:


You gotta post a video when you hit that milestone.


Are you there t nation? It’s me, jenn, and I need you.

So work guy messages me today telling me hes having dreams of fucking me.
I said oh you shouldn’t have called it quits then

He said it’s ok I have an old friend who can help me with my needs

I said wow that’s an asshole thing to do and say when you know I have feelings for you

He said so… old friend, do you want to?

Now my heart is twisted in knots because I’m not over him and I’ve never in my life had to reject a guy I like because they reject me

Which he has
And now what ?
I fuck someone who I like but who doesnt actually like me
No I dont want to
But as my shrink says I put the emotional needs of men before my own
I haven’t replied

But I’m in tears and dying inside and any strong woman wouldn’t find this hard


I would tell you to turn him down Jenn.
If you were to casual sex… then go ahead.
BUT I don’t think you are. You are to the relationship and he don’t give a s*** to it. He just wants sex… and he couldn’t find anyone else.
So no.


He isn’t the the authority in your relationship. You two have equal parts in the relationship.

Seriously, fuck him (not literally). Time to put up some boundaries.


No! Just no! Do NOT sleep with again! He is playing you. Have I already mentioned back up plan? This is what he has wanted from the get go.

He doesn’t like you, he doesn’t care about you, he just wants somebody to call up for a fuck when he can’t find anybody else.

Tell him to fuck off!


This would be a bad idea.


T-nation I love you, you’re my best friends!


Is it ok to just ignore? Do I actually have to say no ?


I don’t think you want to be a booty call from what you’ve described, and I doubt it will do your emotional well-being any good. Some girls are into that and I don’t see a problem if so, but that doesn’t seem like you.

You could just leave him on read, that would be a nice way to leave him guessing for a few days. Fuck with him a little. If you want to fuck with him a lot, find a shallow bodybuilder man-whore on tinder and send him pics with you and Mr. Beefcake on your magical romantic tinder date.

At this point it’s okay to do whatever you want. You have to work with him, not us. Your rules.



Or better,


I told him no I would like to be with someone who actually likes me not someone who basically hates everything about me


He said fair enough

Yes fair enough I hate everything about you fml