What Article Includes Us?

Hello everyone.

Hope its not a silly question, how do we know if an article includes us older lifters?

Would Chad Waterbury’s latest article be for just young lifters, or all of us?

If its not, could a flag go up to show whether suitable?


Mike :slight_smile:

It’s a silly question. But not a stupid one.

All articles are for everyone, they’re general, and cookie cutter. If you need some nice development for the beach in 2 weeks great routine. It’s actually what people used to do anyway. It basically gives you a nice pump

We need a wheel chair icon.

Cheers Airtruth, KSman, sounds just right

I know from sad experience that if I started doing 50 pull-ups and 100 push-ups per day that I would flare up a case of bursitis and tendonitis from Hell. That’s the work-out Waterbury is suggesting today. I know that my body just can’t handle that volume, but a newby/oldster might not and find out the hard way. I seem to be able to handle intensity and heavy (for me) weights, but a large volume aggravates my tendons, bursa, and joint capsules.

I have found it is better to quit lifting while still feeling strong, and come back another day. Often enough I hurt the next day anyway. We mature lifters have nothing to prove to anyone but ourselves.

Looking at my Avatar shows I got some work to do!

Thanks Turtello

at least you have inkwork. that’s a great start
old lardass