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What are Your Goals


id like to know everyones goals they want to achieve the remainder of the year. also post your weight class and current lifts

right now im 260lbs and current lifts
bench: 335 (sad i know)
deadlift: 585
squat: 405 (also sad lol)

bench: 405
deadlift: 615
squat: 495


To total 2000 raw and drug-tested (USAPL) before I am 40. I think this is reasonable if I can avoid a catastrophic injury.


2 yr working out
1.25 yr powerlifting

squat-345 going for 405 by the end of winter
bench-285, going for 315 by Christmas
deadlift-435, going for 495 by mid spring


I weighed in at 234.4 pounds at my last meet, putting me in the 110 kg class. I squatted 500, benched 325, and deadlifted 575 raw. My best gym lifts are a 600 lb squat with chains, 350 lb two board press , and 605 reverse band deadlift

My next big meet will be in early December and my goals are a 600 lb squat and deadlift and a 400 lb bench. I also want to bump my body weight up to 250+ lbs. Merry Christmas to me!


Nice man similar to my goals we can do it


At 208 lbs right now, going to compete at 198 or 220...

Current lifts:
Squat: 420
Bench: 335

By years end I want a 385 bench, squat 480, and deadlift 540. I'll be just as happy with a 1400 raw total however i can get it. Its a fairly lofty goal, but I think i'll be able to hit it.


Mark Bell told me I should aim for 750/500/625 for my next meet. I'm at 201 bodyweight... Those numbers would be done in gear. hah

Current best lifts are 705/451/605


5'11", 220
I just joined a PL gym last week, having my 4th workout monday.

My immediate goals:
-DL 500+, I recently did a 450 single in the spring
-Correct my bench form so my shoulder doesn't hurt when I go heavy
-Bring my squat up to a respectable number. I haven't back squatted in a while but I did a front squat triple of 265 recently

The gym I joined has a history of producing ridiculous numbers, and the owner/coach told me that he would be disappointed if I didn't squat 700 in a year. I'm a PL newb. Is this a realistic goal or is he trying to excite me so I'll keep paying?


I hope you do it and I'm not going to be a ney sayer but your going to have to work your ass off. That's a lofty goal in my opinion.

Then again you wrote that he said he "would be disappointed if you didn't squat 700" not " You will squat 700 under my tutelage"..big difference. fuck it I say give it hell, you'll be stronger regardless


That's how he phrased it to me initially, like the ball is in my court and the only thing keeping me from that number is myself. I haven't taken that number as my own goal yet, I guess I'm skeptical. Maybe 600 is more attainable? But, apparently disappointing.


I have a raw push/pull meet on Nov 13. I will compete at a soft 275 and I will hit a 440 bench and 575+ deadlift.
My current meet pr's are 425/550 in Feb '10. By Feb '11 I will have my squat ready to go and compete in my first full power meet.


173 lbs

Triple bw DL before 2011.


I will be shooting for two separate things:

Raw- (Sep.18)- 450 Bench, 525 Deadlift at a sloppy 309 and 42 years old 100% Raw in East Syracuse NY

Equipped (Feb 12th) 560 Bench, 580 Deadlift, 650 Squat at a ripped 308 (lol) and still 42 years old


haha i'm not an internet-number boy but here it goes so i can remember my goal.

i have a national bench meet in mid september, this is mexico so it isn't very competitive.planning to win at a bodyweight of 169 i want to bench at least 370.

i want to squat 485-500 by december.


you can do it!!

man i was training a 15 year old boy and the son of a bitch has already outsquatted me!! hes only 15 =S

you can get the 700!!


for may, in lbs
squat 440
bench 275
dead 551
at 198lbs bodyweight.
currently 308/242/408


lol anyone here who lies about their numbers is only fooling themselves but i dont think anyone here is an Internet Number Boy. this thread isnt meant for anyone to try to impress anybody its just goal setting.


18yrs old
5'9 - 164lbs

I'm wondering how much weight i need to be lifting on these three lifts in order to simply compete in a powerlifting contest.


....just compete.


The difference between "compete" and be "competitive" is the key. I don't expect to win anything in 3 weeks I just want to compete in high socks and a singlet. We can all compete that's the fun of it.