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What Are Your Thoughts on High Egg Diets?

I want to gain weight, and whenever i try high carb diets my belly looks really bloated.
What are your thoughs on eating between 10-15 eggs a day, chicken, salmon, steaks, lots of veggies and some carbs after workout (150 grams or so)?
To keep my hormones levels healthy i’m trying to avoid gaining fat and i’m not a big eater, so i’d prefer a lot of meals throughout the day.

How would you approatch this?

my favorite way to eat about 12 eggs a day was to make what i call a “cheeseburger omelette”, browned hamburger, onions, peppers, stirred into about 6 whole eggs and 6 whites, add shredded cheese and cook until done. cover in ketchup and eat!

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It’s not a type of diet I would use so I can’t make any specific recommendations. I do recommend reading Vince Gironda’s stuff since it is very much in line with his dieting approach.

I like 8 oz eggs liquid whole, 1/4 pound diced ham, jalapeños, cheese ketchup or salsa on top. I am going to try the cheeseburger omlet though sounds good, I’ll add bacon and tomato for bacon cheeseburgers omlet.

BACON! definitely

I like this recipe because i can keep a ton of cooked hamburger in the fridge and then its easy to make when i’m ready

I seriously do this most if not all mornings. Can’t recommend enough!!!


Put 6 eggs in a blender along with lots of fruit and veg of your choice. Do this at breakfast and before bed with milk. My favourite is 6 eggs with a frozen banana, a handful of frozen strawberries, a few sprigs of broccoli, some peanut butter and some cinnamon or turmeric. Add some water or milk if it’s too thick. Delicious, high calorie and full of goodness :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing this for nearly a year now, I’m still lean and I was getting stronger before I got a herniated disc :frowning:

How much weight do you want to gain?

Right now i’m 67 kg at 173 cm, most likely i’ll be 185 cm tall, so my ultimate goal is to be 100-105 kg. So assuming i’ll gain 5-10 kg from increased height, i’m looking at a 20 kg weight gain.

Roy, you know that I enjoy and respect your posts. But I think this is steering him in the wrong direction. Nobody should aim to gain a specific amount of “weight”. From experience (both with myself and others) when you have that mindset you are chasing scale numbers and you end up gaining a lot more fat than is necessary or desirable.

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CT, I was just trying to get a sense of where he was at with that question, since his goals were gaining weight, avoiding belly bloat from high carbs , maintaining healthy hormones / avoiding fat gain.