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What Are Your Favorite P&C / P&F Meals?


I'm really focused on getting my diet dialed in better and I'm not much of a cook and definitely not very creative with food. I'd like to see if some "T" members would share some of their favorite P&C / P&F meals.

So far my favorites are:
P&C: Grilled Chicken Breasts with a little pepper and boiled sweet potatoes with a little cinnamon.
P&F: No real favorites here but I tend to side with Albacore Tuna in spring water with a tablespoon or two of Olive Oil.

Anybody else? What's your favorite?


P/F: 2 cups frozen spinach microwaved, chicken breast, a stalk of celery chopped up
Then in a side dish mix: Soy sauce, Franks red hot, 1-2tbsp PB, garlic powder, onion powder, crushed red pepper

Make the sauce nice and thick like a Thai style sauce and pour it over the chicken/spin/celery

P/C: In a pan cook: Chicken, onions, garlic and red potatoes with Dijon mustard mustard ground black pepper and a little salt over the top use plenty of sauce and bake it in the oven, easy way to make a bunch of meals at once.


Wow, very creative. Your P&F meal especially sounds deliscious. The P&F meal is definitely a sticking point for me, thanks for sharing!


Pro+Carb: bbq chicken breast or steak and mashed potatoes

Pro+Fat: eggs or chicken wings


When I fell for the whole PF and PC thing:

PF: Greek salad with chicken (no dolmas) or whole egg Western omelet with American cheese

PC: multi-grain pasta with sauce and pork loin


X2...bake those suckers up with a tasty rub that's not too high in salt, and then douse them in hot sauce after they're done.

I bake 'em at 400 for 45-60 min, so they get nice and crispy


Stop worrying about P+F, P+C. It's silly and even Berardi has taken it "back."

Just have the bulk of your carbs right after you workout (PWO meal).


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P+C : Oatmeal, strawberry flavoured whey with sliced apple.
Or beef chilli, made with chick peas brown rice and kidney beans.

P+F: Lamb liver, stirfied with roasted cashue nuts.
Or prawns marinated in coconut milk and smothered in toasted almonds.
Lastly, salmon and cream cheese sushi.


Me either. If Beradi did "take it back" he had it right the first time. I try to do pro+fat most the day and pro+carb around training. I swear it makes the carbs work more efficiently.


Fuck me.....this looks delicious you brilliant bastard. Gonna have to give it a try.


OP if you like your Can Tuna you should try mixing one can of tuna with a whole avocado. Just smash it all up with a little bit of garlic salt and some fresh salsa.

It tastes pretty much exactly like guacamole and is amazing. I could seriously eat it ever day... I love guacamole


P+F I love a bowl of ground chuck and cheese.


That actually sounds pretty good. I'll have to try it some time.


haha if i get to visit you soon ill blow your fucking mind son.

edit: with food...no homo


maybe homo?


Wow, there are great looking dishes in here. It's funny because my wife always has avocadoes lying around our kitchen and it never dawned on me to try that in my tuna.


99% chance, depends on how much of my lifting you fix :wink:

Dude if you have avocados laying around try some of these on for size as Pro/fat meals:

Scrambled eggs/egg whites (depending on how many calories/fat g you need) put it in an avocado half and drizzle hot sauce over it, consume the entire thing.

Ground turkey, taco seasoning, hot peppers, mashed avocado, all in a bowl.

Burger (turkey or beef), slice it in half, place a piece of avocado, and a slice of cheese in the middle, reform the patty, grill it.

Avocado topped with avocado, sprinkled with some toasted avocado, then blend up avocado with avocado in a food processor and eat this with a side of avocado.

fuck i love avocado...




So far I've tried the chicken with the peanut butter tai thing, pretty damn good actually. I also tried the tuna with avocado and salsa today and that was a good mix too. Unfortunatley I never know how my body is going to react to salsa and I'm hurting a little right now, but good stuff!