What Brought You to T NATION?

Hey, everyone!

Since T NATION+ is new to all of us, I figured maybe we should kick this section off with an introduction thread.

What’s your history with T NATION, and what brought you here to T NATION+? Also, what are you most excited about?

I discovered T NATION back in 2001/2002. I was an overweight high schooler looking to not be an overweight high schooler. I immediately fell in love with the works of TC, Shugart, John Berardi, and Christian Thibaudeau. I might not be as active as I once was on the forums, but I’ve hung around all these years. (Still wish I knew what happened to my T-Mag hard copies!)

I’m definitely looking forward to following TC’s Original Biohacker log. I’ve always found the nutrition and supplementation stuff most interesting.

Also excited about the livestreams. Feels like an updated and improved LiveSpill for those who remember!


What a fantastic topic idea!

I was first plugged into forums in 2002, primarily to discuss martial arts training, and a big part of that, in turn, revolved around physical training. Getting stronger was great for becoming a better martial artist.

On the forums I visited, t-nation was whispered about as the place where the “bad boys” hung out. EVERYONE was jacked and strong and they didn’t suffer any fools. You had to have your A game if you wanted to go there. People would link some articles and very occasional threads from the site and it was just awe inspiring.

I remember feeling like I needed to EARN my privilege to post here, and it wasn’t until I was nearly done with my first run of Super Squats that I created an account, specifically to post in a thread that asked how much milk we were drinking. I was so proud to report “a gallon a day”. I felt like I had arrived.

I still remember my avatar: Cody from Final Fight. The physique I was aspiring to at the time.


These days, I"m more of a Haggar guy

Definitely excited for the my focused content from our authors. Nutrition focused especially. I’m always learning!


Oh, man. I hear you. I recall ending a post way back when with, “Yes, Goldberg. I deadlift.” like maybe that would give me a day pass.


Awesome topic!

I’ll tell my own story since I didn’t join T Nation as a staffer until a year or so after it launched:

I loved Muscle Media 2000 magazine back in the 90s. Devoured every copy.

Then, one day, it started to suck. This was that day:

Those who know… know.

I found out later that the editor, TC Luoma, had parted ways with the magazine. Not long after, the mag went away. I think EAS supplements was bought out, but the buyers didn’t want the publication side of the company… or something.

Anyway, lost without a good source of real info, I hopped on my first home computer in 1998 (dial-up connection, slooooow) and looked for TC and Charles Poliquin. T Nation, then Testosterone, popped up. Finally, great training and nutrition info again!

In 1999 I took a bunch of caffeine and truck-stop ephedrine and ran a mile on my office treadmill. Jacked out of my gourd and riding that euphoric wave, I emailed the website about contributing as a freelancer. (I remember really trying to be funny… because TC was funny.) My only published article before appeared in a Japanese powerlifting magazine, so I didn’t have much hope once the ephedrine wore off.

TC himself (!) answered me back and accepted my first article – a breakdown of Arnold’s intensity techniques.

Sometime later, he asked if I wanted to help him out with editing. I was a high school English teacher at the time. I took a part-time position while still teaching. My first job was compiling the Reader Mail section. Soon I was editing and working with all my favorite coaches from Muscle Media, like Charles Staley and Charles Poliquin. I’d call Poliquin up, ask him questions, write down and flesh out his answers, send him a copy for approval, and those became Question of Strength columns.

I even hilariously demonstrated exercises once the internet got fast enough for us to use more photos (took a while to be able to upload videos):

Then Tim and TC made me a full-time offer.

24 years later, here I am.


Really great idea @SBT and I’m looking forward to reading more of everyone’s incredible stories.

I lifted in high school and college with Muscle and Fitness magazines - like a damn boss. I got back into lifting after coming back from a pretty long trip to Iraq where I’d lost a legit 25 lbs. on a not-huge body to begin with. I was in a staff job (when I came back; not when I was there!) and inside all day and bored. One of the other guys there told me all the big dudes looked up workouts on T-Nation, so that’s what I did. My first foray into forums was intense muscle with the DC training, so this was an easy transition.

That was probably around 2008. I read every @Christian_Thibaudeau article there was. I was just like @T3hPwnisher that I didn’t create an account or post for a long time (the forums were pretty mean, bro). This was an entirely new way to train for me and really opened my eyes to whole new ways of doing things (which is crazy looking back, because I played college sports).

After a year or so, CT published the I, BB series. I couldn’t wait to get after it - 90s bodybuilding plus CT-style workouts?! Let me at it. I was in a unit that required maxing the PT test plus a 5-mile run (rather than 2), so I created an account for the sole purpose of asking coach if I could maintain those abilities whilst getting hyooge. I’ll end the suspense - yes.

I lurked for awhile, asking/ answering a question every now and again. I think the main thing I did was write really thoughtful advice for youngsters that wanted to be Delta Force Navy Seal Ninja Space Assassins, but didn’t want to go for a jog in the rain. I racked up more experience, tried new things, got hurt and left the Army and tried bodybuilding and some other stuff to the point where this has been a lot of fun.

