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What Bodyparts Do I Need to Bring Up?


Greetings fellow meatheads (and internet trolls)!
It is very helpful to get the honest opinions and advice from others. I will listen to those who are:

1) Experienced: IMO nothing is as valuable as applied knowledge (i.e. large natural powerlifters/weight lifters/bbers, trainers who have helped produce large natural powerlifters/weight lifters/bbers)
2) Knowledgable: if you have significant knowledge in any science that can be connected to powerlifting/weight lifting/bbing
3) Newbs: Everyone was a newb at some point, sometimes things can be learned from newbs
4) Trolls: I will listen, but thatâ??s about it. I <3 trolls.

I enjoy lifting weights to get bigger and stronger, as of recently I have thought about bringing up any weaknesses, both appearance wise, and structurally. At some point I would like to prep for a natural bbing show and I would like to make some progress on my weak points prior to doing a show.
I am trying to re-evaluate two things:
1) What body parts I need to bring up appearance wise
2) What exercises will allow me to bring those body parts up to par (while maintain my health, specifically joints)

My Stats/Recent History
Summer of 2010 I had an awesome schedule and a good training partner and hit a lifetime high of 278 lb BW (have since dropped down due to schedule and trying to recomp a bit) and strength PRs across the board (315 x 10 bench press, 5 reps BW+45lb strict pull-ups, ect.). Since then Iâ??m back at the same levels of strength but 13 lbs lighter.
The last few years I have been lifting on an upper-lower-upper, lower-upper-lower two week split. My main reasoning for this is due to recovery issues with my shoulder joints (Iâ??ve tried just about everything in terms of rehab/prehab, exercise selection, 18 fish oil caps a day, even tried gluc./condrit. At this point I am doing pretty well) Typically hitting 2-3 exercises to failure (rest pause often, drop sets when nutrition and recovery are really good) for large muscle groups, 1-3 for smaller groups, I do most my lifting on hammer strength and nautilus machines, I throw some barbell, dumbbell and band work in when it is advantageous.

Height 6-2
Weight: 265 lbs
Lower Leg: 17 (I'm working on it!)
Upper Leg: 28
Waist (belly button): 40
Shoulders (Widest part): 58.25
Lower Arm: 14.75
Upper Arm: 18.5

I am a tricep dominant bencher (by structure and by choice due to crappy shoulders), I seem to have neglected training inclines as of recently.

What do you guys think in terms of body parts I need to bring up? What exercises (machine, barbell, dumbbell) do you think would help me accomplish this? Any other thoughts?


front bicep


back lat


side tricep


side bicep


crappy leg shot 1


crappy leg shot 2


legs 2




back tricep


Back width and chest overall.


You didn't give us a wrist measurement. Fail.


you look thick as hell man.

you could (and everyone could really) use a bit more chest thickness, especially lower. try decline away cable flyes ALA vince gironda (or if you like dips try the Gironda dips). Arms look really good but again everyone could use thicker forearms, although it could just be the pictures because the measurement strikes me as good and they look fairly thick in your MM. it looks like your VM is lagging a bit behind your outer sweep but maybe not by much. the flix are kinda grainy so its hard to tell. ive heard from people that you cant really "target" the area but try frog squats on a hack squat machine or Bulgarian split squats.

rear delts look really good.

overall, I'd say your physique is probably one of the better that has popped up on the site recently.

whats your calves measurements?


Look pretty solid overall to me. Maybe legs and chest if anything. If you cut down some I think the discrepancies would be easier to notice. Good job.



Yeah sorry about the crappy lighting, thanks for the observations. I appreciate it. VM's are also hard to see at a higher bf and bad lighting. I'll try to improve my photos next time. Calves are 17 even. up about an inch in 8 months.


Thanks for the observations and the complements. So far 3 of 3 votes for chest. I'm gonna hit that hard. Yeah, cutting down would definately help show more details.

I lift primarily on machines, here are the few stats I have that are some what common.

bench 315 x 10 at 275lbs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuDWUWz6EUU)
squat 315 x 15 at 265lbs
don't deadlift
vertical jump: 32 inches at 270lbs
Strict Dead-hang BW pullups x 11 at 265 lbs
Alternating DB curl (3 second negatives) 75 x 5
DB Floor Press 130 x 13

Oh yeah and I turn 25 on monday!


I'd compete/ cut down. You have no glaring weaknesses, great job. If nitpicking upper chest and calves could be brought up.


Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

Everyone votes for chest (and probably calves).

I've got a two-month window (now until Jan 15th) where I'll be able to push it hard in the weightroom and get in good recovery. I most likely won't be doing a cut until after that period.




You look thick as hell dude. Solid.

Areas I would focus on:

Chest jumps out first. Compared to overall thickness and your pretty solid arms, it just doesn't have the pop it should. Do you incline often? if not, def make that a priority.

Back width isnt so bad, but you have a pretty wide waist it seems, so hammering that out will help. How do your chest and back days usually go?

Legs are solid, but with the wide waist, could be bigger I guess. I'm not one to talk though. How are the hammies?

I think you'd prob look really good if you cut down to sub 10% bf right now to be honest.