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What Brand of Med Ball?


CT, what brand is the med ball you use in the training lab videos? Looking to purchase a good one for neural charge/activation work. The heaviest med ball my gym had was a 15 pound tko hard rubber ball which I cracked doing med ball slams so thats probably not the best type...


Get a basketball(4$ @ walmart)
Bag of sand(3$ or free if you are near a beach or park)
small funnel 1-2$ ( harbor freight or other hardware store)
Tire plug kit ( maybe 5$ for 3-5 plugs)

1-Punch the valve out on the ball.
2-push the funnel in the hole.
3- Fill with sand.
4-plug the hold with the tire plug.

I have a smaller basketball at 20lbs, and a full size at 30lbs. They are holding up great. Harbor Freight also ans a good sled strap for cheap.

Or if you want to buy one, the "Slammer ball" is good and a comparatively low priced option.


Sounds good. Thanks for the info


I just got done doing this last weekend and it works great. Mine weighs in at 22lbs. I put some shoe goo over the plug to make sure it wouldn't come loose, and I have some gorilla tape to wrap around it...just in case.

I'm going to put mine in a basketball net and use it as a tornado ball (like a portable sledgehammer and tire).