In terms of what I’m most looking forward to: I want to keep seeing the great folks that come through here. This site introduced me to the work of John Meadows, who (whom?) I ended up living about 80 miles away from and we developed at least something of a relationship that meant a lot to me. I also have made Internet friendships with kindred, and often differing, spirits; these really are meaningful. Coming full circle, this site even sent me to see CT give a seminar in person in Atlanta last year. It may sound silly, but I was floored by and still cherish offer to be a “member coach”. This site, and the relationships (some online, one or two real-life) have been mainstays through huge life changes for me!


Had to look up when I joined - Apparently 2018.

This is around the time I was looking to get back into training after an extensive layoff for grad school and young kids around.

I am always hunting for new information and used to turn to MuscleMag, Flex and Muscular Development for info but that went out the window when Flex mergers with muscle and fitness and MuscleMag (my favorite) went away when Robert Kennedy passed. I devoured those magazines religiously every month from the time I started training in 2005 through college.

T Nation showed up on my radar after I got sick of the BB.com forums and what seemed like a whole lot of bad advice being thrown around there.
So glad I participate here. I have seen and tried many new styles I wouldn’t have before (the pump/stimulate/flutter protocol was a great departure from anything I did in the past). The forums/site introduced me to Dan John, John Meadows, Dave Tate, Dr Darden, and Coach Thibs. Plus, Biotest seriously makes the best supplements I have tried.

T Nation+ seems like a great area for those of us who are truly making lifting/performance/nutrition a way of life for whatever reason. Looking forward to the longer form content and live streams.

BTW if anyone has any back issues of MuscleMag they want to unload let me know.


Great topic. 54 years old and (very) former college athlete that has always been enamored by sports performance and supplementation.

Articles by Joe DeFranco and Jay Ferruggia focused on real athletes drew me in. I even recall an article by Chris Shugart about what he recommended to Pro Football players from a supplementation perspective and was blown away by just how simple and effective it was.
Factor in that I now follow Coach Thibaudeau’s programs and here we are.

Oh and live from the Chicago ‘burbs…


Man, I’m so glad I discovered T Nation before those forums.

(Or at least before I spent any real time there.)


Are you originally from Pittsburgh or just a Steelers fan?

Originally from…My parents were born and raised there before we moved around a little - in Chicago 'burbs now. I still have some relatives there.

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Oh, cool! I lived in Pittsburgh for a few years. Absolutely loved it. My wife and I toy with the idea of moving back from time to time.

We’re still pretty close so we make it back to see friends and go to a Pirates game (for the view of course) regularly enough, thankfully.

It’s a great City for sure. And you constantly run into people from Pittsburgh all over the place. It is great getting back there.

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I’ve been around here since 2002 or 2003, but it wasn’t until years later that I became an active forum participant. I discovered this site essentially at the beginning of my weight-training journey. I’d been lifting for maybe a year. I remember reading every single article that T-Nation was putting out, as well as digging through the archives from the years prior. Really couldn’t get enough of it. It was very clear that there was something special about T-nation.

I didn’t start posting on the forums until I felt like I’d gotten as much as I could out of the articles, and wanted more direct interaction with the members here. I’ve probably been an active poster on here since around 2010.


I was in swimming and track during high-school, but weight-lifting was discouraged. In college I had a friend who got me into lifting - I remember reading a lot of articles from abcbodybuilding at the time (2004-ish)? Learning how to bulk was great. Pop-tart and peanut butter sandwiches? GOMAD?

Decided to get a personal trainer degree and stumbled on T Nation doing some research and have been here ever since.

The creative writing from both TC and Chris have been great, and I’m working on the PN cert after all of Berardi’s articles I devoured. Not to sound like a fanboy, but I really appreciate T Nation and the positive effect lifting has been for me.

Also in the Chicago suburbs, so small world. @SteelerBill

Edit: Jesus Christ, this made me go through my old posts. No one listen to me ever.


Love it, Brant!

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A few months ago, I went searching for the account I had prior to this. Oh, boy. The summer after graduating HS was not a wise time for me.

But I guess this is called growth, right?!


I grew up in a household where both of my parents were into lifiting weights since way before I was born, listened a thousand times to the story of how my father did push ups with my pregnant mother seated on his back, had easy acess to healthy food but even with all that I ended up being a overweight nerd that wanted nothing with any kind of physical activity until a friend invited my to join a nearby gym when I was sixteen.

Took me two years to really get my stuff together and look for a nutritionist to get in shape, I just had finished high school and had nothing better to do at the time, in three months I went from 185 with 24% BF to 157 and 8.5%BF. It was at that time that I found something that I would be really passionate about to this day.

Problem was, I am from Brazil there were pretty much nothing related to training or nutrition in my native language (portuguese), the “bro science” were so common that even people who went to college used it in a daily basis as it were passed from the veteran staff of the gyms to the newbies.

Then, with my mediocre english I started to looking for something better than decades old information and ended up finding T-Nation in 2006, a few months before I went to college to start my first bachelor degree in nutritional science and let me tell you this, I had lot’s of “Intersting and amicable conversations” with some teachers because of the information that I got here.

I was never very active but been here since then.


I’ve been reading T Nation for a long time. Hate to admit it but it was TC Luoma’s articles that got me hooked here. We share similar attitudes. Love the site.


No shame! The humor here, including both TC and Chris Shugart, has always been and continues to be a huge draw for me.

I want to actually enjoy what I read, ya know?!


Your story is super cool, and I hope you post more!