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What Briefs to Wear Under a Inzer Leviathan Ultra Pro?

Wanting to get some gear advice about what briefs to wear under the LUP. Is there any reason to have the same brand suit and briefs? I’ve heard the preds are kinda shit and I was thinking of getting some loose ace briefs to start out with. Any input is appreciated thanks.

No reason you have to wear predators, but metal is banned from most US federations now.

Too bad. 2ply metal briefs were awsome

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Predators are awesome. I loved them

WPO and RPS and UPA are still good I believe as long as its covered.

By 2021 itll be entirely band most likely. Best to prepare for that. Feds are allowing you to still use it for 2020 to not ruin your meet prep.

The general rule I was always taught with a canvas is to pair it with a stretchy brief with some pop. This usually means either Predators or the Metal Pros. The ACE was usually considered a bad option because those are a thicker material and getting it to work fit-wise with canvas is problematic.

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Can the Titan boss briefs work under it? You make a good point I will steer clear of the ACEs.

Did u purchase them small or true to size.

Boss can work but will have more stopping power than any of the other poly briefs. Particularly the new Boss briefs which come standard grid-stitched in the back. If you can get down in Boss+canvas you can get down in anything. I would be more conservative with the sizing here if you go too tight you’ll never hit depth.

Ok thanks for the insight, you are super helpful. I’m kind of leaning toward those, and I’m still learning the canvas suit. So it could be a while before a purchase.

I went with a smaller size