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What Blood Levels of Total T and Free T Do You Shoot For?


I am curious as to what blood levels of Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone everyone prefers. At what blood levels do you feel best, and how many mg/week does it take to get you to that blood level?

I am new to TRT and it seems that around 800 ng/dl of TT is the target for most men. I have also heard elsewhere that most will not start to feel the benefits of testosterone until they get to about 800 ng/dl blood level.

There seems to be less info for establishing a FT number.

The KSman sticky on injection protocols indicates that 800-900 ng/dl is where most ought to be TT.

What has everyone’s experience been?



@tallyho_bitches has this thread I commented on:

I’m going in tomorrow to talk to my doctor and I’m hoping to hit about the same numbers. At 100mg± a week, he’s right at or near 800. I hope I can hit that to near. Mid-upper range of “most” labs.


I stay in the 1100s for total T. I have high SHBG and my free T is usually in the upper 80% of range when I am in the 99% range for Total T


How much test are you dosing weekly?


This is a great question!

I am gonna hang out at the top end of the range for a few weeks to a month to see how I feel here. If I feel awesome, then I probably won’t change anything. But if I feel there’s room for improvement, then I may lower my dose a little and reassess.


I like to stay at the high end of the range, about 1100-1200 just before next injection.

That gives me much more strength than before TRT and also a much better physique. I do not notice any negative effects.


You need to get FT nearer to top end of the range, but often that does not get done. SHBG reduces FT and inflates TT, so TT can sometimes be misleading if there is too much SHBG+T. SHBG is increased with increasing E2. E2 management is a critical success factor that affects SHBG, libido, mood, arterial and prostate health. If E2 is elevated, ideal TT and FT simply is not sufficient. And low thyroid function can spoil the game when TT, FT and E2 are ideal. Cortisol can be a factor.

The dimensions of your question are too narrow in many cases, but would be sufficient for many docs and T-shops.


My dosing is 130mg/week. That puts my total T in the upper 99% range and FT as I mentioned is lower due to SHBG. Everybody responds differently to test. Just because those are my numbers doesn’t mean others can get same results with more/less.


There’s nothing magical about a value of 800. There is no difference in quality of life whether one measures at 500 or 800. That whole notion is overblown.


I love how your personal experiences become universally true for everyone.

“That whole notion is overblown.” - sounds like a presidential tweet.


Do you really think there are discernible physiological and emotional differences in well being when comparing insignificant differences in values in the mid to high normal range?


I know everyone will be different. Just curious if the amount vs dosage.

Thanks for responding.


I noticed a difference going from 900 to high 1200’s.
I damn sure noticed a difference going from 500 to 900…


It’s funny but there is (and has to be) a threshold where someone feels good, or starts to feel good.

20 years ago I routinely gassed over a gram of Organons finest on the unemployment government rebate and felt even better though :wink: How times change…

When I first stumbled onto this forum years ago I thought I was in the twilight zone, with people using insulin syringes and splitting hairs over doses that seemed, no offense, absurd. I gave it a go though and ended up even nuttier than some of the guys I previously thought had it wrong - going down to 70mg Prop per week to see how I felt.

I can’t speak for others, but minute changes in dose do have a significant effect on my mood and libido, but only when playing with super low doses. How much of this is due to actual blood levels of test vs feedback loops on other things I can’t be sure of…

To answer the OP, I use 20mg test prop daily and it puts me just over the top of the range for TT and high normal for FT