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What Building to Construct in Yard to House My Gym?

Back in England we had built a concrete shed (which housed a gym, as well as storage for all our spare junk). After having moved to USA, getting married and having 2 kids, too many medical issues to list and now finally in the final steps of buying our own house, I’d like to have my own gym built again, but I’m unsure what would work best.

One made of cinder blocks costs more initially, but is structurally far more stable and won’t require nearly as much upkeep. A wooden structure would cost less up front but probably won’t hold the heat in as much as cinder blocks would (planning no electricity to said gym, probably just a propane tank heater for winters).

I’m not sure how a wooden structure differs from cinder block in terms of moisture getting within the building and its effect on iron/steel, or how warm/cold/humid it’ll get through the year. Overall aesthetics of the interior & exterior aren’t a real concern, so I’m not letting that be a driving force in my decision.

Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

If the access is good, why not just build a freestanding garage that can act as a gym, a garage, a work shop or even a home office.

I would spend the extra money and run power to the structure. Not only would it serve you well as a gym but would be a smart play as an additional structure on your property. You would probably recover some (if not all) of the investment when you sell the property in the future.

Best of luck with this.

It’ll be in my back yard and there’s very limited access for a vehicle to get through because of a screened in addition the previous owners built. It looks amazing and houses a hottub, and I’m not willing to destroy it just for a garage. We are also not going to sell this property, it’s our forever home. It’s why I listed the above options :slight_smile:

I’ve thought about running power to the shed/barn I’ll build but it depends on cost.

Have you thought about a steel structure and insulating it?


It may be your forever home, but I wouldn’t risk building an ugly structure, just in case. I think the UK is more forgiving of cinder block buildings, aesthetically speaking.

Ya, a prefab steel structure is the way I’d probably go. That or build basically a barn.

Why cant you use your basement?

Why cant you use your inlaws living room?

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I’d go yurt, personally

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Build it with love :grinning:

This depends on where in the US you live. I am a commercial GC. Most areas, the cost effective building would be a prefab metal. You can insulate all or part of it and add a mini split system AC tot he gym area. If you are in the south east you would stay away from stud construction due to termites and rot from humidity. If you are north or west, stick construction would serve you well.

Thanks for all the help. Most likely going to purchase a large steel shed from lowes or something. Didn’t realize they made them in larger sizes! Likely won’t insulate- only there for an hour at a time, and insulation would turn it into a hotbox in summers. Extension cord and electric fan/heater would suffice.