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What Band Length is Recommended?

Hi Folks,
After reading a bunch of literature on T-Nation and Christian’s Band Training for Big Gains article, I’m convinced that I’d like to buy some bands. Following Christian’s article, I’m looking at Iron Woody bands to use mainly to enhance my bench, squat, and deadlift. I’m not so interested in using bands for other exercises. While there are probably cheaper bands out there than Iron Woody, I want to be precautious and buy a reputatble product.

Which band lengths are recommended? Iron Woody sells three varities - a foot, 20 inches, and 41 inches. I am thinking of getting 41 inchers, three pairs of different resistances.

If my recollections are correct, you can use a single, longer band for bench, and two bands of the same length for squat and deadlift. Is this correct?
I’d appreciate any feedback.


EFS bands are better in my opinion and EFS gives back to the powerlifting community. I don’t know who the hell “Woody” is lol. But yeah, woody bands are ok.

The regular bands (41") are for things like squats, reverse band bench etc. The efs SHORT bands are about 12" diameter and simulate a doubled regular band. They are great for DE dead lifting and bench pressing, band pull aparts etc. I have no experience with a 20" band.

I know you said you have no use for other exercises with the bands but you will enjoy using them regardless. For example, Dumbbell presses against bands are cool. Wanna do Krok rows but you are tired of repping the shit outta that 100# Db in your gym, Add a short band. now you got a 150# DB to play with. See? = fun and a change of pace.

I bought the short bands from EFS (12") and can set them around the bar and then under my feet. If you google or youtube banded deadlifts you can also see a few ways to set up long bands for deads. I think it all depends on how you would set up the bands in your gym.

What are your current lifts? I honestly believe bands are mostly a waste of time if you don’t already have a bunch of experience handling just the bar.

Thanks for the input guys. I’m thinking of getting the shorter length bands from your recommendations.

My current maxes (all within a month) are 335 bench, 405 squat, and 435 deadlift. I think I could see significant improvement in all my lifts if I worked on bar speed, hence, the idea to use some bands in my training.

How in God’s name are you benching 335 with that squat and deadlift?

It is what it is. I picked up squatting later in life, and I’ve just started deadlifting consistently in the past several months. I first started benching after high school.

get long bands from who ever you get them from. you can always choke up or double up the long bands. you cant make short bands longer.

Bands are shit imo you have more than too much variety with just bar weight alone

A really good band package to start with is one Elite Fitness Systems sells, it’s called The Mountain Dog Pack, based off of John Meadows programs, gives you alot of god bands for a low price.

Thanks, BigMike. I’m a fan of John Meadows’ articles and will look into that package.