What Benefits Did You Receive from TRT?

I’m new to the site as I’ve started TRT in the past two months. I love the help everyone here gives to those starting out or having issues. It seems like the majority of people posting are those that are having issues or not having their therapy go as they’d like.

So for full-perspective on what I should expect…

What benefits have you personally received from TRT? I’ve read all stickies and know what it CAN do but I’d like to hear some personal anecdotes for an injection (no pun intended) of positivity around here. Thanks!

Yeah, I’m hoping that I’ll be unselfish like Kswan and others, and still post here when I get things to a proper level. I finally had my doc increase my dosage to 100mg/week (inject 50mg on Sunday, 50 on Thursday) and I feel great. I don’t have HCG prescribed or an AI but I’m 25 years old with a body fat of 12% so I’m hoping that relatively low body-fat percentage limits the amount of aromatization that I have. My doc never tested E2 (bad sign, I know) so I guess I’m just “hoping” that it’s within a good range since I haven’t had any signs of aromatization or decreased libido.

2Bstronger started a thread for that. Check it out at:
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Benefits are relief from all of the problems that come with hypogonadism. For some, virilization that they never had because they were low T types all along. Note that we are also often addressing problems with subclinical or frank hypothyroidism, often seen in the group that comes to this forum.