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What Bloodwork to Check on Tren?

Hi guys,

Currently in my third week of Tren-E/Test-E and all fine so far with nothing major to report on. The next few weeks will be when the fun begins (providing my gear isn’t bunk lol)

I’m going to be getting mid cycle bloods ordered soon to make sure things are all in order, but I’m having a bit of trouble deciding what blood work to get done. I’ve looked on here and Reddit, but can’t really find anything that helps me decide on which test to go for when running Tren.

I’ve been looking at Medichecks Male Hormone Panel

This test contains:

F Test. (calculated)

Whilst the above tests are pretty standard, I have two questions:

Reddit suggests that Free Test. should be measured and not calculated, but not really sure why? Can someone explain?

Also it suggests that I would need a sensitive e2 reading as using Tren will give a false e2 readings. I’m having a hard time finding an appropriate test. To the UK tren users, where/how do you get your e2 tested?

Sorry for the dumb questions, but thanks in advance!