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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


UPDATE **** on my man from work situation for anyone that lurks here for that lol

He called it off last night . Well first he ignored me all day after talking and laughing all day Monday so I could be nice and confused. He had a bad day , and in that moment he realized I reminded him of someone he hates.
That’s nice to hear…
We agreed that when someone was going to call it off we would give a weeks notice because we’ve gotten kind of used to multiple hours of sex multiple days a week. Cold Turkey would have been hard .
This is hard…
So he came over last night and told me I dont have the qualities hes looking for. When I asked for specifics he said, and I shit you not, you dont drink and I need someone less responsible.

I feel like he gave me a bunch of test questions over all these weeks , and I failed. Instead of just getting to know me he put me on trial.

I’m upset because I was happy before him . I didn’t need the touching or the cuddles or the closeness, but then I got it, and it was taken away, and now I’m devastated. I don’t want to be lonely again . But if hes looking for a fellow non adult, such as himself, at 38 hes going to have a hard time fishing .

Oh well, I guess


You know what to do spocko…


Seriously, sorry to hear that but he wasn’t the one for you. If it doesn’t start right it will never get there most likely. Chin up girl, his loss.


K EDO today finally got to enjoy front squat day lol

Front squats
95lbs x 6
115lbs x 6
130lbs x 2 x 6
115lbs x 6
Felt awesome

Paused bench
100lbs x 3
110lbs x 3
115lbs x 3
105lbs x 3
Board press with my blockz
105lbs x 5
115lbs x 5
125lbs x 5
Felt awesome

Db ss
25lbs x 3 x 8

Incline db press w pause
35lbs x 3 x 8

Db row
50lbs x 8
35lbs x 8

Leg spreader
160lbs x 12
145lbs x 2 x 10

Ez bar cable tri ext
35lbs x 2 x 10
25lbs x 15

Reverse grip d handle tri ext
5lbs x 12

Step mill intervals x 20

Felt strong today. Was a nice change.
I got depressed instead of manic this month so I didn’t get my 10 days of feeling super human.
My hormones seemed messed up to be honest.
No PMS but then depression, no ovulation. Idk
My acupuncture has been regulating everything, but not right now

I got my go home date !! Match 7th. So like one of each workout left until I can spend more time at the gym lol

Rest till weekend



Sadly, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people out there just like this. The world is full of Peter Pan’s (and Petra Pans).

It sucks when this happens. Even short relationships occupy a space in your life that create a hole when they end.


Yes, absolutely. I know it didnt last long, but I feel very sad about all this right now


You have it right— you were happy before him, you can do it again, the feeling happy.

I’m sorry still, it’s a bummer no matter what .


You grew from the experience, though. You got practice managing your expectations and getting out of your own way, mentally, to put yourself out there. You learned a little bit more about what you do and don’t want out of a person and a relationship. It’s okay to mourn the loss of a relationship, even a short-term one, but you are okay and you will continue to be okay. You got this!


He will be back…

And when he does remember how you felt when he walked out on you and turned his back on a great girl! Tell him to kick bricks


Thanks so much everyone. I hope I feel like myself soon. I’m always very perky at work, and I’ve been a downer. I really dont like that . I’m known there for being really happy and positive


Sorry to hear about it Jenn.
I can’t speak of own experience I’ve lived with the same for more than 30 years, and I can’t really remember the few relationships i had before.
But when you give all of yourself in to a relationship and want it to be the one, it must be hard and emotional to be turned down.
I hope you fint the happy and positive Jenn when you’re at work soon.
Keep fighting


K today

135lbs x 5
155lbs x 3
170lbs x 3
180lbs x 6 x 3

High bar paused
145lbs x 4 sets of 4

Bench press
95lbs x 5
105lbs x 5
115lbs x 2 x 5
115lbs x 9

Tempo bench
100lbs x 6

Db ss
X 3 x 10

Landmine press
Bar plus
X 8, x 6
1 drop
10lbs x 10

Seated db press
32.5lbs x 8
30lbs x 2 x 8

Leg ext
70lbs x 8
40lbs x 8

Leg spreader
240lbs x 8
150lbs x 10
120lbs x 12
75lbs x 15 partials

Tri ext 7.5lbs x 12
Ropey tri ext
15lbs x 2 x 10
10lbs x 12

Db lateral raises
7.5lbs x 15
5lbs x 15
10lbs x 10

Step mill intervals x 20

K this upsets me , I find paused squats so much easier than regular
Regular squats are why I do everything else and its truly the thing I’m weakest at fml.
Its just a hip crooked thing, the pause helps control it I know.
But I really should be stronger by now. 180 should have been easy, but there was still the odd imperfect rep which was the reason to take weight off. To be perfect!!!


