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What area of the country and why?

if you could choose any area or region of the USA to live in or at least visit where would you go? the reason i ask is because i gave up living on the east coast to live in the midwest. i’ve been here for a year and i’m moving back home in june until i can brainstorm an area wehre i can start all over again. (there is nothing wrong with the midwest, it just isn 't for me)

A lot of times if you move around a bit and find that you are unhappy where you currently are, it turns out that its not the location, but the person living in it. Unless of course its Japan and you got Godzilla attacking you or something.

New York City, Boston, San Fransisco, New Orleans.

I like Cali either San Diego or the Bay Area. Both are nice places to live with great weather. Kinda expensive though…o.k o.k. very expensive but I love it. I’m from the south, have been the east coast, but I just love Cali. Except for all the whiney bitches those people get on my nerves. I guess you can’t have it all though. Happy hunting.

Washington state. Spookane, WA to be exact. Plus my pops owns a bar Spokane, and to tell you the truth it is just damn beautiful up there. I live in Oklahoma, and it sucks down here.

The thing I don’t like about New York is when fucking King Kong gets lose and goes on a rampage.

I live in Oklahoma. I have lived here my whole life and wouldn’t mind it a bit if I lived here for the rest it. What’s wrong with living here?

DENVER!!! just read this months issue of maxim and you’ll see why. ive lived here my whole life and dont plan on ever moving.

San Diego! SUNNY San Diego. With it’s year-round 70-something degree weather! After living in the Northwest (Portland, OR) for SO long, I would like to live in a area that is MOLD FREE.

MAXIM named 13 different cities the best city in the world. Depending on where you live you got a different issue. Mine says Dallas is the best, then trashes the other 12. It’s their April Fools joke.

doogie, i give myself the honor of dumbest guy on the planet. actually, i take that back. denver is the dumbest city on the planet. when the issue came out, ON THE FRONT PAGE of the denver post it said “male magazine rates denver as #1 city.” captain retard JC here in the city of darwin award winners. shit now i have to apologize to all my buddies who live in chicago, LA, and Phoenix.

Anywhere in the South rocks!

The Midwest.

Well, I think it is too hot, plus it is too conservative and too religous based for me. Aside from that stuff it isn’t a bad place to live. I lived it Tulsa for about ten years and people trying to save me, hard core Christians, everyday until I moved.

Hawaii is the place to live. That is if like paying the luxury tax. If not it is the best to visit. A close second is Portland or Eugene or Corvallis OR.

If you dislike the sun shining about 350 days a year and no rain from March til November stay away from San Diego. Many people who come here complain about the lack of rain. Also that there are too many beautiful people in this city.

The upper Midwest, specifically Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska. These states routinely rank in the top 10 in objective quality of life surveys. They have low crime, low poverty, excellent health care, high life expectancy and good educational systems.

San Diego was nice when I went & so are Portland(Oregon), & Seattle. Why not come live w/me in Victoria? :slight_smile: or are you one of those Americans who thinks Canada is a frozen barren desolate ice world? :wink:

I’ve already picked out four locations that I will have homes in for various times of the year. I currently live inthe Seattle area, and I will have a home here. Also, the Oregon coast has one of the spots, somewhere near Depot Bay. Then third is Glendale, AZ. The fourth is central Montana for the ranch.

I’ve been moving around a bit and am living in the midwest now (and btw it started snowing again this morning), getting ready to move to California. I’ve made the experience that it is not where you live are but who the people are that surround you. In that respect I’ve been lucky.

Good to hear you're doing fine, bionic. I like to see smiley faces :))