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What Biotest Supps at 17?

I know this might sound lame as a question, but I’m 17 years old and recently heard about Biotest. Now my question is “what from Biotest could I take to make gains of course in muscle and strength?” (i’m very cautious on what I take as well) now I already take protein, so I don’t need anything on that. However I will say I fell for the BSN Bullshit, but I will say I felt that pump from N.O. Xplode does Biotest make something like it? oh and creatine?
Thanks guys

At 17, Flameout, whey and creatine should be your only supplements.

And no, Biotest doesn’t make anything like NO explode.

Dont be too eager to make gains. It takes time. Be patient.

You dont need anything more than stated above. You’re young so you’ll grow like a stinking weed. You dont need anything else just yet other than good solid food.

Flameout, Surge, Metabolic Drive Complete.

In that order priority-wise.

not no xplode

fish oil

sweet thanks guys

the only explosion you get from No-xplode goes into your toilet.

Zinc depends on the overall situation, which is very well worth looking at.

Many supplement products sold for bodybuilding, for example many MRP’s and protein bars, contain very substantial zinc supplementation.

Also when a younger man it works out perfectly OK and is often done to eat a lot of meat (it’s still best so far as red meat goes to go for the lean choices such as Maverick 98/2 hamburger, sold in some supermarkets). And beef is pretty rich in zinc, at about 25 mg per lb.

So depending on the individual there may be enough zinc already.

The same is true for other minerals: they’re all worth looking at. It’s not unusual to be deficient in some and to already have plenty of others.


Zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.

Helps support testosterone production