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What Are Your Go-To Workouts?

Meaning : Your 'go-to’ is the workout that you will resort to most commonly when you don’t have the inclination/time to come up with something more original, or else that you will just go to automatically.

Mine are :

Chest / flat db press - weighted dips
Back / chest supported db row - overhand barbell row
Delts / arnold press - one arm lateral raise on incline bench
Legs / bulgarian split squat - goblet squat - single leg calf raise
Biceps / incline db curl - cross body hammer curl
Triceps / close grip bench press - db kickback

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Chest / flat db press - weighted dips
Back / deads/chins
Delts / standing smith overhead press
Legs / leg press, squats
Biceps / seated db curl, cable curls
Triceps / skull crusher, cable press-downs

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I’m confused. Are you asking about what workout (sets/reps/programming) or just what exercises?

No-brainer autopilot workout is either EMOM (works best with one exercise, 10-15 minutes, low reps) or “couple sets of 4-6, couple sets of 10-12, couple sets of 20+” (much more versatile - works with one exercise throughout, different exercises for the same bodypart, or one bodypart for each different protocol).

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I’ve been doing push/pull/legs since forever. Probably won’t ever change.


4-day split based around a movement:

Usually 3-5 x 3-5 Heavy

Then higher reps accessory work in the 8-15 range

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What i meant was the exercises but of course parameters are also welcome.

I work with a coach to go autopilot and not worry about what to do.

But my go-to when I wasnt was one AMRAP set on accessories to get in and out. Usually a simple 5x5 on main lifts

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Go to workouts:

With no weights:
5 rounds of: Ring dips, inverted ring rows, ab wheel rollouts. 10-15 reps for each, done A1, A2, A3-style. Takes about 30 minutes.

Warm ups: 75 KB swings, 24 goblet squats 3 TGU’s. Divided into 3 rounds.
Workout: 2x5 each of over head press, front squat, deadlift. (at ~60% of 1 RM). Followed by farmer’s walk 1x and standing ab wheel 1x5. Takes about 30 minutes.

Airdyne for 10 minutes, with 1 minute time spent all-out sprinting. For example, 15 s sprints at 2, 4, 6, 8 minute marks. Or 6 10-second sprints, etc…

Current favorite I’m doing:
warm up = barbell complex of: power snatch, OH squat, back squat, good morning, jerk press, row. Do 4 rounds of 5 reps for each move, with only 65 lbs total.
The workout: 5, 3, 2 (adding weight each time to get to a heavy double) with: Clean and press, zercher squat, snatch grip high pull, bench press, bent over row. Finish with a single farmer’s walk and 1x5 standing ab wheel roll outs. Takes about 45 minutes.

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Day 1: press and pull stuff
Day 2: squat and deadlift stuff
Day 3: carry stuff around and put it up on things

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I’ll definitely try the first one but with the equipment i have.

Parallel bar dips
Inverted row using parallel bar
Swiss ball roll out

Chest - Incline DB Press (low angles 15-30 degrees)
Back - One Arm DB Row
Delts - Seated DB Lateral Raise (less chance to cheat seated)
Legs - Leg Press & Seated Leg Curl
Biceps - Barbell Curl (with ez-bar)
Triceps - Skullcrusher (on incline bench)

Times like these, where my life is scattered all over the place, metaphorically speaking, I tend to gravitate towards 5/3/1 since I can plug in numbers off of the top of my head and adjust from there. Tack on some high volume to stimulate whatever I’m targeting.

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I feel like this mostly applies to accessory-type work for me, stuff I tend to not put much thought into. For me, pull ups, supersetting cable curls/tricep extensions, and lateral raises are go-to accessory movements. Usually for like 3-5 sets of 10-15.

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Same. I have however over the years found that more rest days and much lower volume is giving me better results.

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Yeah i’ve Come to the exact same conclusion. I never train more than 4 times in a week and it’s usually only 3

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