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What Bands Should I Buy?



I am looking to make a small investment in my training and beef up my training bag so to speak. Can anyone give me some recommendations as to what kinds of bands I should buy(brand, length, width, intensity, etc.) and what exercises they use them for?

Or just look at it like this... If you were a beginner and buying your first bands, what kinds would you get and what would you use them for?

Off the top of my head, band exercises that I am most interested that I have seen on this site are ones that will help strengthen my shoulders, improve my back posture, and recruit and activate my glutes. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Get a pair of mini's from Elite Fitness or JumpStretch--Elite will ship them faster. Experiment with them and from that you can progress to other bands. If you check the last couple of pages of my Indigo 3G log, you'll see I use bands quite a bit in my workouts--a lot of them all band workouts as well. Hope this helps.


There is a John Meadows bundle pack from Elitefts that I bought, really satisfied with and is all I need


It looks like they are on sale currently. I need to get some too what would be recommended if I got 2-3 different types?


Everyone needs to ahve at least 1 miniband. So useful for a ton of stuff. After that, if you're buying pairs, lights and averages are a good starting point.

I got the shortband pack from elitefts, and really enjoyed using those. Much easier for set-up compared to full bands.


Short mini and monster mini

Normal mini, monster mini, light, and avg