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What are Your Go to Assistance Exercises? (Any Program)


Program- Wendlers 5/3/1

OH press day- Chins, close grip bench, hammer curls (keep the elbows healthy)
Deadlift day- Trap bar shrugs, hanging leg raises (looking for a replacement), I would do ssb squats but unfortunately my gym doesn't have one
Bench day- DB bench, kroc rows, triceps pushdown and band pull aparts
Squat day- Good morning/back raises, leg press, considering front squats


Squat- hack squat, front squat, leg press or jumps
Deadlift- Good mornings, back raises, GHRs, Swiss ball reverse hypers
Bench- DB Bench, kroc rows, lat pulldowns (until I can do chins), board presses
OHP- Arnold presses, lateral raises, BTN push-jerks


Squat- hang clean, front squat, side bends.
Bench- close grip floor press, kroc rows, DB bench (superset pull ups with my bench and floor press sets)
Deadlift- Good mornings, rackpulls, barbell roll out
Overhead press- Chin ups, closegrip incline press, shrugs, band pull aparts


I need to add some sort of clean into my program. I've gone so long with out one.


Lately I've been doing a lot of:
- Chest Supported Rows: I did 190 reps of this exercise this week.
-Glute Ham Raises: always and forever
- Lots of press variations: our crew just went through a block of doing three flat pressing exercises, twice a week. To press a lot, you have to press a lot.
-Sled Dragging: I never would have guessed how important this is until we started doing it.
-Pull variants: did a lot of RDLs and deficit sumos lately, both tough exercises. I think I'm gonna DL pr soon.


Squat - box squats with and without bands, reverse band squats, good mornings

Bench - reverse band bench, floor press, 2 board press, and speed work

Deadlift - reverse band pulls, deficit pulls, and close stance high rep leg press


Squat and Deadlift - my own programming
Bench - Rickey Dale Crain methodology

Squat - Box, Bands, Chains, GHR
Deadlift - GHR, Front Squats, 1 Arm DB Rows, Deficit Pulls, Reverse Band Pulls
Bench - Cambered Bar Bench, Board Press, CGBP

Crunches on the GHR with added band tension for core work


i dont mean to be a dick this is a serious question to everyone here.

Why don't you just do what he tells you to do and no more? If you guys actually bought the book he has three different assistance programs to accompany the 4 lift days in the back.


Because not everybody runs 5/3/1?


Is this s 5/3/1 only thread?

Hmm...answers still dont change.





Who cares I'm still interested in what everyone does for assistance work. My go to exercises...

Squat: heavy good mornings, and more squatting lol

Deadlift: trap bar deadlift, snatch grip deadlift, sumo deadlift, SLDL, and heavy good mornings

Bench: military press, banded bench press, heavy MP lockouts, cambered bar bench press




lol is he crying or laughing? i can't tell


Thread title makes no mention of it. I took him stating 5/3/1 as what he does but was asking about what assistance work people are using regardless of program. I don't do 5/3/1 and will edit my post to specify that just for you.


I was just stating that I'm following that, not that everybody posting has to lol. I should've been more clear. But also in the e-book it clearly states that assistance is up to you, but Wendler did make suggestions that work for him. The whole point of assistance exercises is to find what works for your goals and to prevent injury. The rest is up to the individual.


Yes. Gorangers stated that he runs 5/3/1. Good job. However, this topic does not apply to only people running 5/3/1.


He is remembering the best day ever