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What % Bodyfat/Lean Muscle Do I Have?

What percentage of body fat/ lean muscle ratio do I look like I have?

It’s be helpful to turn the lights on to actually see. Also, can you hold up a shoe?


Aren’t you the “I-eat-like-shit-but-this-is-the-biggest-I-can-get” guy? Why was your picture in that thread way brighter? What in the world are we supposed to do with this?


You look like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

Like, not as big or anything: just very dark.


No he’s the young man with undiagnosed chronic fatigued syndrome


If I lived in that level of darkness I’d be chronically fatigued too.


My apologies… I missed that comment he posted on his first thread.

Regarding that statement…

@jvargas201 you said that its the biggest you can get… i assume the picture you have up is at the 160lbs body weight you mentioned at 5 foot 8"?

Now you state your 20 correct? You failed to mention how long you had been lifting for time wise…

bulldog head tilt


Honestly, where is this at, with purple walls, drywall ceiling tiles, and do I spy hearts on that wall in the mirror behind you? Bravo on your only tattoo being a neck tat, too.

Okay, I’m done. Promise.

You have a moderate amount of bodyfat and not much muscle. But you can get bigger. I promise that too.

To be honest between you and me… by normal standards I wouldnt consider the level of BF he has is NOT that bad. Be interesting to see what would happen if he actually ate half way decent . Since he admits hes eating like shit.

Percentage of body fat/lean muscle ratio…?

Hmm, I would say you definitely have body fat and the first picture looks like you are taking a dump and that requires muscle, so you have muscles.

I’d say you definitely have some ratio of body fat to lean muscle.


It’s not bad at all. Hence, moderate. Sounds as if he wants to be shredded and jacked. He’s not really very close to either, he just looks…normal. What’s not good is that he thinks that’s his genetic potential at the moment.

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They’re drop-in acoustical ceiling tiles, typical for commercial spaces. Although, it looks more like a bedroom by furniture. Makes me think he’s in a dorm room, but the tiles are newer and there isn’t fire sprinklers. He might be in another country.

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Yeah I agree 100% with your assessment… I see signs that he has the potential of putting on easily more quality muscle onto his frame with time and quality eating and training .

Yup, every office building I’ve ever been in has had them - just did a terrible job of verbalizing what they were.

This is the guy who wants to run gear for CFS, despite never being diagnosed… and doesn’t appear to know how to exercise/diet

He’s not “skinny fat” as he thinks he is… he’s normal, I’d even say above the average sedentary male in terms of how much muscle mass he carries… Not a weightlifter/bodybuilder physique, but that’s to be expected for someone who doesn’t train in such a fashion


He’s 20. He looks about how I looked at 20, after I only starting lifting midway through 18. He’ll be fine if he’s not already dead from all the roasting he got in here.

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I can tell you… coming from someone that might actually have CFS (pain specialist said to me “many of you’re symptoms overlap”) as I do have fibromyalgia… if I’ve got CFS… despite the fact that my level of pain throughout the day has been dramatically reduced as I’ve put on more muscle mass… a distinct lack of energy/fatigue tends to be present when total mg of hormones taken drops below 200mg weekly (so quite a bit)… even then, at times I still feel run down for no good reason… I find what helps the most is…
Simply pushing through, go out even if you feel run down… just getting out will re energise me, make me feel more alive

This doesn’t relate to the initial OP, gear isn’t the answer… just stating it sucks when one feels run down for no good reason

No it’s all good I really don’t care if people roast me or make fun of me for how skinny I am it’s okay. Because I’m the only one who knows what’s going on with my body before I was a lot bigger muscle wise I had way more definition my muscles were bigger and I had a great physique. My body has now took a turn for the worst having coming down with this illness I know what’s going on with my body like I said and I’m not the same I can’t put on mass and size like I used to so there is some type of underlying problem that I need to fix before I can regain the muscle I had before. It’s all good like I said once I overcome my underlying issues and I find out what is preventing me from bulking up I will overcome that and I will regain rebuild and woke up once again and I will show you guys the pictures and prove that I have a great physique when I have good lean muscle mass.

I genuinely look forward to you showing me that. Nobody’s making fun of you for how skinny you are. Just about everyone agreed you could get bigger with proper diet and training. Post a training log here and ask people for help.


I loled