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What Bodyfat Is Needed for Sunken Face?

Im about 11% bf still puffy cheeks(stupid genetics),at what bf do u guys achieved that and will I see change getting to 8-9%bf?

There is no specific body fat percentage where it happens, and as you noted genetics can cause certain features to appear different in everyone.

I will say that you generally have to be VERY lean to get that look. You won’t be asking “how much more do I have to lose” when you are there, more like “how could I possibly lose any more?”


Your question is predicated on the assumption that you can accurately ascertain your BF%, which is generally not the case. Further, no one here will be able to provide you with a BF% that they can say with certainty is the ‘hollow-cheek magic number.’ (This is because, like you, they don’t have access to reliable and accurate BF% numbers either.)

If you want to lose BF (in your face or elsewhere), diet until it is gone.


Unless you happen to be very baby faced… I would think being SUPER gaunt isn’t desirable, especially when you begin to look really unhealthy in the face.

I can see where more men would want to emphasize a strong bone structure because we tend to think of the more angular face - prominent jaw, brow, cheekbones - as masculine. I’m thinking of men with a square jaw looking more rugged, or handsome. Not that any of us can control the genetics of that.

For women, it’s fantastic if you have the good fortune to be able to lean out your thighs without getting really gaunt, loosing all softness in the face.

Fuck my stupid genes then,if I get to 8-9% gonna end up like lollipop.

Dont know if its worth to go single digits natural.

Im almost 21 look like 15 everyone tells me that wenr from 20 to 11% bf they say I look even younger wtfff,isnt losing bf make you look older?

Gotta say, whinging like a 15 year old probably doesn’t help your cause.

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Not at a true 8-9% you wont


Serious question. I don’t know of you’re competing, OP.

Do judges look at a super lean face, drawn in cheeks, as a positive in men?

You seriously need to run out of fat (or get damn close) for that prisoner of war look competitors achieve.

Here’s an old pic where I’m still months away from a contest, but even though the cuts are becoming evident, my face is still plenty full.




Nice traps Stu!
Also arms and delts.

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Of course no

Yeah looking back at my contest pics I didnt really have a gaunt appearance either. Definitely less fat than prior weeks, but not “sunken”

Obviously not as much mass as Stu is carrying, but I was one of the leanest on stage during my contest.


If that is months away from contest u must be crazy lean on stage

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Yeah had propensity for puffy face like that at your age. Need to get to full 6 pac lean with lower abs popping for it to properly go away and have sharp jawline etc

Got better around late 20s and then fat just wants to cling to gut

Also try changing up your carbs sources, drink more water and make your drink of choice something other than beer or vodka

Love the glasses…gotta get a pair like those.

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Stu was mildly successful :wink:

(he went pro in two different natural BBing federations)

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So from this pic I think its mostly genetics that determine if u have sunken cheeks…also great job probably around 6% bf in this pic