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What Business is it of Yours Where I'm From, Friendo?


Seriously even if I act like a huge moron without any brain? Also I walk weird and dont regulate my breathing properly


So you pretty much turn into raj from the big bang theory? :joy:
I’d be seeing that as a complimentary type thing
Just roll with it, don’t be scared to make the next move and see where it goes
You’re a strong (literally) independent woman, you’ll be fine!


Ok hi guys
So I didnt sleep at all because I was practicing what i was going to say in my head so this:

Hey so like sorry I’m awkward and stuff , I just think you seem like a super cool guy so maybe we could be like top ten best friends or something . I only have like 2 friends and one of them is my dog and the other one is my mom so by default you’d be really close to the top of the list so … yes . I like to talk about the departed and squatting .
Then I’d say K BYE


Actually I’ll just say hey wanna be friends

I can tell that we are going to be friends
I’ll sing that song
White stripes

I have darrheeahh


:joy::joy::joy:. Oh my god you are a funny girl.



I’ve said nothing :pensive:


Break your glasses again!


I’ll tell you again, send him an email.
Ask if he would like a cup of coffee, that way you’ve broken the barrier.
I’ll bet you he’d say yes. Might be a bit awkward the first couple of minutes but then you’d start talking.


This, Make him feel helpful.



I talked to him and asked him to be friends and warned him I am awkward


Ok so this is what I said

Hey sorry I’m awkward
He was confused
I said do you want to be friends
He said ok but how are you awkward
I said i just am but do you wanna be friends
He said ok sure we can talk about it later if you want
I said I would be awkward then too
He said we we broke the ice
I said I’ll still be awkward but I warned you and I dont have many friends so you’re right at the top now
Then I made him fist bump
3 times
He laughed a lot but idk
Who knows
Opinions ???


He likes you.


Lol that’s a bold assumption :laughing:


He likes you. No question.


Sorry man, I’ve been busy with real life stuff for a while, took a mini break from forums. Ya, I’ve seen the strap trick thing and frankenstein squats are a good alternative too, the thing is, I don’t have a gym membership, I have a home gym and I’m strapped for cash at the moment. So… no squat rack. I would like to find one of those trap bars and maybe I could just do squats with that having a neutral grip.


Spox, just relax, how could he not like you? Anything worthwhile usually takes time and effort, don’t rush it, enjoy the moment, live in it. Best wishes my friendo.


Here’s my take on The Dude. Let’s review the facts you’ve listed of his actions:

  • He loitered a long time after he could’ve left work to tell you merry Christmas in a way guaranteed to have your attention on him.

  • He spent a long time searching high and low for tools to fix your glasses, despite the fact you’re relative strangers, so there’s no relational expectation that he’d help you.

  • He laughed a lot when you talked to him.

Conclusion: he’s interested in you, attracted to you, and wants to get to know you. There’s no telling where it’ll go, but the seeds of a potential relationship are there.


Goblet squats?


Thanks for all the opinions guys! It’s nice to hear rational perspectives sometimes :slight_smile:

today was awesome

135lbs x 4
155lbs x 4
175lbs x 2
185lbs x 5 sets of 2
Now see, these were easy, these were perfect, these didn’t upset me. I could have done more weight, i could have done more reps, but these felt wonderful , so it was a good weight to be at.

Bench press
95lbs x 4
110lbs x 4
115lbs x 2 sets of 4
115lbs x 8
so that was my tester set and let me tell you, I def had more in me. It felt heavy at first, but my mind set changed half way through and I was like DUDE! THis weight is EASY FOR U. Remember how this weight used to be your first warm up set? It’s a mind fuck.
So each rep just started feeling easier and easier . WHy did i stop? IDK, i wanted 8 , LOL.

Barbell split squats
65lbs x 12
85lbs x 3 sets of 8

landmine press
bar +
15lbs x 2 x 10, x 1 x 8

leg spreader
175lbs x 20
115lbs x 20

leg ext
85lbs x 2 x 10
55lbs x 10

stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

perfect day, felt great.

So RE: me freaking out about dude I like. We need a nick name for him, baldguy, marshall, chalk squat boy, etc etc… this guy we will call QA guy, because that’s what he is. He’s the quality assurance guy .
QA guy …

SO you all know about my horrendously toxic non-relationship relationship of 5 + years that completely damaged my soul. Still being in contact with him up until recently and presumably trapped in this hell for the rest of my life . His alcoholism when from bad to awful, to absolutely sickening with him being unemployed. He even started taking percecot. I never saw him, but we talked all the time because i kept worrying that he was going to wind up in the hospital or dead. Don’t get me wrong, I hate him, i mean i REALLY hate him and have hated him this entire year, but I cared about him and i kept trying to encourage him to get help. Obvs. he did not listen to me.
Our last conversation was me being like “you know, i kinda feel like a goober texting sometimes, you’re only sending one word answers. I know you kinda like to be left alone when you’re really depressed.”
He said back
“Deal with it faggot, one word answers is all you’re going to get. That’s all anyone is going to get, think about it.”
Wow… old me would have apologized, and i almost started doing that. New me was like FUCK U FOR TALKING TO ME LIKE THAT!!! BE a drunk, be a loser, be an asshole, be miserable, I DONT GIVE A FUCK ANYMORE!!

That was that, haven’t spoken in a month thank god. Be dead IDGAF.

My soul had become rotten over these years . Like for men, sex, relationships, love. I just felt like BARF BARF BARF BARF. Dudes can go fuck themselves . I ain’t doing this shit.

SO then enter QA guy and I was like holy fuck why does this random man give me such butterflies.
I thought i was.
So while I am excited to see him, and excited about any even minuscule potential in this, I am more just excited about the fact that I’m not dead inside. It’s been years since I’ve felt this way, for real.

Irrational to think I’d never develop a real crush again, sure, but honestly with how genuinely disgusted i felt on a daily basis this is a huge breakthrough for me.


This is all really healthy stuff Spock.

One thing that would be helpful to internalize is that people won’t change until they get tired of their own shit. And, you have a limited number of fucks to give - why waste one on someone who doesn’t appreciate it. If you’re a reader, check out The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. It’s really about choosing what to give a fuck about and putting everything else in perspective.

Yay for you!