What Beginner Program?

What are decent beginner programs to build strength and muscle (powerbuilding kinda). I weigh 72kg at 175cm with visible abs. I bench 70kgx5, squat 100x5 and deadlift 125x5. Sorry if there is already a topic like this, but most threads i found were about purely bodybuilding.

Starting Strength, GreySkull LP, 5/3/1 for beginners, PowerliftingToWin novice program, Bill Starr’s 5x5 you name it. There are a ton of proven beginner programs. Personally I’m a huge fan of GreySkull but you pick what appeals to you the most.

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Do you mean just GSLP with no plugins or Phraks Variant or the arm plugin. What do you recommend?

Just the GSLP with a plugin(s) of your choosing. GS is my personal favorite of the often used beginner programs because it allows for a lot of flexibility. If you are simply in a hurry, just hit the two main movements and get out of the gym. I liked that idea of 5/3/1 and GS is a novice program that allows it as well.

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Thx! I think I will do rows 2x6-8 on squat days and 2x6-8 chinups on deadlift days. Is that alright? Also, should I low bar squat? Ive never squatted low bar but johnny recommends it.

These are good…

Thanks, I might give these a shot after i achieve decent strength with gslp(sth like 2 plate bench, 3 plate squat, 4 plate dl). But I would have to substitute a lot of exercises since my gym is pretty much a bench, a rack and a barbell.

Barbell and rack is just fine, the main thing is one day heavy, one day high reps ie get strong and train through all rep ranges

Yes, that’s good. If you have been a high bar squatter in the past, you can keep doing just that. I was a low bar squatter in the past and switched to a high bar squat after realizing I was stronger that way. It varies from person to person.