what are your favorite exercises?

Curls in the power rack :slight_smile: Seriously, deadlifts, lately stated enjoying kettlebell snatches.

The squat, deadlift, pullups, pullovers, DB seated presses, upright rows and doggie style are my faves and not neccesarily in that order

Whah, thank you, sir. (I JUST read your post). But you should see my back and hams - the deads have really produced for me!

That was from me “to BS” - sorry, forgot to add my name. Didn’t want to be rude :slight_smile:

My favorites? Farmer’s walks, deadlifts, dumbbell clean and push press, static holds for time, plate pinches for time, single finger endurance lifts for time, and fun out-of-the-gym things like walking to the store so that I get to carry a pair of 2.5 gallon jugs of water home for a 3/4 mile stretch - and setting them down even once isn’t an option! Then again, if I weren’t looking to head toward the strongman route in the coming year or two (good luck willing,) I guess I’d probably have fun doing more “normal” exercises.

QUADS: front squats, HAMSTRINGS: natural glute/ham raise, ABS: Plyo leg throws, CHEST: Incline DB Press (also strive incline press), BACK: t-bar rows, chins BICEPS: standing bb curls (w/ a towel wrapped around bar) TRICEPS: dips, supine extensions

My legs are my assets so I enjoy workimg them.
Squats are my favorite.