It is very rare that I’ll ever agree with Ripplestiltskin but perfect is the enemy of good.


I love this , holy man. I’m going to repeat this whenever I get upset about minor shit during a workout!!


My last girlfriend broke up with me in large part because I quit smoking weed. I rarely smoked at the start of our relationship, but its legal here and it was something we connected with. She quickly got me smoking more frequently than I had since I was a teenager. This also got me fatter and lazier, which she really seemed to like.

After emerging from the haze, I started spending more time doing things that weren’t smoking weed on the couch with her, plus eating grown-up food again instead of the junk she always made. This is what I did before I met her, and things started going south at roughly the same rate I went back to my old bodyweight. She gave half-assed attempts at trying jiu jitsu and lifting weights, but she’s a total lazy stoner at heart and was hoping I’d be her lazy stoner companion with big arms.

Great sex, good conversation, not really a whole lot else we connected with. It still kinda stung to get dumped and be alone again, but I had many thoughts of leaving her too so it was for the best. She read the room and acted on it before I did.

A lot of people are like that with drinking too. I see mis-matched couples all the time at my silly side job bouncing at my neighborhood bar. You wonder why they’re together, and then realize they don’t do much besides go out for drinks. It also happens to be my ex’s favorite place and now she gets to watch bar floozies flirt with me when I work, which is very satisfying for childish reasons.

Incidentally, I’m after a non-drinker or light drinker, so bar floozies aren’t on my dating menu. Still fun to flirt with and make the ex jealous.

Best of luck to you Spock and I think your squats and deads look pretty solid!


As @MarkKO said perfect is the evil. Perfect should almost be the odd one. We’re not build to do perfect lifting, we’re build to move in all kind of ways, as long as it’s not stupid.
Look at @T3hPwnisher log, he’s strong as fuck and so far from perfect as you can be. (sorry pwn) He has taught me to just grind through, yes try to do it “perfect” but it just hasn’t do be.

You’re a strong girl so keep grinding and be savage sometimes.


The longer you practice the correct technique, the closer to perfect it will get. The basics will stay the same, the minutiae will vary from person to person.

The ability to grind is a skill in itself. The better your technique and the stronger you are the better you will grind because you will be in a better position and have more confidence in your ability.


But when you’re in the jungle and need to remove a log that’s in the way, you just gets savage and remove the damn thing or your family will die, OR you lift your family over it and it will not be the perfect rep.


If my family ever found itself in the jungle I’d be dead because Mrs KO would have killed me.


Hey, thanks !

Yeah , I’m sure this was all doomed to failure from the start. I know our lifestyles weren’t compatible, but to honestly get rejected for being responsible, lol I cant get too down about that. It would be far worse if he turned me down for something that I didnt like about myself .

But part of me is like, ok , why cant you get wasted on Saturday’s and on fridays just stay in with me ? Like, I dont csre that he drinks, but he cares a great deal that I dont. I don’t know, people are different than I am I guess. I’m not looking for a powerlifter, I just like people who make me laugh, and he did. But he also made me feel sad, anxious, and confused all the time

Either way he booty texted Friday and Saturday but I was alseep. Then said it was just because it was still in our weeks notice time frame so he could re rejected me . Times up now, apparently.
I was asleep both those times…

I’m on okcuipd, maybe something will actually happen. It’s far less sleazy than tinder.

I’m not bitter, but I’m not super optimistic right now either .


Re: perfection

Thanks you guys !! Honestly, this helped me a lot. I had an amazing workout today because I aimed for good over perfect. I really enjoyed myself for a change

135lbs x 5
185lbs x 5
205lbs x 5
220lbs x 5
230lbs x 5 felt awesome and easy, like a bad ass mother fkckjck

Bent over row
95lbs x 12
100lbs x 12
115lbs x 6

Leg spreader
90lbs x 50 + 50 partials

Two d handle lat pull down ss foot on seat lat pull to me
70lbs 40lbs
X 10 x 10
X 10 x 10
X 10 x 10

Seated leg curl
45lbs x 15 + 10 partials

T bar row
Bar plus
60lbs x 2 x 8 with pause
65lbs x 8

Lat pull down
27.5lbs x 10
32.5lbs x 10
35lbs x 8
25lbs x 15

Ropey bi curl
20lbs x 8
10lbs x 12

Front lat pull down machine
Drop sets
35lbs x 6
27.5lbs x 8
20lbs x 10

Barbell curl
40lbs x 10
30lbs x 10
20lbs x 12

Oh dear God!!! I forgot to do hammer curls wow wtf
I forgot an exercise holy shit , nooooo.

Seated row cable
85lbs x 8
55lbs x something

Step mill intervals x 20

K good.