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What Are Your Thoughts on Jose Aldo?

watch him get knocked out in 13 seconds

It will always bother me how many people will just know Jose Aldo for that loss. He was one of the most ridiculously dominant fighters in the world for a long time and then in less than 30 seconds his whole legacy changed. The fight game can be a cruel mistress

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So you joined the forum just to post an old fight and bash Jose? Kind of a pussy move.

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To the actual thread title just wanted to add this as I think it sums up my opinion of Jose Aldo best

Or just watch Aldo v Mendes 2

Yeah what a freak. I forgot how nasty those leg kicks were. He murdered Faber with those leg kicks. I don’t know why this guy would create a profile just to post this though.

Aldo is only 31 and he has come up short against the best in the world. He is still legit and shouldn’t be dismissed. It has to be tough for him though. Whats next. He was champ for so long. Came up short in the last title fight. I think he should fight Jeremy Stephens or some other featherweight from lower end of top ten. Get his confidence back.


USADA didn’t do him any favors. 1-3 since testing started; 18-0 over the 8 years prior.

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Man USADA didn’t help anybody but Michael Bisping in the whole ufc lol. But I will say that I think regardless Aldo always was gonna struggle with longer strikers like Holloway and McGregor. His real talent has always been in destroying fighters that were grapplers first.

Also I think he has lost just too much of his natural physical gifts to ever get back in title contention, he’s still incredibly explosive in spurts but just seems to gas earlier and earlier with every fight since like his Chan Sung Jung fight back in 2013.

I would love to see him just have some fun fights like fighting Dominic Cruz (always wanted to see this one), or Jeremy Stephens, or even run back the Cub Swanson fight as I think that would be a fun as hell fight.

Great Statistic!

I think Mac got in a great (lucky) punch. I don’t like that Aldo never got a rematch after holding the title for so long. Mac got lucky and ran with the title afterwards. I don’t know how the fight would have gone, not saying Aldo would have won at all, but that was luck.

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I’d go the other way and say that Aldo got incredibly sloppy. You can’t charge at a counter-puncher with a lead hook with your chin up. Conor capitalized, as champions typically do.

I agree Aldo should have gotten a rematch.

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Man am I glad to see people think he should have got that rematch. One of the few times I’ve ever really wanted to see two fighters run it right back. I still can’t believe someone who always seemed so calculated in his fights came out so reckless in that fight.

But I do believe though with how badly he struggled with Holloway both times, that his speed decline combined with the length of Connor would get him sparked just about every time they fight. He likes to stay on the outside far too much against better range fighters and its only worse since he hasn’t really kicked in like 4 years.

There’s no denying he went in sloppy. I think Mac got in his head and made him a little too emotional. Great move on his part. Would have been nice for the fight to settle in a little and see how it could have gone.