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What Brand is this Logo From?


In the bb magazines, i sometimes see the pro's whearing a brand i am not familiar with...
can someone help me out...
found a pic of "the rock" wearing it.... the logo is on his tanktop!


Under armor. Got UA shoes.


Under Armour




thank you guys!!


Under Armour

P.S. Under Armour


Louis Vuitton


seriously? Do you live in Uganda?


How the fuck do you not know what brand that was?

Where do you live?


for fucking real?





go easy on him guys, its not that common. can you all help me with this one? i think its new too.




Are you serious? What a dumbass. That's Wal-Mart.


This is halarious!


never heard of under Armour either


I think we sound like teenage girls if we give a guy crap for not knowing a brand.

Maybe it's because I live in Asia now, and I've only seen Under Armor stuff once or twice, but it's not really that famous is it?

My knowledge of it comes from this site mostly, and I'd tell the OP that word is Under Armor is not something you need to wear unless you look pretty close to the way The Rock does. No one needs shirts that tight.
Tight shirts are like tattoos and sunglasses. You look only 1% as cool as you think you do with them on.




There are countries other than USA guys, lots of them, Under Armour is completely unheard of in most of them i would say.


Under Armour has a full line of "casual" clothes in addition to the performance (tight) stuff.

Now you know