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What Athletes Listen To


As there are so many threads on here about what music people listen to whilst training, I thought I'd post another one lol but this time its just a link to what the athletes listen to at Joe Defrancos gym. Thought some people might be interested.

So here's the link


The one thing that is for sure is it dosnt remind me of the playlists at any of my local gyms, apart from my garage.


I Get Money - 50 Cent (Donald Brown, Indianapolis Colts)

Intro - DMX (Deon Anderson, Dallas Cowboys)

Lord Give Me a Sign - DMX (Mike “The Asshole” Guadango)

Throw it Up - Lil John & Pastor Troy (Mike “The Asshole” Guadango)

Things Done Changed - The Notorious BIG (Brian Cushing, Houston Texans)

Hustlers Ambition - 50 Cent (Brian Cushing, Houston Texans)

This is War - Ill Nino (Joe DeFranco, Rob Leibrock)

Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue (David Diehl, NY Giants - You gotta love BIG Dave bustin’ out the 80’s hair bands!)

Can’t Be Touched - Roy Jones, Jr. (Jeff Carr)

Ladies and Gentlemen - Saliva (Jeff Carr)

Tryna’ Make a Jug - Gorilla Zoe (John “Jersey Jackal” Impallomeni)

Hate Me Now - Nas (Joe DeFranco)

All the Above - Maino

Be Me - Maino

I’ll Whip Your Head Boy - 50 Cent & Young Buck

I’m an Animal - 50 Cent

Get Up - 50 Cent

Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine

Put On - Young Jeezy & Jay-Z

Bodies - Drowning Pool

La Liberation of our Awakening - Ill Nino

Points of Authority/99 Problems - Jay-Z & Linkin Park

Go to Sleep - Eminem

Lose Yourself - Eminem

Till I Collapse - Eminem

I Will Be Heard - Hatebreed

No Easy Way Out - Rocky IV

Thunderstruck - AC/DC

Pain & Torture - Jadakiss

Down with the Sickness - Disturbed


Thanks lol


hahaha thats great my boy david diehl going hard body on motley crue. I met him at the superbowl parade he is the nicest guy you’ll meet.