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What Body Type Am I? 56kg, 5'6"


Is It Recommended To Do Cardio At My weight



No offence, but what do you mean?


My honest opinion is that you should forget about body somatotypes.

These were developed in the 1940s, I think, as part of a theory of constitutional psychology which has long been discredited but the physical classification element has unfortunately persisted.

Everybody is a combination of all of the types in some way and the link between these and your metabolic rate is just plain wrong.

I’d concentrate on consistent good nutrition, regular and consistent exercise. Compound lifts like the overhead press, squat, bench, deadlift and pull ups as part of a full body split training plan until you reach a decent level of strength before you start to use body part split routines or isolation exercises and making sure you get good recovery between training sessions. Good sleep also. You’ll find that you’ll gain plenty of mass from this approach regardless of what anybody tells you about body types.

You’re in a great place to start with, you’re young and lean and provided you train hard and consistently you could set yourself on a path to achieve the physique you desire (within reason of course)

Good luck dude.


Thanks mate


This↑. There is no need to worry about what body type you are. What you need to be concerned with is nutrition and training. You will get out of it what you put into it. Period. No more, no less.

You are young, make your body whatever type you want it to be. Determine what you want out of it, and make it happen. Only losers cry about body type.

There is no secret ingredient. No body type. No magical rep scheme. No magical program. Just work and the desire to make it happen.
Doesn’t matter where you start, just where you finish.



Yeah, that’s all I have today.




Yogi thats brutal haha!


I am 56.4kg but it might be lower due to water weight. Anyway I’ve 4 miles of cardio this week but I know if I should do more I feel like a slob and lazy if I don’t do it. I do running 4 miles a week. I wanna gain weight. I trained 5 hours ago.


4 miles a week is nothing and shouldnt hinder muscle growth, sounds like you just need to really crush the weights hard on a proven program(5/3/1, texas method etc)


Always include some form of cardiovascular/conditioning work. It will improve your work rate when you’re lifting, you’ll recover more quickly between sets and It won’t hinder your gains at your stage especially if you’re just running 4 miles a week. Lift heavy with good form, use compound exercises, eat, sleep, recover, repeat.


I mostly do it for being active and for my heart. I’m also splitting my full body routine into 5 days, I think it works so much better 24 sets in total tomorrow.


Never run when you can walk. Never walk when you can stand. Never stand when you can sit. Never sit when you can lay down. Never lay down when you can sleep.

Rules of mass gaining. Not my work, Winston Churchill I believe.


I thought that was Abraham Lincoln.




Why is there this influx of those who care so much about an exact number of sets?


I actually thought it was Charles poliquin, he used it in an article about mass gaining. When I googled it the first thing that came up was chirchill so assumed that was it.


oh cool. another thread where I can tell you to eat more.

Eat more.


FWIW, I merged two of Konnor’s training threads because they’re so related. And because there’s no real reason to start 7 threads in 7 days for what’s really one or two concepts - “what should I eat” and “how should I train.” Carry on.