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What are Your Reasons?

After reading through this politcal forum for quite some time, I have noticed that a number of you vehemently defend the party of your choice. Now understand – I am not a political animal and tend to make my choices based upon the individuals credentials. I have voted both ways in presidential elections and local elections. But I am curious as to what attracts you to be a republican or democrat. I have issues with both parties, so I don’t call myself either.
In a nut shell, here is why:

Republicans - anti abotion, pro religion, this is a problem as I am female and think religion should stay the hell out of politics unless they want to start paying taxes.

Democrats - want to take more of my money in taxes and give it to others who I may not feel are deserving. Too many give away programs make people weak and dependent on the government.

Republicans - have no problem trashing the environment for the benefit of big business. This is being very short sighted.

Democrats - seem to realize that we are not the only species on this planet and appear to be more open to protecting and preserving this planet.

Republicans - want to let me keep my guns. This is a good thing.

Democrats - want to take away my guns. This is a bad thing.

Republicans - George W. Bush. I am embarrased for him every time he opens his mouth. I had a lot more respect for his father.

Democrats - Hilary Clinton. She’s just evil.

Republicans - Colon Powell. I’ve always liked Colon Powell. A man of honor and character whom I feel sorry for since he is associated with this administration.

Democrats - Ted Kennedy. A drunk and an asshole. Talk about someone who used family influence to get out of a bad situation!

LIke I said, I’m no political animal and these are pretty basic reasons for why I don’t adhere to either side. But since we seem to have a wide variety of folks here I’d like to know what your reasons are for the party you choose or don’t choose. Also please include your age and sex as I think this may be relevent.
I’m female and 48 - that makes me old enough to remember Vietnam and 25 cent/gal. gasoline. And let’s try to restrain ourselves from attacking each other and turning this into a bashing forum.


Hey…I’m 48 too. Remember “Three Dog Night” and the “The Grass Roots?”

Okay…I got sick of talking politics…sorry. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your post. First of all, please don’t call him “colon” Powell. It’s Colin.

I support the Republicans’ central tenet of personal responsibility. I believe in less intrusive government. I believe in projection of economic and military strenght abroad (when necessary). I believe we should promote the nuclear family as a model without harboring or expressing any personal or governmental prejudice against other forms of family.

I support the seperation of Church and State. I resent any attempt to impose religious dogma on others. I believe that abortion is an issue best left to the man/woman and their physician. I do not believe it is the purview of the Federal Government to interfere.

Therefore, my belief systems do not match up perfectly with either party’s written platform. However, the majority of my wishes are met through the Republican Party. Further, since Roe vs Wade is still in effect (with a Republican Senate/House/President) I feel that most Republicans do not follow their written party platform to the letter. I am thankful for that.

I am thoroughly disenchanted with the Democrats. They have lost their bearings and are represented by some of the most corrupt public officials this country has every known. They are an insult to me. For example, Ted Kennedy trying to take the moral high ground on any day makes me physically ill. It has been 35 years to the day that Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge. This resulted in the death of a young woman. He waited 10 hours to report her death. THIS IS THE GUY THE DEMOCRATS CALL THE “GRAND OLD MAN OF THE PARTY!” He used his name and connections to avoid being punished. We have bill/hillary Clinton. I don’t have enough time to document their malfeasance. We have flip-flopping JohnKerry, malpractice trial lawyer JohnEdwards, crazy AlGore. The list goes on and on.
Good men and women like Joe Lieberman are pushed into the background in this party.

I am insulted that the Democrats put up a candidate that voted to authorize military force and then had the nerve to stand up in West Virginia and say, “I actually voted for then against the President’s 85 billion dollar reconstruction bill.”

You can spend all the time you want dissecting George Bush’s inability to pronounce certain words. However, what he does (stands firm against terrorism) is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT in this post-9/11 world. There is no doubt in my mind that terrorists and/or rogue nations would view johnkerry’s lack of political conviction as a weakness to exploit.

Why would anyone take that chance?


[quote]ZEB wrote:

Hey…I’m 48 too. Remember “Three Dog Night” and the “The Grass Roots?”

Okay…I got sick of talking politics…sorry. :)[/quote]

Sorry ZEB, but I hated Three Dog Night. I was a Led Zepplin fan.

[quote]gojira wrote:
I am curious as to what attracts you to be a republican or democrat.[/quote]

I’m ex-military and a former defense contractor. Now I own and operate my own company. Since the republicans usually want to butter my bread – more military spending, more defense spending, more business-friendly tax programs – I tend to side with them.

However, I have been on the other side of things. When I first left the military, I spent two years homeless in the D.C. area. I benefited from a lot of democratic programs, and without them, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.

So I’m not completely opposed to democratic candidates… I just get annoyed when they keep saying the tax laws that benefit me are unfair and we should get rid of them. So as long as they keep threatening to raise my taxes, they can piss off. The republicans are threatening to give me more business and lower taxes, and I like that deal a lot better.

“Thanks for your post. First of all, please don’t call him “colon” Powell. It’s Colin.”

Sorry, I meant no disrespect. It was an honest mistake.

Besides, if you were doing it on purpose, you would undoubtedly have called him “Colon Bowel”. :wink: