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What brought YOU to T-mag?

I was just thinking today how fortunate we are to have access to a place where our opinions matter (heck, we’re ASKED for our opinions)…and where the prices of Supplements are getting CHEAPER than going out to our “local” places (GNC, Max Muscle, etc.), and where we can get opinions/support from veterans in many different fields of expertise in working out/diet/etc (many of them big names in the industry)…and it got me thinking about what led me to this site…

Believe it or not…BIGCONAN did…LOL.

I was on another site maybe a year ago and someone posted a link to the whole BigConan/JackedHulk drama…at first I read it for purely the entertainment purpose…but soon my mind was opened up to knowledge never dreamed of with people who kick ass…now life and working out are different and ten times better than before…great how things work out, isn’t it?

And it got me wondering about everyone else…
“What brought you to T-Mag?”
“How did you hear about T-Mag?”

I’m just curious.

Peace and good training to all.


a year and a half ago i searched “bench press” on yahoo because i was stuck and dave tates “bench press 600 lbs” came up, i read it, liked it, chopped off the end of the url and started wandering the site

about 3 years ago I came across Testosterone Magazine on the news stand and started reading it.
I loved it from the start and went to the website and loved that too.


A few years ago when I was a freshman in high school and I didn’t know anything about training or nutrition I typed How to get big into google and this is where it brought me. The best website i’ve ever been to.

I picked up a copy of the print edition(which mysteriously is AWOL now) checked out the website, had some big names writing for it. Read every issue for about the last year consistently. Wore through a couple hundred dollars worth of printer cartridges at work. And now refer everybody here.


I year ago when I was still living in Mexico I typed on Altavista info for anabolic steroids and it brought me right here baby.

A little over a year ago I was reading some shitty muscle mag, don’t remember which one. I saw an add for Hot Rox, decided I would try it. Went to the Biotest website and found this site.

I was trying to figure out what the link between red meat and T was. I went to google and typed “red meat testosterone”. Top of the list was TC’s Atomic Dog column “Osama vs. Big Breasts”. I read it and thought it was some damn funny shit, so I printed a copy out for my workout buddy and went on my way. The next night, I was bored and decided, T mag looked interesting, so I went to the home page. I think I have now developed a strange addiction to information and TC’s sense of humor. Side effect of this are the absolute need to drag every person I know to this site.

About a year and a half ago I went into discount sports nutrition in Denton texas to get some supps and I noticed a magazine I’d never seen before and was drawn to the cover I was told it was free so I took a copy and started reading! One of the articles in that issue was in Shugart’s Gut-Check colum entitled Kill Yourself…which I was about to do! I was stuck in a serious training rut so I killed myself and was reborn here!

When I first got into lifting, I found the Nautilus Bodybuilding book by Ellington Darden. This was the first time I ever had real results from lifting. Eventually I did a search for him online and found his website ClassicX. Reading his articles, he kept referring to Testosterone magazine.

He originally wrote for Testosterone, but was too different for the T-mag people, so they gave him his own site. (Interestingly I cannot find his previous articles here.) Darden also had a moral disagreement with any support for steroids.

Anyway, after I started reading T-mag, I made a 180 turn and started following what I read here. The biggest change was that I started eating more protein. (Darden was a big high carb advocate, but Testosterone was making some impact on him, where he actually started testing a high protein diet using the original Grow! and MD6.)

I know it was the early part of 1999 when I started with the magazine, but cannot remember the exact issue. It was before Ian King started here, and while Poliquin was still with the magazine. This was back when Tim Patterson actually wrote articles. In fact he had the following statement I remember reading:

“One of my goals in BTS is to give you anabolic alternatives to prohormones that really work! It’s not that I’m necessarily “anti-prohormone.” It’s just that none of us knows very much about their side effects. And based on the emails and research ‘leaks’ I’ve been getting, I’d say that the andro products are doing more harm than good. The good news, though, is that there are alternatives out there.”

T-mag, and Biotest have really evolved since then, and I have evolved along with them. In fact if I were ever to quit reading the magazine, I am fairly certain it would shut down due to my absence.

I have created one convert to T-mag so far, but everybody else is convinced I belong to some cult. (This is a cult isn’t it?)

Long time ago I did some research about steroids for a cycle and ended up at T-Mag. I think it was end of 98. Got hooked and have read and downloaded every single update!!

Dave Tate’s page - Elite Fitness Systems.

Friend at work at my first PT job was looking it up, passed the link on to me, and here we are.

Over a year ago now for me i think, a friend of mine would come up to me with all these articles on training, i ask him where he gets them from and he said T-mag, the rest is history!!

Googled “Poliquin” back in 98…

Last summer I hit a plateau in the gym. A good friend of mine told me about Mag-10. I searched it online and ran across the site. Started reading and the rest is history.

Ha, I found it through that bench 600 article too.


I absolutely don’t remember. No clue whatsoever. Isn’t that strange? (Must be age.)

Back in November or December, I was in one of the Men’s Health forums, and someone had referenced an article from this site. So I checked it out, and I’ve been coming here almost on a daily basis. I love all the in-depth information on workout & diet programs. The writing is excellent! I’ve seen major improvements in my workouts, and the results are definitely there.