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What Belt to Get?

Hi all,

I think I’d like to get my first weightlifting belt. Looked to see old threads on here about it, but most seemed to be several, if not 15, years old, I thought maybe opinions had changed.

I’m not lifting 800lbs, nor am I an unusually large person, just feel like I’d like to try one out. I’ve worn some at gyms before, and enjoyed it. Not to neglect ab/lower back training, I just feel like I can brace better when I have something to actually push against.

I do have a giftcard to Rogue, so I suppose it’d be nice to use that, but does anyone have any recommendations? Brands, size, etc? Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve owned a few belts (spud multi-ply deadlifting belt, elitefts 13mm retro-base belt) and nothing has topped the Inzer 13mm Forever lever belt I bought in 2011. Still holds strong to this day, makes my back feel bulletproof, and works for everything.


I will second this. I bought the same belt 10 years ago and if I didn’t tell you it was that old you wouldn’t have any idea. Those things are built to last forever

+1 on Inzer lever belt.

I’ve used a Strength Shop 10mm belt and only replaced it because I got too big for it. I use the Metal 13mm Supple Belt now. I’ve also considered getting a custom belt from best Belts

Pioneer Cut Belt: perfect fit of a lever belt with the quick adjustability of a prong. Breaks in super fast vs say Inzer belts.

Not sure exactly with you but where I’m at Pioneer is a bit cheaper and ships faster.

This one’s a bit bias coming from the guy who sells the pioneer belts but he knows what he talking about

Thanks all! I’m pleased with the price of the Inzer Forever belt, hah, although part of me wants one with a prong…something about the look of it. Suppose that’s not the important part though.

Will be thinking over my options. If anyone else has any say, still happy to hear it.

@flipcollar - I’ve seen you mention belts before. Maybe not types, but the benefits you see in them. Any input?

Inzer makes belts with prongs too, levers are just easier to deal with. I have an Inzer lever belt and I have no complaints, but from what I hear Pioneer is just as good and they have more options so that is worth looking into as well.

I ordered a pioneer belt 3 weeks ago, gonna be here somewhere around next week.
Looking at other belts this one seems to be the most affordable for me. If your not on a small budget like me there is loads of great belts to choose from. This double suede pioneer 10mm belt is in the middle range for powerlifting belts.

I wear an SBD belt currently, I also own a pioneer, and I used an Inzer for a long time before it got stolen. The pioneer and inzer were both pronged, the sbd is a lever.

all 3 belts are great quality. I think the pioneer and inzer are very comparable in that regard, whether you choose lever or prong. and honestly, that choice is just personal preference. Prongs hold up very well, i think in the long run a lever is more likely to break or have an issue, but I don’t have data to back that opinion up.

With the price and quality of inzer vs pioneer being comparable, I would choose pioneer in a heartbeat based on customer service. Nobody ever has bad things to say about pioneers customer service, and you hear issues with inzer all the time. it’s very possible that you could order an inzer belt and not have any issues. if so, that’s great. Pioneer is just a safer bet IMO. They also tend to ship MUCH faster if you do anything custom, or get an unusual color.

I didn’t talk about SBD because the price is so much higher. It’s a great belt, my favorite. But I wouldn’t spend the money on it. I got mine at a very good price.