What Books for Learning Technique?

Hi everyone. I read starting strength 3rd edition but i think that a lot of things changed. Can someone tell me a latest books which contains information about proper execution of lifts?

I don’t think much has changed. If you can make it through 41 pages of Rippetoe telling you how to squat and then apply those concepts, you should be fine.


I’m not sure reading does the trick. I find that instruction by a qualified individual and practice under their watchful eyes is a better way to go. Particularly on the deadlift.
Just my opinion.


In-person coaching is probably best, but reading and watching youtube videos got me off to a pretty good start.

ss pretty much as good a book as it gets. Strength training anatomy by delavier also highly recommended.

This guys( tnations Alpha) channel has excellent content…


I like dropping references to Stuart Mcroberts despite the fact that my using explosive exercises and using far more volume than he recommends puts me at odds with his advice (I didn’t seek approval for my current regime because I knew what people would say’ -“no,”, “You’re insane”, “You’re retarded”, which given that I have both psychosis and learning difficulties is probably true, but I enjoy what I do.)