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What BF% Should I Be Before I Do Hypertrophy Programs?

So I may need some harsh tough love.
I really need to hear it.
I love a mass building routine. Love getting stronger. Buuuut. Should I shelve that endeavor until I get to a lower bodyfat %age?
I have read some thing Coach Thibs has put out very recently and those thib-bits have really helped me. Bought The Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters program 1. I was only able to do 2 weeks because life keeps getting in the way as well as age.
I am 55. 5’9", hovering at about 230. My guess I am easily in the upper 20’s, the high upper 20’s in BF. Until recently I hadn’t been taking in, probably, enough protein. Mornings now are 1.5 scoops of protein in 1/2 cup of oatmeal.
There has been a lot of life changes for me which means I have less free time. Results in me getting cheap take out instead of doing meal prep.
Got out of a toxic relationship and got saddled with a bit of debt, so on top of primary job of 50 hours I am having to do part time about 12-15 hours. Sleep is at a premium.
Enough of the sob story.

All depends on your goals buddy I don’t see why you couldn’t lose weight over time while still lifting the way you want, main thing will be keeping in a deficit and eating at regular intervals to fuel body metabolism, also maybe try out fasted morning cardio. I’m alot younger 23 currently but I get how busy life can be so I usually wake up at 3:30 in the morning to go get my morning cardio and lifts in, I follow an ABA program Monday Wednesday Friday. If you’re goal is to lose weight then implement Cardio stay at a caloric deficit and keep lifting. If you start noticing you’re feeling shitty/rundown or aren’t losing weight then you need to look into your meal plan / frequency of meals.

And there’s multiple approaches to weight loss, some do it fast others slow… hope this helped alittle and didn’t sound stupid haha.

Also I have been doing research for my nutrition because in the past I ate a ton of food but I feel like the more we eat macro wise the more waste we walk around with. Protein gets used every hour varying from 6 grams to 12 grams based upon what food you’re eating and how long it takes to digest. The body can only use 25 to 35 grams of protein synthesis in the skeletal muscular system. That being said I currently weight 207 and out of my 1800 calories I’m shooting for 150 grams of protein a day. Same with carbs and fats our body only utilitizes a certain amount of macros, most of the food goes to waste I believe. But this is based upon my own research, I’m not 100% sure yet everyone’s different…

UNLESS you’re on any peds, AI’s, or growth compounds. Then your body is usually a massive food consuming furnace with super human metabolism and insulin capabilities.

Well, as it was mentioned, it depends on your ultimate goal.

Honestly, I believe that unless you are a good deal over 20% body fat, I think muscle growth is not affected significantly when you carry more fat. Nor do I believe that muscle growth is more efficient when you are l lean (I used to believe it).

I think that when you are lean, the muscle you gain is more noticeable, giving the illusion that you are progressing faster.

So it really is a matter or if your ultimate goal involve being muscular and lean.

If it does, you might want to keep your body fat in check so that you don’t have to diet for 6 months to have the leanness you want.

Also, before you add too much fat you want to make sure that you can diet it off. If you find yourself with 80lbs to lose but have never dieted down, only to find out that you can’t last more than 2 weeks on a diet, you are screwed.


That’s huge. I thought that this was accepted as fact.
Thanks again for all that you do.
I still need to get down to a goal of 15 to 18% for me. Taking steps and loaded carries outside of my training. Slow and steady. Need to sleep more too. Wish I knew what 8 hours of sleep felt like